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Review of ONNO t-shirts + Giveaway

Have I ever told you I am a t-shirt fan? Throughout my life I have always loved comfort and I’ve owned many t-shirts in all colors, lengths and well find them very practical and useful.

I also love the soft feel of cotton, which makes us feel protected and yes we feel free when we wear it.

Now I can be pretty traditional but I also love learning about different types of fabric, natural materials. Just recently I had the opportunity to try some products that surprised me and I am sure you will too.

ONNO is a cool company based in Boulder, Colorado, USA which sells shirts and t-shirts made of Bamboo and Hemp (yes you read that right) which are sustainable fibers.

Did you know what Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth? It grows in most climates and requires little water just like hemp does.

Now let me tell you that I was actually excited to order 1 of each.

The process is super easy, let me show you.

First things first, head over to the company’s website

ONNO, ONNO t-shirts, homepage

Next over to the men or women section and select one of the 3 types of t-shirt fabrics:

  • Bamboo
  • Hemp
  • Organic Cotton

I started with the bamboo t-shirts and once you are on the page, you can hover over the colors and it will be displayed on-screen.

I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this but I am a blue girl, most of my clothes are light blue (and drive people nuts because no matter what season and where I am, I must have it. Yes, old habits do die hard…or never :))

Thus my choice was obvious and no need to look for more. It was decided within 30 seconds!

Next you select the size and quantity. When it is all set, you click on the Add to Cart button and continue shopping, which I did.

ONNO, ONNO t-shirts, bamboo t-shirt, seablue t-shirt, t-shirt

I wanted to try the Hemp t-shirt (I am adventurous enough even for my clothes), so I went to the appropriate section.

ONNO, ONNO t-shirts, hemp t-shirt, black t-shirt, t-shirt

In this case, I decided to go for a safe bet and selected black since it goes so well with everything, jeans, capris, dress pants, leggings etc.

The same steps mentioned above are to be followed and then you can review the shopping cart to see your selections.

Next step is to proceed to checkout and finalize the transaction by adding the information requested.

ONNO, ONNO Tshirts, billing, shipping info

Once all information, including payment info has been approved, you only need to wait a few days for the order to arrive in the mail.

I sure found it pretty fast and reliable and was very happy to see a nice box waiting for me. Do you want to see what the final products look like on me (and this is rare occasion that I model for you all 🙂

Ta-da! Here I am wearing the super soft and body hugging sea blue bamboo t-shirt. Trust me, it is even better than I expected!

Karla, ONNO, ONNO t shirt, bamboo t shirt, sea blue t shirt

I can wear this with just about anything, may it be a skirt, short, under a vest or suit, and it is that versatile.

 As for the hemp t-shirt, I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised. It does NOT have a strong smell, it’s a little thicker than I expected yet it is very comfortable.

Here I am  🙂

ONNO, ONNO t-shirts, hemp t-shirt, black t-shirt, t-shirt, TS76

Capris: Reitmans
Sandals: Old Navy

I can definitely see myself wearing it anytime when it comes time to relax and disconnect.

The one thing that I am very surprised is how it adjusts so well to your body shape and I have no shame in telling you that I have childbearing hips. I’m a curvy latina and these t-shirts not only make me feel comfortable, I feel confident wearing them but most importantly that they were made from material that mother nature produces without causing any harm to anything or anyone. Now that is truly priceless in my eyes.

I invite you to give them a try and share your experience with me 🙂

Better yet, I have something awesome to offer you!

Are you a t-shirt fan like me?

If so, I have one to give away! The choice is yours. Tell me which one you would want, the bamboo or hemp?

To enter the giveaway (open to USA/Canadian Residents Only), simply leave your opinion in the comments below and on Friday, September 4th I will draw at random one lucky winner who will receive a ONNO t-shirt in the color, size and material of their choice, so go ahead and enter TODAY!

Many thanks to ONNO for providing the t-shirts.

Visit them at their website:


Follow them on Twitter: @ONNOtshirts

Until next time!

Tashi Delek, All the best

Karla 🙂


5 thoughts on “Review of ONNO t-shirts + Giveaway

  1. Em Mahr says:

    I’d love to try the bamboo shirt. I also have the tendency to continually purchase things that are blue, however, I tend towards navy blue. I love that these shirts are organic and made from only sustainable fibers.

    • Traveller Soul says:

      Trust me when I say that you’ll love it as soon as you touch it.

      I don’t know why I love blue so much but my natural inclination is towards anything in that tone and shade 🙂

      Yes, i also love the fact that they use organic and sustainable fibers that the earth produces!

      Good luck in the draw 🙂

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