People Stealing Other People’s Content

If you set out to be original, prepare to be copied

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Just recently I was reading a blog post that not only shocked me but also made me contact the author directly because she explained a situation that is repeating itself far too often in the blogger sphere and cyberspace: people stealing other people’s content otherwise known as content theft.

Now I’ve already dealt with someone stealing my photo on Instagram which lead me to write one of the most viewed and commented posts on my blog To Watermark or Not to Watermark and that created a heated debate and I found out that many other colleagues had experienced something similar in different circumstances but it is far more common than we think!

It was not my intention to stir the pot but actually to express what I truly thought and felt as if someone had literally ripped something away from me and quite frankly it affected me more than I thought it would. Getting the responses I got from people from all the four corners of the world made me realize that this IS a big issue! It’s like we have to be on the lookout but then again it is part of the game as we say.

Now in Fran’s case, it is another other topic well worth discussing publicly and defend as well.  She is currently based in Chile and is known as @lavidanomade on Twitter. She said that one of her readers stumbled upon a post that resembled hers, a bit too much. It was literally modified or personalized line by line! It happens that a so-called “journalist” writing for a cruising website that had literally taken the content of her post working on ships is not glamorous

lavidanomade, blogger, blog post, travel bloggerPhoto credit: (permission granted by blogger)

translated it into Spanish and did not even give a damn about intellectual property or originality as a matter of fact.

In her defense or retaliation, emailed the site, they apologized but they did not do more than that. She also left a comment below the post to let the author know of the infringement  but until this day the post is still live on the web!

Being the researcher I am, I actually Googled the name of that journalist (is she really?) and it’s obvious that the site ranks up among the top 5 sites on the subject. I actually compared both texts side by side and can see why she felt offended! The nerve that other journalist had to rewrite the entire content (even the same length) and make it fancier with nicer terms and photos but that’s not the point!

Fran wrote an open letter to that journalist which is quite moving and makes you want to rally with her and this post is basically my support to her and trust me I am holding myself back from leaving a comment on the copycat site!

What can you do if your content is stolen?

blogging, blog content, what to do if your content is stolen, TS76, blogger

What are the options for us writers, bloggers, and content creators in cyberspace?

Well, first and foremost, one of the risks we take on a regular basis is to expose our creativity and share it with the world which is the main purpose of writing/blogging.

Second, we can put a disclaimer or have a sort of backup, in case some people are way too lazy or have other intentions, like copy paste into rewriting / respinning software (yes they exist and just recently I found out too that there are companies in third world countries that I won’t name that offer such services for pennies) that will do just about anything for a buck.

Actually one of them emailed me and left me speechless, they also offered (as a bonus) to edit my photos (gee, am I protecting my images enough?) so that they look flawless on any device. I was like what the what? What is going on that I’m not even aware of!

All they are offering is to have a brand new article that is perfectly structured with the right SEO keywords so that it ranks high on Google and gets lots of traffic but it will cost you of course. Paying for your content to be rewritten, my goodness, what has the world come to?

After that episode of having my photos stolen, I looked into several options and I am sharing them with you.

1- Intellectual Property Offices

To find out your local intellectual property office, you can check this comprehensive worldwide directory

In my case I am Canadian, thus my creations would have to be registered as literary works the

However having close to 400 blog posts times the $50 fee comes up to a pretty good round number and that could be used for other things like paying bills, invest, study or going around the world the world and back at least 5 times. I’ll admit that I’ve not yet decided to register but I might but a few not all. I have placed Copyscape on my site, please see No 5 below.

2- In the USA, the place to go to is

The texts or posts and photos would fall in the category of Literary works and visual Arts.

3- Google

Legal removal request

If you have a good example and have proof that it clearly violates their regulations, you can submit a claim.

4- WordPress

The hosting platform gives excellent tips on how to protect your blog by following their suggestions.

5- Copyscape

This awesome tool allows you to search for duplicate content on the web. I’ve had it for a few years now and only caught a theft or two but it’s great to have!

6- Disclaimer at the foot of the blog/site

Include a clear note stating that your creations are copyrighted and that it is prohibited to take extracts or any part of your texts or photos without permission.

What does it cost to send an email to the author and ask if they can link back to you or ask for a photo to be used provided that they send you the URL where it appears with proper credit or link back to the original site?

