Review of Amerispa in Morin‑Heights, Quebec

Water is the driving force of all nature. 

Leonardo Da Vinci

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Da Vinci was absolutely right. It is a powerful element which can transform everything. As you may or may not know, I LOVE the water, whether it is a river, lake and oh yes, the mighty ocean!

Throughout the years I have developed a healthy habit, which is to restore my senses, revitalize, re-energize and indulge in water therapy, most specifically Spas and Nordic Baths which consist of alternating between hot and cold cycles as well as rest periods in between. This allows the body to release all stress, toxins and leave you in a complete and relaxing state. It is a mind-body-soul experience that has no price tag.

To be completely honest with you, I had been postponing my visit since I had been quite focused and occupied on a few things (work wise) and you probably (or may not already) know this but I LIVE for road trips! Time had finally come to escape or get away from the city and hit the road, heading north.

Amerispa is located approximately one and a half hour north of Montreal, in the stunning area (and clearly one of my favorites) The Laurentians, which is dotted with many mountains, lakes and charming towns along the way.

Getting there is very simple, there is only one highway to take and the precise directions on Google Maps make it a breeze!

Amerispa Morin-Heights, Road Trip, Road Map, Laurentides, Laurentians, Quebec, travel, TS76

The views of the valleys, cliffs, mountains and winding roads are post card perfect. The summer truly is a magical season and the lush green panorama is breathtaking. It stays in the eye of your mind for sure.

Road trip, Laurentians, Laurentides, Rest area, travel, photography, TS76

I followed the signs along the highway and an hour later I found myself in the parking lot of Amerispa Morin-Heights.

Just by looking at the path leading to the reception was a clear indication that I was about to enter a very special place.

Going up those stairs was my workout.

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Actually it is a great touch as you come into contact with nature and with each step you take, and rest stop, you take the time to look around or down to see how far you’ve come!

Steps, Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

I made it to the top of course and went to the reception area. Upon entering, a smiling face welcomed me.

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Vanessa was on duty that morning and she made registration super easy. Since I was there for the Thermal Experience, she handed me the key to the locker assigned and handed a pair of rubber sandals (I actually brought my own but took them anyway).

She then proceeded to explain where everything is located in the spa from the panoramic window.

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

I went downstairs to change and was more than ready for the relaxing journey ahead🙂

There is a plush white robe and fluffy towel already in the locker and must be brought back at the end of your stay.

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

I must say that the location is not that big but yet it has that intimate feel which I really liked at first glance.

First item on my Thermal Experience? The Eucalyptus Steam Room

I already shared with you that I suffered from Asthma at some point in my life and my lungs were obviously affected, thus I make sure to treat them right and strengthen my system. Therefore I went in and sat in the very hot room for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Inside the eucalyptus-scented steam goes straight to your airways and is so soothing! I felt as if I was getting an inner cleanse.

Sitting on the steps and feeling the drops falling from the ceiling over your skin reminds anyone to stop with the 1001 racing thoughts and focus on the moment. That sacred space and silence is really something we should all value and seek more often.

I’ll be totally honest with you and tell you that I was giving thanks to the universe for actually being able to be present there and how it was a gift! Moments like those are rare and cannot be repeated, so it must be cherished and greatly appreciate it.

Once I felt that my lungs and airways were very clean and fresh, I had to refresh my skin, basically cool off.

I stepped outside and headed to the Nordic Falls

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

I gathered my courage and slowly entered the icy cold water which almost made me scream! It was necessary, so I dipped down and came right back up in a few seconds and it wasn’t that cold anymore. My heart was sure racing but that made me feel so alive. Then after being acclimatized, I moved towards the second of the falls, which is a source of rushing water and it was like a thousand piercing needles hitting your body all at once.

It’s like they wash all your worries and pain away in an instant and the power of the water again here prevails! Not only it cleanses or purifies, it uplifts, rejuvenates, re-energize and yes it realigns your chakras in one swoop, I totally felt that and frankly, I LOVED it!

It was now time to give the body some time to recover and relax.

