Frifotos: Snow

Winter is definitely a season that we must embrace.

While some prefer to stay in, others go out and enjoy the great outdoors!

I took a break from work yesterday and went on a power walk (in spite of the -15 C temp)

Once in motion, it didn’t feel so cold after all.

I’d like to share with you some images that reminded me that, in spite of the hardships of the season, there is so much to appreciate and enjoy 🙂

11 thoughts on “Frifotos: Snow

  1. I find the temperature is not so much the issue it is more the humidity. Once when I was in Bracebridge (north of Toronto) it was -30 or -40 in the morning but not very humid, in fact very dry. This temperature was comfortable when wrapped up. The following week I went to Toronto which was -10 yet a damp cold and it goes straight through you.

    Lovely photos.

    • Say what? Oh my! -40 C can literally break you in half ha ha…We have had really low temps but not so much here in Quebec.

      Yes, the best thing to do is to dress up with many layers and cover your head & hands….then you can go about your day.

      Toronto is facing Lake Ontario and the humidity is amazing.

      Oh well, 2 more months of winter and hello spring!

      Thank you for visiting 😉

  2. Montreal sure looks like a beauty in the winter! We spent a few days there this past summer during the jazz festival, and I’m longing to go back. As for snowy, winter wonderlands, we’ve passed the last 3 months in Germany’s Alps – beautiful. Funny that we just headed to Croatia to escape a bit of the European winter, only to find that our little seaside town is receiving a once-in-ten-years snowfall today. 🙂

    • Thank you so much!

      Happy to read that you visited the city and had fun 😉

      The summers are quite hot but amazing! So much to see and do.

      So surprised to hear that the winter is also hitting the med!

      Stay warm and thank you for stopping by!

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