La Maison Thai, Singapore noodles, lemon basil tofu, vegetarian food, thai food, food, foodie, food photography, TS76

#FoodieFriday: La Maison Thaï in Montreal

Food for the body is not enough.

There must be food for the soul.

Doris Day

*Warning* Multiple food photos ahead. Please do not lick screen or salivate before so much goodness. If you do, my sincere apologies 🙂

Welcome to the very first edition of #FoodieFriday everyone!

For 2016 I decided to create this new section which I’ll publish every month and will feature one great restaurant and lots of photos of some of my all-time favorite dishes and also discoveries.

Now it really does not come as a surprise as I am a certified foodie and obsessed food photographer. I have a buen diente or a very healthy appetite (I’m quite the Latina mama thank you).

Last week someone made a comment at the table (wait for that story and photos soon) that I had an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) because I asked a few persons if I could take a photo of their meal. That person frowned upon me or thought I was coo coo for cocoa puffs but the others were happy to let me take a photo of their meal before they sunk their teeth in it!

Even in my family people tell me: “Karla, did you take a photo yet?” or “Kay, you forgot to take photos to show everyone!” Isn’t that something? I guess my habit has rubbed off on some people and I am more than happy to be capturing dishes and drinks and of course dessert.

Meals are not just a time of the day or a compulsory stop to refuel, it is an experience for all the senses and every single day is special in its own way. It never comes back and why not freeze that moment in time?

On this occasion I would like to share with you and introduce you to one of my absolute favorite restaurants right here in my city and trust me, I have tried many similar to it but there’s no other place like it anywhere (says the expat who’s lived in 6 countries!)

Before I introduce you, I’ve to tell you something. I have been going to this restaurant for almost 6 years and EVERY.SINGLE. TIME, I feel like I’m going to a family restaurant and am treated like one of their members. As soon as I step in, they recognize me, which makes me feel like a VIP!

It’s great to go back to a place where they are genuinely happy to see you and you know that besides the fabulous food you’ll intake, you will receive great service with a big smile. Nothing makes me feel better about my selection than going to a place where I am happy to spend and come out yes a little heavier but as we say in Spanish “Barriga llena, Corazon contento” , the literal translation is “a full belly, a happy heart” 🙂

I’ve gone back time and time again through the years and especially after going around the globe and have even taken my foreign friends visiting the city for the first time. It’s a no brainer and they too end up liking it. Ok I’m an influencer by nature and love it!

Now back to where we were. Say hello to La Maison Thai, a must-go to place in the hip and happening Plateau Mont-Royal.

As the name states, as soon as you enter the spacious local, before you are rows and rows of fresh, sweet, spicy, mouth-watering and delicious options that you don’t even know where to start! I simply say that it is a feast for the eyes and palate of course.

What’s on the menu you may ask?

From general tao spicy chicken to crispy noodles with grilled veggies to the traditional pad Thai to rich and warm tom yum soup to vegetarian choices like fried basil rice, you seriously can’t go hungry!

La Maison Thai, thai food, food, foodie, food photography, TS76

La Maison Thai, thai food, food, foodie, food photography, TS76

La Maison Thai, thai food, food, foodie, food photography, TS76

La Maison Thai, thai food, food, foodie, food photography, TS76

La Maison Thai, thai food, food, spring rolls, nems, foodie, food photography, TS76

I absolutely love Thai food as it is super healthy and trust me I could eat a different dish every day but sadly, I’ve developed some serious food allergies in the past years which have kind of limited the type of food I can consume or am allowed to have.

However being careful does not mean being restricted or cutting on flavor. Oh absolutely not!

What I truly like about Thai food is the burst of flavor every single bite of food has. Not convinced? Take a look at my selection of the day was.


La Maison Thai, spring roll, veggie spring roll, thai food, food, foodie, food photography, TS76Veggie spring roll

Main meal

La Maison Thai, Singapore noodles, lemon basil tofu, vegetarian food, thai food, food, foodie, food photography, TS76Singapore noodles and basil lemon tofu with sautéed vegetables


Sriracha sauce for that extra kick


Coconut water

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the food is just too good-looking and totally Instagram-worthy, thus I always take a minute or two to take photos from various angles in order to get THE picture that I share with you on my IG feed (find me @travellersoul76) and ultimately it ends up here but in a bigger size 🙂

Then I dive in and take my sweet time to savor every morsel and try to identify the ingredients and spices used, so I take mental notes which I use later when it comes time to write about it.

It’s kind of fun to be enjoying a meal and look around the restaurant and see how people truly enjoy what is on their place and how concentrated they look.

Food is not only good for the body but also the soul and it recharges your batteries for whatever comes our way afterwards!

What I love about international food is that I am also transported to the land where it originated and imagine myself being there in person (I do have a traveler soul remember?) and that is a free trip. Daydreaming is free isn’t it?

I sincerely don’t even know how come I lived in South Korea for 2 years and never got the chance to go to Thailand! My bad but I am sure going to make it up trust me.

I’m also very curious and would definitely love to take a cooking class, that way I would attempt to make such hearty, colorful and tasty meals at home, wouldn’t you?

I finished my meal feeling full and satisfied and took a couple of minutes to thank the staff and hope to see them again when I come back from my adventures and if I’m in the area.

If you are ever in town and feel like going for Thai Food, I highly recommend you visit them.


La Maison Thai

1351 Avenue Du Mont-Royal Est

Montreal, Quebec

(514) 529-9000


You can follow them on these sites:





Now I turn it over to you!

Tell us…

Are you a fan of Thai Food?

Have you ever been to Thailand?

If not, would you like to go?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

Until next time, happy eating.

All the best,



Note: The restaurants appearing in #FoodieFriday are of my own selection and not compensated in any way or manner or need to write a positive review. I sure do not need anyone to twist my arm in order to eat a hot and delicious meal! As always opinions are my own and you know that I will give my two cents on any matter, oh I do.


2 thoughts on “#FoodieFriday: La Maison Thaï in Montreal

  1. The Guy says:

    Hi Karla, I must admit to not been too big on Thai food due to the spices but I have found some great Thai places that I like.

    Thanks all the photos, I’m blown away by the variety on show, there is so much all ready.

    This sounds like a perfect place to visit. With you going here for 6+ years and feeling like family I’ll have to meet you for dinner in Montreal sometime!

    • Traveller Soul says:

      I must admit that it does have a lot of spices and it is for adventurous palates but all in all it is just delicious!

      They have so much to choose from and how can you not drool?

      I am not going to be in Montreal but anytime i come back I sure will go visit them.

      Who treats their customers as family members these days? Very rare!

      Hope you find great food during your many travels 🙂

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