Say Kimchi! ;)

Hello everyone! 😉

How are you? Hope all is well on your side of the world. Yes we are still alive! Well I actually lived May 22nd first. Ha ha I am still laughing about those crazy people who said the world was coming to an end on the 21st.  Well it didn’t happen! Life goes on  and lets enjoy every single minute of it right?

Anyhow, I am doing just great! Much better than last time you read from me. I was kind of analyzing quite a few things & people but anyway, water under the bridge! Que sera sera….

I had such a great & fun day yesterday, I can’t wait to share it with you. It is historical! I think I’m actually embracing the culture & the country I am currently living in ! Oh oh, does that mean that I’ve officially become a chameleon? Have I really become a Korean ”alien” resident? ha ha 😉

I am recovering from my shopping spree! ha ha I cant remember when was last time I actually had so much fun just going through the aisles at the supermarket. I kind of went a little wild as I had to stock up 😉

Want some proof? Here are some images to convince you!

I also had to buy some ingredients necessary to make the Korean national dish: Kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage & white radish).  Thank God the packaging is bilingual but as I showed you earlier in a pic (let me post it again so you know what I mean) there are some things that should not be printed before being proofread. It would save their time, money, reputation & yes their corporate face! People, hire me 😉  This is an example of how a bad translation can be funny (at their expense)

I couldn’t  believe my eyes when I saw it. Yes I did laugh at first but my gosh it hurt my translator’s eyes! What in the world were they thinking? Did they wanted to say ”Waffle cracker”? ”Light cracker” but that just isn’t right. Oh and it gets even better. Hilarious I’d say. So I ended up buying it & there is a little cow printed on the plastic wrap. What the ??? I was laughing so hard you wouldn’t believe…Only in Korea baby, only here.  They don’t taste that good either…kind of bland and dry. So yeah they should have called it something else.

Anyway, let me show you the star of this post! Here are the main ingredients and steps for making Kimchi

Ingredients: Cabbage, white radish, red-hot pepper paste, garlic, onion , onion powder, sea salt, ginger

Step 1: Chop cabbage & let it soak in salty water

Step 2: Mix red-hot pepper, ginger, onion powder

Step 3: Pour into soaked cabbage & mix

Step 4: Hello Kimchi! There you have it, ready to be eaten 😉

Prep time is about an hour or more if you have a really good conversation while you are making it! Which I did 😉 I give full credit to Lani for teaching me how to make Kimchi! Ha ha, now im ready to impress (even my future mother-in-law) ha ha

I had so much fun making it and this will probably last a couple of weeks.

I will try to make some other vegetarian recipes as I remove any meat from the traditional Korean meals * Which is pretty much everything sigh 😦 *

I’m also going to upload all the pics to an album on Facebook, it’s easier on the eyes 😉

I found some other products from home which almost brought tears to my eyes…comfort food!

Ok darlings, I must go now cause I had a busy & productive day today but its all good. Life is very good to me right now. Hope it is for you too!

Look forward to read your comments!

Have a great week wherever in the world you may be.

Lots of ♥ always,

Special K!


9 thoughts on “Say Kimchi! ;)

  1. I just found your blog! I taught English in Korea almost 3 years ago. I definitely miss the food. Thanks for the really clear recipe for kimchi – I’ll give it a try when I can get the ingredients (I’m living in a small town in the NWT so the Asian food section isn’t super extensive!) How did it turn out?

    I’ll be writing about my experience in Korea on my blog on occasion, like my most recent post. Look forward to checking out your blog since I get nostalgic about my time spent in Korea at times!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Carolyn! Nice to meet you 😉 Wow, seems like you know Korea very well. Where did you work & lived? The temperature is starting to rise btw! 🙂

      Ah, you’re welcome. Try on your end to see if it works for you. I have kimchi with every meal, helps me be energetic & lose weight at the same time 😉

      Wow you’re really up north, how did you end up there?

      I will be writing more about my experiences & adventures in the land of the so not morning calm ha ha. Cheers! K *will follow you on Twitter..are you on Facebook by any chance? Kamsa Hamnida 😉

      • Nice to meet you too! I remember how hot and humid it gets in Korea in the summer! Good luck with that!! I lived in Uijeongbu, just outside of Seoul (on line 1 of the subway)

        My fiance and I are both teachers so we moved up north because there were actually jobs up here unlike other areas in Canada – plus we wanted a bit of an adventure!

        I am on FB – you should be able to find me via my email or name.

        Happy Friday! I am very happy for the weekend too!

  2. Thank you for your comment & for letting me know about water crackers! 😉

    I have plenty of stories that I need to write, don’t worry I will make you laugh he he

    Take care and thanks again xo 😉

    • It is fermented in the winter months so that there is plenty during the cold months.
      My Korean friends told me that in the past they didn’t have any way of refrigerating it,
      so they store it in pots underground & took it out in the spring. Its like good wine, it gets better with time 😉

      Well give kudos to dad for being bold and actually trying it! He he It was my first experience making it.
      I can proudly say I did it while some typical Korean girls or women cant even boil water! ASAHHHH (YESSS in Korean 😉


      Me 😉

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