For this post I sent a direct message to the blogger and told her she inspired me to write this. Our tweets were the starting point and because I write and write until my fingers hurt, well I thought why not turn it into a detailed post! It probably has happened to many others, so let’s talk about it in the open.


I just found this site which offers free protection for your website’s content and they’ll even take down the page with your copied content if there is ever one. Add the badge to your sidebar and voilà! Extra protection doesn’t hurt right?

So that’s what I personally recommend to prevent some individuals from stealing other people’s content.

Now it’s your turn to share your two cents!

Tell us,


Has anyone ever stolen your or someone else’s content or photos?

If so, what steps did you take?

If not, what would you do if it did happen?



Please do share your story and I am so looking forward to reading from you!

Until next time, hasta la próxima.

Tashi Delek, All the best

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Savory cuisine at Armando’s Mexican Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan


Mexican Food is so full of color, life and music,

It’s like a piñata explosion in your mouth

Kate McLennan


By now you know that I am an enthusiast foodie and one of my absolute favorite subjects to capture is food!

From delicious, mouth-watering, international dishes to local specialties like Paella to healthy options such as micro greens, anything that is simply good for the body and soul :)

I do not like Mexican food, I LOVE it so much that even if I am on the other side of the planet I’m always looking for places that serve authentic or attempting to replicate traditional meals.

After touring Mexicantown Bakery, it sure worked out our appetite! Fortunately for us it was lunch time and right across the street is one of Detroit’s best and renowned places to get satisfy your craving for Aztec food and that is Armando’s Mexican Restaurant.

This family-run establishment welcomes groups, couples, friends, sports fans into its spacious, friendly and fun location where large flat screen TV screens are prominent in various areas and one interesting attraction are the Aztec warrior paintings that hand on the wall. It kind of makes you wonder what the story behind each one of them is but they are quite original.

Now let’s move on to the best and most important part, the FOOD. On the menu, you will find appetizers, soup and salads, classic Mexican favorites such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chimichangas, tamales, stews, fish, seafood, chicken, combination plates, surf and turf, fajitas, tacos à la carte (make your own) and tortas which are their version of sandwiches. Of course every meal must be accompanied by a drink and there are many options from frozen cocktails, to premium beers to Jarritos.

Oh, did I forget to mention postres or dessert? You have to leave some room for a sweet treat to end your meal on a sweet note :)

Let me show you what we ordered

For starters we had some fried mozzarella cheese sticks with sauce

food, cheese sticks, fried cheese sticks, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Mexicantown, Detroit, Michigan,

Frozen strawberry daiquiri

drink, cocktail, Daiquiri, strawberry daiquiri, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Detroit, Michigan,

Main meal

I opted for Flautas.

food, food photography, flautas, mexican food, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Mexicantown, Detroit, Michigan,

Three rolled and fried tortillas filled with shredded chicken topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, Spanish rice and fried beans.

food, food photography, flautas, mexican food, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Mexicantown, Detroit, Michigan,

My neighbors (males) at the table had the following

Tampiqueña plate

food, food photography, Tampiqueña plate, mexican food, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Mexicantown, Detroit, Michigan,

Cheese enchilada, beef corn tacos, grilled skirt beef, topped with onion and cilantro served with Spanish rice or fried beans.

Torta al pastor

food, food photography, Torta al pastor, mexican food, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Mexicantown, Detroit, Michigan

Marinated pork on a telera roll with lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion and mayonnaise accompanied with French fries.


Cheesecake Chimi

food, food photography, cheesecake chimi, mexican food, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Mexicantown, Detroit, Michigan

Rich, smooth cheesecake rolled in a mouth-watering and flaky tortilla

New York style cheesecake

food, food photography, New York style cheesecake, cheesecake, mexican food, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, Mexicantown, Detroit, Michigan

Creamy cheesecake on Graham cracker base, topped with fresh strawberry preserve or chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these photos and did not make you too hungry!

For more information or if you wish to visit them, you can do so here:

Armando’s Mexican Restaurant

4242 Vernor Hwy

Detroit, MI


Tel: (313) 554-0666


Follow them on:




Now it’s your turn,

Tell us…


Do you like Mexican Food?

If so, what is your favorite dish and where was the best you ever had?

If not, would you like to try?



Let us know in the comments!

Hasta la próxima, until next time.

K :)

For the love of baking: MexicanTown Bakery in Detroit, Michigan

Count memories, not calories

I’ve a confession to make. Well, it actually won’t come as a surprise but here it goes. I have a weakness (one of many) and it comes under the form of baked goods. For as long as I can possibly remember, I have always loved going into any bakery to breathe in the irresistible smell of fresh, out of the oven bread or other sweet goodies.

