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Are you looking for a:

professional, multi-lingual

travel writer,

travel blogger,

food blogger,

photo journalist,




social media influencer?

Work with me!

Let’s collaborate on your campaign or project 🙂

Looking for a professional freelance writer, blogger, translator, proofreader, photographer, photographer or social media influencer? Look no further! Learn how we can work together by going through the scope of my services! If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. #freelanceservices #blogger #travelblogger #foodblogger #lifestyleblogger #freelancewriter #socialmedia #translator #proofreader #workwithme


List of services offered:

– Strategic Content creation

I have been writing about many subjects for many years, thus I can prepare tailored blog posts, marketing materials, web copy, website and social media content for your company, magazine or online outlet.

It is important to note that I DO NOT write posts for pharmaceutical, finance, gambling/casino sites, couponing or anything that does not fit with my audience.


– Sponsored posts/Marketing Campaigns/Giveaways/Promotions

– Sponsorship/Brand Ambassadorship/Digital Influencer

Do you want to reach a specific audience and promote your company & services around the world?

A disclosure will accompany the post as per FCC requirements.

It will be actively cross promoted across ALL my Social Media platforms.

  • I can write the post for you and use my voice and provide high quality photos for publishing
  • We can have giveaways for the readers (2 or more are ideal)
  • I can represent your company at major events such as conferences and be your spokesperson or brand ambassador
  • I can represent your company online and share it with my networks
– Product / Service Review:

Do you have a new or existing product or service that my readers (writers, readers, travelers, photographers) might find interesting, useful and you would like me to write a detailed, unbiased and honest review along with step by step instructions (including screen captures)?

A sample of the product must be provided or experience the service in person in order to write the review and some to give away to my audience.

There is a publication fee as well, to find out contact me.

– Property Review:

Would you like me to visit and stay overnight at your property (resort, hotel, apartment rental, B & B, cottage), anywhere in the world, write an unbiased review, take many high quality photos then publish it on the blog and promote it to over  35 000 social media followers (as well as potential clients)?

Contact me to find out more.

– Twitter Party/ Chat co-host:

Get worldwide exposure + gain new followers and customers while promoting your brand or company during a Twitter Party/Chat online (30 minutes or 1 hour).

A specific #hashtag created by you can be used to keep track of mentions, impressions and total reach after the event (tweetreach /hashtracking among some).

Let me help you with your marketing efforts and create a promotional buzz online!


– Individual Press or Fam trips:

City Tours/Destination Marketing/Cruises/Airlines:

I will be available to travel anywhere in the world when and where we are allowed + health protocols are & will be followed.

I can help you promote or provide social media or editorial coverage of:

  • Destination (country, city, town)
  • Festivals
  • Events (movie or music awards, PR, launches)
  • Properties
  • Services
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Tours (city or area)
  • Cruises
  • Airlines
  • Hotels (opening or in operation)
  • Attractions
  • Activities
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Sport events (Futbol or Soccer is in my DNA)
  • International Auto shows – test drive  (I’ve 2 years of automobile translation experience)
  • Seasonal events
  • Travel fairs, exhibitions or conferences
  • and more!


Here is what I offer in return:

  • Professional service before, during and after the assignment (a list of links, posts or publications are sent to you after they go live on the blog. The number of impressions or analytics can also be provided if requested).
  • High quality photography (DSLR and smartphone) included in all posts (social media and blog), copies for marketing purposes or social media accounts are sent.
  • A series of honest blog posts highlighting YOUR property, services, local attractions and businesses for a determined period of time or they stay on the site indefinitely.
  • Immediate real-time updates on ALL major social media platforms (where Wifi is available) and found thanks to the # hashtag specified by you.
  • Worldwide audience (in over 185 countries) in four languages, INSTANTLY!

– Pitches

Please send me a clear and specific email or request for example and tell me about your company, your objective, your expectations and how you would like for us to work together. It will save us both time and effort.

What I don’t do


This goes to PR/Marketing agencies/Companies or Startups

Please don’t email me and ask me to publish for free:

  • infographics for your highly prestigious clients (you work for free right?)
  • posts with “relevant links” for my audience
  • startup funding pages and share with all my followers without anything in return
  • press releases or awards
  • contests, entering in one or promoting one
  • promote your  products in exchange of: a hat, t-shirt, a public thank you, a sticker, candy bracelet, ice pop or paleta (yes I was offered that), a social media share, brownie points or good karma.

I am sure you don’t work for free or accept a lollipop or a thank you as payment do you?

You would NEVER accept something like that right?

– Stats/Social Media Influence (As of November 2021)

  • Over  5 000 unique monthly views  and over 36 000 loyal followers across my Social Media accounts and blog as follow:
  • Twitter:  23 900+
  • Instagram:  4950+
  • FB page + friends: 2500+
  • LinkedIn: 2500+
  • Pinterest:  2400+
  • Page authority: 41
  • Domain authority: 36

Multi-lingual coverage: English, French, Spanish

Audience Stats

Highly educated males and females, 35-44 years old, in 185 countries (as per WordPress stats).

Most active and loyal readers are primarily in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Member of

TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange)


International Travel Writers Alliance (ITWA)


Blog Meets Brand



We All Grow

Blogger Babes

Association of Food Bloggers

Foodie Tribe

Everywhere Society

The Network Niche

References regarding my work & media coverage are available upon request.
View my appearances on various online media and important travel sites.

Past Fam / Press Trips:


Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands, Florida

Kingston, Ontario

Helsinki, Finland

Punta Quepos, Costa Rica

Nuremberg, Germany

Viking River Cruises Canada

8 Day Cruise of the Danube in Europe:

Germany, Austria and Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Rawdon, Quebec

Detroit, Michigan


Blog Partnerships/Ambassadorships:


Go with Oh Apartments

Apartments Barcelona

 Media Kit

Up to date Social Media and website statistics & analytics are available upon request.


Any questions?

Would you like to reach me directly?

Feel free to contact me anytime by email:


Fill out this contact form and include specific details .

I will reply as soon as possible.



Thank you, merci, gracias 🙂


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