Around the property there are several resting areas, both indoors and outdoors. Since it was a stunner of a day (well the summer has been spectacular so far, no complaints), I opted for staying outside. I chose a chaise-longue right by a hill and surrounding nature.

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

As an avid book reader, I had brought my own literature to finish while drying out in the sun. A recyclable plastic bag is provided, thus I used it to put in my glasses, book and refillable water bottle to carry around.

This was my view, very nice eh?

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

It was a moment of pure joy and happiness if you ask me. The day couldn’t get any better than that.

After finishing reading, I wanted to walk around and explore the property.  You know that I am curious, adventurous AND restless all at once and I just had to do it!

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

That little adventure reminded me that I had to continue with the second part of the thermal experience.

It was now time to head to the Finnish Sauna

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

The room is small, with wooden planks where you sit or lie down and sweat it out. The temperature is pretty high, between 70 – 80 Degrees. It helps your skin pores open and release more toxins and let it all evaporate.

I must admit that this was a bit more difficult on the lungs but most particularly on the breathing. I could feel my nostrils hurt a bit, thus I stayed only 5-10 minutes.

A group of people came in and that was a clear sign for me to leave which I did and decided to cool down in one of the outdoor whirlpools.

The water was lukewarm, not too hot, not too cold, just right and the best thing was that I had it to myself for a few moments!

I let the streams massage my back. I completely let myself go and relaxed by floating and stared at the sky. Nature’s original soundtrack (birds chirping) was a bonus. That soft breeze and sun rays on my skin made me appreciate the experience even more.

Some whispers were heard, so I looked up and saw a group of female friends and a couple that were getting ready to come in the water, once again it was my signal to leave and get some rest.

Honestly I was feeling sleepy, thus I went back to the area where I had rested before (it had a great vibe), I put some sunscreen lotion and worked on my suntan.

Truth be told, I lost track of time and you know what? It was fine with me. I slept like a baby and allowed myself to just be. It’s not every day that I get to completely unplug, detox (well digitally) and enjoy such a nurturing, healing and sacred space or environment. EVERYONE should absolutely do it, once a month at least or more! Our health is our wealth right?

Well all good things come to an end but I did not want to leave. Sadly, I had to come back to reality, to the real world.

Amerispa, Morin-Heights, Quebec, reception, spa, spa review, Laurentians, Laurentides, photography, TS76

Driving back was such a pleasure; I felt like I was floating on cloud nine and it was as if a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders!

It was my first time visiting one of Amerispa’s locations and I was told they have other locations around the province and I must go back for more.

I would like to thank them for welcoming me as their guest even for a short period of time which I really enjoyed.

I invite you to find out more

Amerispa Nordique Morin-Heights

160 Rue Watchthorn

Morin-Heights, Quebec

J0R 1H0

Telephone: (450) 226-7722


on their site and social media profiles



Now it’s your turn!

Tell us,

Are you a spa goer?

Have you ever tried Nordic Baths?

If not, would you like to?


Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time! À la prochaine!

Tashi Delek, All the best


Macy’s #GlobalGoods, Handmade Gifts That Give Hope

A handmade gift cannot be easily found or replaced.

Time, energy, love and passion were needed to create it,

therefore making it very special valuable and unique.

– My own quote


I have a confession to make. I am a HUGE fan of handicrafts and handmade gifts. They are the labor of love from their creators but also a representation of their rich history and culture which can be purchased and brought back where we reside.

Throughout my many travels around the world, I have found myself being drawn like a magnet to local markets where you find everything under the sun. However my attention goes to paintings, woodwork and most importantly, textile arts. I have a particular love for bags, blankets, scarves and accessories.

Last time I was in El Salvador (the country where I am originally from), I planned a day trip to a city famous for its colorful textiles, San Sebastian.

textile arts, weaving, colorful threads, weaving, San Sebastian, El Salvador, central america, ruta artesanal, travel, photography

There are stores and workshops which allow visitors to watch skilled artisans at work.

