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6 inspiring and admirable female travelers

A few weeks ago I reached an important milestone, my blog turned 3 and during that period I had the opportunity of meeting wonderful persons, both online and in real life, specifically fellow world travelers.

Not only did they help me become a better blogger, photographer, writer and networker, they have shown me how to be a better and stronger woman! I am truly happy and quite grateful to have met them.

Since we celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this month, I decided to pay tribute to 6 inspiring and admirable female travelers whom I truly admire and respect.

Without further ado, let me introduce them to you and tell you why they shine! They simply ROCK!

I also would like to invite you to follow them on their Social Media Accounts. Tell them I sent you 🙂


Andi Perullo from My Beautiful Adventures

Andi Perullo, My Beautiful Adventures, Photo Journalist, Travel Blogger

Andi has been one of my favorite travel photojournalists and bloggers in the travel community. She makes me daydream thanks to her breathtaking photos and incredible adventures around the globe.

Unlike other luxury travel bloggers, she has been and is always such a sweet and kind soul to me. She is always available to offer help or advice whether it is professional or personal. She has always been supportive from day one!

When I think of her I think “gentle, generous, humble, loving, fun” Life does indeed give back in kind!

Andi also encouraged me to share some of my most personal and heartfelt posts I’ve ever had the guts to write such as How Travel Healed Me Part 1 and Part 2.  Both were a relief and transformative. For that I will always be very thankful to her. She brings out the best in everyone!

Now we have not yet met in person but I can’t wait to meet her and listen to some of her beautiful adventures 🙂



Eira Morgan-Jones from Blue Fairy Pipe-Dreams

Eira Morgan-Jones, Eira Abroad, Travel Blogger, ESL teacher, Artist

Eira was one of my first blog followers and one NEVER forgets who was there to cheer you on and support you right at the beginning of an adventure 🙂

She is such a talented artist and also an adventurous soul or has the travel bug as we call it.

I remember living and working in South Korea and all of a sudden I received a message asking for advice on Teaching English as a Second Language abroad. So that was the start of our many conversations.

Eventually Eira landed a teaching job in Thailand where she taught really young kids, 4 year olds and that made me respect her even more!

Now I’m catching up with her adventures that led her from Thailand back to England overland. Those are head spinning and incredible stories 🙂

You know that there are friends who are always there even if you don’t talk often but once you contact them it’s as if time has not changed things…

I am looking forward to going back to England and meet up with her over a nice cup of coffee or a cold drink!



Dania Santana from La Familia Cool

Dania Santana, Mommy Blogger, La Familia Cool, Latism, Latinos in Social Media

They say that some people come into your life for a reason right? Well that’s how I would describe my meeting with this energetic, driven and overall awesome Dominican!

Dania and I met through a common friend and little did I know that she would show me how the blogging/twitter parties work within the community of Latin Americans in Social Media  #Latism in the USA and worldwide.

She has encouraged and reminded me to never forget our native language, Spanish and that I should feel the fear and write in that language! So I will follow her sound advice and reach a wider audience 🙂

I simply could not have asked for any one better than her! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person in Manhattan. We had so much to talk about (travel, translation, blogging) that it was as if we’d never spoken before! Talk about a great brainstorming/biz consulting session in one afternoon!

I really admire how strong, courageous, a great mother, wife, daughter and friend she is!

Hope to visit her one day in North Carolina and meet the new member of the family 😉



Lisa Egle from Chicky Bus

Lisa E, Chicky Bus, travel blogger, author, Magic Carpet Seduction, world traveler

Lisa is that great friend anyone should have; she is your sidekick, your partner in crime!

It as if I found a lost friend or someone I had known for years even though we didn’t!

She is also an ESL teacher and a fantastic writer. You should totally really read her awesome book Magic Carpet Seduction: Travel Tales Off The Beaten Path. It is a travel memoir off her endless adventures and epic (sometimes scary) bus rides around the world.

It is so funny that it made me cry of laughter! I really could not put the book down. I am sure it will win you over as well 😉

Besides inspiring me to write more, better and longer, Lisa is a great motivator and she comes up with incredible ideas whether it is for a story, blog post or else.

When a brainstorming session happens, you are impressed with the results.

I’ve yet to go on an adventure with her but I am sure our paths will cross soon!



Lucia Hannau from Turin Epicurean Capital

Lucia Hannau, Turin Educationa, Turin, Italy, Piemonte, Teacher, world traveler

Lucia has been such a great yet unexpected surprise!

She took over the Social Media Accounts for Turin Epicurian Capital, an international food and literature conference which will take place in September in the city.

Lu’s personality simply shines through and she makes you feel like you’re not only the most welcome guest, but also a long-lost friend!

We share the love of teaching but also coffee, chocolate, gelato, Nutella (we’ve formed team Nutella 😉 and obviously a passion for foreign languages, Italy (ma certo!) and travel.