There is just something that draws people in like a magnet and it is comforting even until this day. And no, watching Cake Boss does not equal the real-life experience though I learned a lot of the techniques Buddy uses and practice!

Sadly, our fast-pace lifestyle does not allow us to go as often as we wish but when the opportunity presents itself, then of course I am more than happy to go in.

During my recent visit to Detroit, Michigan (for the North American International Auto Show or NAIAS where I was present to watch Nissan unveil two concept models), we were invited to go to a bakery in Mexican Town which is in the southwest part of the city where a large population of Mexicans and other nationalities have resided and established themselves in the vibrant and growing community.

The owner, Mr. Omar Hernandez, has been operating this popular family-run establishment for decades now and he personally showed us around along with his lovely wife and they explained what they specialize in and what sells the most.

Wedding cakes
Birthday cakes
Tres leches
Hispanic Groceries
Hot breads baked daily
Mexican pastries

Holiday breads:

Rosca de reyes
Piñatas and so much more!

There is also a sandwich counter where you can order any from their menu and have it to go or if you wish to take the time to enjoy it in the adjoining and ample dining room.

My arm certainly did not need to be twisted and quite frankly, everything in sight was eye candy, so of course I arrived prepared and starting taking plenty of photos which I am now delighted to share with you. But please be advised that it might make you drool, hungry or thirsty and for that I extend my sincere apologies.

Are you ready? Listos? Comencemos, let’s start!

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

MexicanTown, MexicanTown Bakery, Detroit, Michigan, bakery, panaderia, food

Did you see anything you’d like to try? I am a certified churros fan and love to have it with a warm and delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate :)

If you are in the area and have a sweet tooth, you sure will love to sink your teeth in any these heart-warming, filling baked goods!

MexicanTown Bakery is located at
4300 Vernor Hwy
Detroit, Michigan 48209

Open daily Open from 6 am to 9 p.m. 7 days a week


Stay tuned as I will show you the delicious meal I had at Armando’s Mexican Restaurant in the next installment!

Now I turn it over to you!

Tell us,


Do you like going to bakeries during your travels?
If so, what do you buy and what memories do you keep?
Don’t be shy! Share it with us!



Until next time, hasta la próxima!
All the best,

K :)

2016 Nissan Model Lineup Part 2

I drive, therefore I am.

As you saw in Part 1, the 2016 Nissan Model Lineup is impressive. The Japanese car maker has lots to offer and it’s only the beginning. Its first 7 models are only the tip of the iceberg and everyone will find the right vehicle that responds or fulfills their need for safety, performance and also style!

I promised that there would be a second part and without any further delay, let’s continue where we left off!

2016 Nissan Model Lineup, from P to Z


Nissan, 2016 Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Pathfinder, car, automobile, SUV, transportation, photographyPhoto credit:

Love going on adventures? Find new paths and leave a trail with the Pathfinder. Its intuitive 4 wheel drive will allow you to go on any road and adjust accordingly. Bring along your crew with its three rows of seats and stay entertained with the Tri-zone Entertainment System.


Nissan, 2016 Nissan Quest, Nissan Quest, family van, van, automobile, transportationPhoto credit:

Have a growing family or need some extra room? The Nissan Quest is started thanks to the Intelligent Key® with Push Button Ignition, has a 260 hp, 3.5 liter V6 engine, Xtronic transmission which allows a smooth drive and welcomes 7 passengers. Go on your own Quest.


Nissan, 2016 Nissan Rogue, Nissan Rogue, SUV, automobile, transportationPhoto credit:

Be prepared for the next adventure and stay connected with your friends thanks to NissanConnect SM with Navigation and mobile apps. Equipped with a 170 hp, 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine, The Nissan Rogue is available with intuitive all-wheel drive, safety shield technologies and has an available third row to bring more friends along for the ride in style and safety.


Sentra, 2016 Nissan Sentra, Nissan Sentra, automobile, car, transportationPhoto credit:

Redesigned inside and out, the new Sentra’s striking new looks will certainly not go unnoticed. It is fuel efficient 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine mated to an advanced Xtronic transmission with sub-planetary gear enhances its performance thanks to the retuned suspension design. NissanConnectSM Services powered by SiriusXM® allows the driver to customize alerts for their family and friends.