Not only the process was explained, I actually had the privilege of witnessing how a blanket is being made with the Telares or looms, just like it has been done for hundreds of years.

As incredible as it may seem, the product can take from a few days to a few weeks to complete. The final product is nothing short of spectacular.

Colorful, woven blanket, handmade, handicrafts, San Sebastian, El Salvador, Central America, photography, TS76

I love contributing the local economy and support these family owned businesses. That is why I never leave empty-handed and make sure to bring back a few souvenirs with great stories attached to them!

Now since I am restless and adventurous (and taking advantage of the last days of my trip to Central America before coming back home), I decided to go even further and beyond the borders! I decided to visit Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala

Arco Santa Catarina, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, Central America, travel, photography, TS76

Cobble-stone street, yellow building in Antigua Guatemala, Central America, Travel, Photography, TS76

which had been calling my soul and I am so glad I did.  The four-hour road trip with my family and driver was a true adventure.

Truth be told, there is something magical about Antigua Guatemala. As soon as I stepped out of the vehicle, I felt transported to another time, a few centuries.

With its cobble-stone streets, colonial buildings, pastel-hued houses with terra-cotta rooftops, volcanoes in the background, this UNESCO World Heritage Site and ancient capital makes you fall under its charm almost immediately.

As I mentioned earlier, my strategy to learn more about the history and culture about a city or country is to visit local markets and speak to the locals who are more than willing to share stories passed on to them.

Our driver and tour guide took us to Nim Po’t Centro de Textiles Tradicionales where you can find colorful and unique handicrafts made by Mayan artisans. From rugs, to blankets, to clothes to bags, there is so much to choose from!

Purchasing any of these products allow these workers to have a better future and improve their lives by keeping their ancestor’s traditions alive and pass on the skills in this technologically driven (and hungry) society.

What did I purchase you may be asking?

Well, take a look.

handmade, handbags, bags, textile arts, travel, photography, TS76

Whenever I look at them now, I smile and remember vividly that fun day and all it took for me to acquire them. I did say I love adventures right? This is my free color therapy on days I need an extra boost!

Here’s another secret I want to share with you. I was so inspired after visiting these two special places, that I decided to start experimenting and creating my own handmade products.

I started knitting, yes you read that right. Trust me it was super difficult at first because I did not know what to purl, knit, stitch, purl or yarn over meant. I did go online and viewed some video tutorials which helped me a great deal and learned the basics.

Afterwards I simply went with my instincts and started working away. I learned early on that it requires a lot of time, patience, dedication and most importantly FOCUS!

Fast forward a few years. Though I’ve not become a knitting diva yet, I sure have made some important progress. I’ve also been working hard on improving my crochet skills and love getting lost in aisles such as this one in search of materials for my next project.

knitting, knitting yarn, yarn, colorful yarn, handicrafts, handmade materials, photography, TS76

As they say, good things take time but worth it in the end🙂

What have I produced?

Check out the tuque and scarf I used last winter

knitting, tuque, scarf, handmade, crafts, handicrafts, photography, TS76

Laptop cover protector

crochet, blue crochet, laptop cover, knitted protector, handicraft, handmade, photography, TS76


knitting, handicraft, handmade, blanket, knitted blanket, photography, TS76

I’ve also created baby booties, tuques and small purses among others.

As I said, it is unbelievable how you can create colorful, creative and original, one-of-a-kind pieces that make you feel proud of such accomplishments but make you appreciate similar articles when you see them in stores or sold by organizations. It’s super important to support them!

I recently learned that Macy’s, one of the world’s retail leaders, created the  #GlobalGoods Partners Line of Products and has local partner in Guatemala, Algodones Maya to offer “Gifts That Give Hope”.

Macy's, Global Goods Partners, Fair Trade, handmade gifts, handicrafts, Mayan Artisans, Guatemala, Social Good

Macy’s main purpose of  is to empower women in Latin-American and other countries around the world to earn a fair living wage by doing what they know best, producing and selling hand-woven articles (which are all unique) and also to offer a better future for their children, families and communities.

