Camping, Korea style

I know, it has been quite some time since my last post. I have been incredibly busy with my kids that I have barely had the time to just sit down and write down all that’s been happening.

I just wanted to share with you some stories and great pictures about my first camping experience here in South Korea! 😉  It’s not exactly what I had in mind but it was so much fun, I am still laughing about it til this day.

We had a long holiday week-end at the beginning of June. My friend and I decided to go camping in a park here in our province, Gyeonggi-Do. It is not too far from where we live.

Getting to the campsite was quite an adventure. We had to go through narrow, back country roads,  cross rice fields, and what not!

rice fields, south korea An hour later we finally got there. We chose our spot & set up our tent!

There was a small mountain closeby, we decided to go check it out! 😉

We arrived at the base of the mountain and it was just so beautiful! Vivid colors 😉 To finish our long walk, we were treated to a spectacular sunset!

It was definitely a great day spent in great company and was also something different, refreshing and re energizing!

Next time I hope to go to a national park, where I can swim in a lake or go to a river, if weather permits 😉

So that’s my little story. I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly did and cannot wait til next time.

Have a great one wherever you may be.

Lots of love always,



Thoughts? Comments? They are appreciated ;)

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