Nissan, 2016 Nissan TITAN XD, Nissan TITAN XD, truck, pickup truck, transportationPhoto credit:

Do you have work to do? Let the power and performance of the Cummins Turbo Diesel V8 engine with 555 lbs of torque. Its towing capacity is over 12 000 lbs and the massive chassis is all the muscle you need to do any tough job! No wonder it was chosen as Truck of the Year by, find out for yourself.


Nissan, 2016 Nissan Versa sedan, Nissan Versa sedan, automobile, car, transportationPhoto credit:

Looking for a best-selling, sub-compact sedan that offers exceptional value, roominess and a great price? Look no further. The 109 hp, 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder engine, fuel efficient car also offers comfort and convenience thanks to the Bluetooth Hands free phone system and available  audio system, rear view monitor, NissanConnectSM, Nissan Voice recognition and so much more.

Versa Note

Nissan, 2016 Nissan Versa Note, Nissan Versa Note, car, automobile, transportationPhoto credit:

Take a break and go and have fun! Invite your family or friends to come along for the ride by using NissanConnectSM and do not worry about missing an angle, the four cameras installed around the car will make parking easy breezy.  Going shopping or going on a road trip? Its huge interior space will accommodate people or things and go further thanks to its fuel-efficient engine.

Z coupe

Nissan, 2016 Nissan 370Z Coupe, Nissan 370Z Coupe, sports car, automobile, car, transportationPhoto credit:

Driving the 370Z  is an unforgettable and unique experience. The iconic car offers incredible performance, design and is very rich in history.  Let the 3.7 liter, DOHC V6 engine, 332 hp and SynchroRev Match® manual transmission of this sports car take you on some amazing rides.

So there you have the 2016 Nissan Model Lineup. If you wish to see the complete line up , you can do so here.


Did you like a model in particular?

If so, which one?

Are you car enthusiast and do you go to auto shows?


Tell us all about it in the comments!

This concludes my posts for Nissan and I hope you enjoyed them! I may possibly see the models for the Canadian Market soon, stay tuned.

Until then, I invite you to follow them on the following sites.

Websites:  in English  in Spanish








Until next time.

Happy driving!

All the best,

K :)

Smart Parka by North Aware: The best winter coat ever made

A winter coat with built-in gloves, scarf, tech pocket and more? Yes, it does exist!

Smart Parka, North Aware, Smart Parka Logo

The latest in make-your-life-easier wear is now live on Kickstarter.

Smart Parka from North Aware comes with integrated gloves and scarf, a place to hide your hat, and piles of pockets. We all want our lives to be easier, but it turns out to be particularly important in a winter coat.

North Aware, winter coat, North Aware Coat, fashion, winter, outdoor gear

North Aware, winter coat, NorthAware Coat, fashion, winter

North Aware, winter coat, NorthAware Coat, fashion, winter, Vogue coat ipad pocket

A recent review in the IJERPH says that many studies add up to one thing: that time spent outdoors has an overall positive effect on physical activity. The authors point to global concerns regarding decreasing time spent outside. This decrease is particularly felt in winters, when people don’t feel like packing themselves up with accessories and gadgets to step out into a chill.

But going out in a Smart Parka is easier done than said. The accessories are already there. The inner pockets for phone, tablet, glasses, wallet and keys keep you from forgetting the important stuff as well as providing room for some fun stuff.

North Aware, winter coat, North Aware Coat, fashion, winter, styles, women, women fashion, women's coats

North Aware, winter coat, North Aware Coat, fashion, winter, men coats, styles, men's winter coats
And the weather can’t touch you: when the thermometer drops, zip in the inner insulating layer to keep warm down to -20C (-4F), when it rises again, easily remove the liner for temperatures up to 0C (32F) – either way, you’ve got all of your pockets.

“I started this business with one goal in mind, make people want to go out more in winter” says Jamil Khan, founder of North Aware Inc. “Smart Parka is our first product, launched through Kickstarter. We want support from everyone who believe in our dream.”

Smart Parka from

North Aware Logo, North Aware

can now be ordered through Kickstarter, be one of the first to get it for one low price before it goes up!

Now we’re turning it over to you.

Tell us,

Are you a fan of the winter?

Do you like the idea of having an all-in-one winter coat?

What’s your favorite outdoor activity during the cold months?

tell us all about it in the comments.

Until next time, stay warm and enjoy the season!

All the best.

K :)