What I really like about Lucia is how she puts her region, Piedmont, in the spotlight and she makes us daydream with all those gorgeous photos of the many attractions in different parts of the city and also the surrounding areas.

I certainly am counting the days till I make it back to il bel paese and go on a foodie/photography tour in a Fiat 500! Now THAT is an adventure I truly look forward to, Si 🙂



Marian Krueger from Travel Shop Girl

Marian, Marian Krueger, Travel Shop Girl, writer, travel blogger, world traveler

I definitely saved the best for last and had to include her in this list.

Honestly, and for the life of me, I simply can’t recall how and when I met Marian but right after I got back from South Korea I traveled to Boston to meet her in person. Again I felt like I saw a long-lost relative or a sister from another mister 🙂

I had fun touring around the city and even going to places I missed in previous visits.

Marian is such a dynamo, go getter and pretty funny! That woman can make you roll or cry of laughter!

She is a passionate vegetarian and an incredible storyteller/writer. You should read her blog posts; they are quite detailed and entertaining. She tells it as it is!

If she is not at home working, she is traveling somewhere around this planet of ours or on a cruise ship. Does she travel or what, she’s a true jetsetter.

Now last time I saw her was last year in Toronto before TBEX but things did not go right and she suffered that injury that made her fly back home as an emergency measure. I was very sad about what happened and was really looking forward to spending time with her to catch up and enjoy the conference but life had other plans.

I sure was impressed at how strong she became after this episode. Now that is resilience and determination.

I can’t wait to see her again and go on an adventure this year; it’s our time to shine!

Her kindness, generosity and strong will is what I truly admire about her, Marian is one of a kind!



So there you have the 6 most inspiring and admirable female travelers
 I ever had the privilege of meeting. This serves to prove that you can form true friendships in spite of time and distance.

They say that you are deeply influenced by the people you are surrounded with and become the company you keep right?

Well all these exceptional, talented, brilliant and phenomenal women have taught me and keep teaching me a great deal on a regular basis. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you all, gracias, merci!

I hope to be an even better person and professional in the process.

Now over to you,

Who do you admire?

Who inspires you to be the best you can be?

Let us know in the comments and send links or photos if you have any!



14 thoughts on “6 inspiring and admirable female travelers

  1. andiperullo says:

    I have tears in my eyes! I can’t believe the sweet things you said about me. I’m humbled!!! THANK YOU X A MILLION! XOXOXO

  2. traveller soul says:

    It was my pleasure and you sure deserve to be among the best!

    I’m very happy and grateful that our paths crossed and so can’t wait to finally travel to an awesome destination 😉

  3. chickybus says:

    Muchas gracias, Karla! This really made my day and week and month–it’s a real honor! I truly appreciate being listed here and I look forward to getting to know the other woman on the list whom I don’t know (the only one I know is Andi). I feel the same way, by the way–as if I met a long-lost friend or something. I love our Latina connection and the fact that we have so many things in common. You inspire me, too!

    Thanks for mentioning my book–I’m happy you enjoyed it so much–and for everything else. You’re one of a kind and I”m really glad we met here in cyberspace (so funny that we didn’t meet at TBEX even though we were at the same hotel)! I look forward to our paths crossing one day and maybe even traveling together at one point! xo

    • traveller soul says:

      It was my pleasure Lisa!

      You had to be in it since I’ve learned quite a bit from an expert,you 😉

      Our Skype travel/biz chats are legendary and miss them ;(

      I still can’t believe we were staying at the same place and didn’t even meet! Not even at TBEX!

      I will go down to NYC/NJ and hope to see you then…pronto!

      Un *abrazo* y mucho exito en todo ♥

  4. justinpluslauren says:

    Such an inspiring list of lovely female travelers! I’m glad that you were able to be so inspired by them and helpful to each other. I think that the travel blogging community is a group of kind people who are so appreciative of the world around them!

    • traveller soul says:

      I’m happy to know that you liked the list!

      Yes, you can find great, kind, humble, fun, passionate and helpful persons in the community and the relationships you establish are very important.

      We’re here to help each other, grow and become better beings along the way!

      Thank you for stopping by 😉

  5. bluefairypipedreams says:

    Karla, you have one of the loveliest spirits – thank-you so much for your kind words. I can’t tell you how helpful you were when I first started out having adventures! And how grateful I am to you for following them! How are you? Are you still planning on heading to England? I’m looking forwards to that drink! xx

    • traveller soul says:

      It is my pleasure dear!

      I just had to include you since our meeting meant so much to me 😉

      I’m glad I helped in some way or manner!

      Your adventures were awesome, funny and entertaining! Thank you for sharing them with us!

      Yes I still plan on going to England. Will let you know once i set foot 😉

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