Life through 24 Instagrams

So I was recently going through my photo archives on my computer and found a folder where I had several photos I was meant to upload and share with you as I was preparing the Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014 but for some reason I totally left it on the back burner!

They are images that I captured throughout the seasons and now that I look back at them, I realize that there were many unforgettable moments after all 🙂

Please come along as we go through Life in 24 Instagrams.


January 2014


Sunset, Montreal, Quebec, travel, photography, TS76

Lac des Deux-Montagnes

Lac des Deux-Montagnes, Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada, road trip, travel, photography, TS76


Ready to go on the road

rental car, Ford, Ford Focus, Montreal, road trip, travel, TS76

Stopped in my tracks to capture this: a spectacular bank entrance.

Royal Bank Branch, Old Montreal, architecture, Vieux-Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, photography, TS76


Photography exhibition outdoors

ice sculptures, Montreal, Quebec, photography, TS76

Lac des Sables, Laurentians, Quebec

Lac des Sables, Ste-Agathe, Laurentians, Laurentides, Quebec, road trip, travel, photography, TS76


Road trips south of my city

Quebec, road trip, travel, photography, TS76

Road tripping’ in Vermont, USA

USA, Interstate 89, Vermont, road trip, travel, photography, TS76


Found this fabulous magnolia tree in my neighborhood 🙂

Magnolias, Magnolia tree, Montreal, Quebec, nature, outdoor, tree, flower tree, photography, TS76

Ste-Catherine street

Ste-Catherine Street, spring, pink balls, Village, view, photography, TS76


Outdoor photo exhibition

photo exhibition, Ste-Catherine street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, photography, TS76

The first fair of the summer

Merry go round, grande roue, Lachenaie, Quebec, Canada, ferris wheel, summer


Some R & R at Balnéa Spa in Bromont, Quebec

Balnea Spa, spa, Bromont, Quebec, outdoors, nature, view, TS76

Lake Monroe, Mont-Tremblant Park, Quebec

Lake Monroe, Laurentides, Laurentians, Quebec, Canada, lake, travel, photography, TS76


Chillin’ on a hammock

summer, hammock, rest, rest and relax, Lachenaie, Quebec, TS76

At the Terrebonne Wine and History Festival

Festival des vins de Terrebonne, Terrebonne, Quebec, vin, wine, view, travel, photography, TS76


Going off the beaten path at Mont-Tremblant

path, cycling path, Mont-Tremblant, Laurentians. Laurentides, Quebec, Canada, nature, outdoors, travel, photography, TS76

A walk out in nature

Sunflowers, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, nature, outdoors, photography, TS76


Spectacular fall foliage

October, fall foliage, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, travel, photography, nature, outdoors

Enjoying Pura Vida in Costa Rica

TS76, Karla, Playa Biesanz, Punta Quepos, Costa Rica, Central America, travel, photography


Visiting Canada’s capital,  Ottawa

At the gates of Parliament Hill

Iron gate, Parliament Hill, view, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, November 2014, travel, photography, TS76

Stunning and colorful fall foliage

Fall foliage, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, November 2014, travel, photography, TS76


Enjoying the holidays at home

Montreal, Quebec, Centre du Commerce Mondial, December 2014, photography, TS76

Last day of 2014

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, nature, outdoors, winter, photography, TS76

I hope you enjoyed the year in review!

Now tell me,

Are you an avid Instagrammer?

What is your handle?

Leave your info in the comments so that we can follow and see your photos 🙂

Until next time

Have a great one.

Tashi Delek, all the best

K 🙂

4 thoughts on “Life through 24 Instagrams

    • Thank you so much Sonja!

      Happy to read that you like my daily captures on Instagram! I am always looking for interesting views to share with everyone 🙂

      I am already following you too…let me double check 🙂

      Happy travels and thanks for visiting!

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