To find out what Fair Trade is all about, the World Fair Trade Organization established 10 principles which are very clear and easy to understand.

World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade, 10 Fair Trade Principles, social good, opportunitiesImage source: World Fair Trade Organization

I received a striped natural rug and I realized that it was not just a normal rug. It is the result of time, patience, knowledge, perseverance from a skilled rug weaving artisan who surely learned from the Mayan ancestors and generations that go back centuries.

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

Macy's, Global Goods, handmade rug, weaved rug, Algodones Maya, Guatemala, handicrafts, textile arts, photography, TS76

To be completely honest, I simply said:”bless the hands of the person who prepared this for me and may she receive more blessings and opportunities to raise, feed and educate their children in the future!”

These women must truly be passionate and master art of weaving!  Imagine how they’ve to find the means to purchase environment friendly materials, follow socially responsible methods of production of these products and delivering them before reaching many destinations around the world. Isn’t that so much more than work of love?🙂

The direct impact it has and will have may not only be for the present but also for future generations to come.

As the Global Goods Partners motto goes: “Buy handmade good, change women’s lives” and that is absolutely true.

I invite you to visit Macy’s and Global Good Partners on their websites and social media channels:


Global Goods Partners:





Now I turn it over to you!

Tell us,


Do you buy handmade gifts when you travel?

What have you brought back from your travels around the world?

Do you support local producers?


Tell us all about it in the comments

Until next time, hasta la próxima!



I received the product from Macy’s via the Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed have, are and always be my own.

Bucket List Destination: Osaka, Japan

Located in the Kansai area of Japan, Osaka is the third largest city in the land of the rising sun. It is and has always been an important commercial and industrial center which serves western Japan as well as the rest of the country. Osaka is not only rich in history, culture, it is a dynamic and thriving metropolis that has so much to offer to locals, national and international visitors.

Arriving at the ultra modern Kansai International Airport, on a man-made island off the coast of Osaka Bay, is like arriving in the future.

Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan, KIX, travel

Transportation to and from the airport to the main hub or central station of Namba is frequent, time-saving, efficient and very convenient. The trip is already the first of the many adventures to be had in Osaka.

Travel Tip:

Enjoy unlimited train/bus rides, free entrance to some sightseeing spots and get discounts at selected stores and restaurants by purchasing the Osaka Amazing Pass (1 or 2 days, upon presentation of passport).  Save and travel more! For information check

JR, Japan Railway, train, train station, Japan, travel, transportationThe world meets at and around Namba Station; it’s like the Time Squares of the East. It is where everyone goes to then disperse in many directions.

What exactly is there to see and do in Osaka?

Travel back in time

Every visitor must include Osaka Castle to their itinerary as it represents the symbol of the city.

Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan, castle, travel, photographyThis stunning architectural and historical five-story building is quite a sight to behold. Learn about the history of the castle as well as of the Toyotomi family for whom the original castle was built in the 1500’s. The city views from the tower are simply breathtaking.

Wander around and admire the surrounding Osaka Castle Park, Nishinomaru Garden and experience times past at Osaka Museum of History.

Feed your senses and satisfy your taste buds

It is well-known that Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest, tastiest and most recognized around the world; therefore you must give in to temptation and eat to your heart’s content.

Why not go for succulent Sushi?

Fresh Sushi, Sushi, seafood, Japan, food, japanese food, foodies, food photography

Or perhaps a bowl of comforting Ramen?

Ramen, Ramen bowl, Japan, Japanese food, noodles, foodies, food photographyAmong other culinary specialties, there is soba or udon noodles, grilled meat, fried vegetables or meat on skewers and shabu shabu (thin slices of meat cooked in a hot-pot).

If you are seafood or fish eater, then you will be spoiled. Thanks to its strategic and privileged geographic location, fresh produce or catch of the day is available for consumption at many restaurants, may it be at a market stall or at a 5-star hotel restaurant. Don’t forget to accompany your meal with Japan’s national and beloved drink, Sake which is rice wine.

After refueling, it is now time to explore the different entertainment and shopping districts. How about some

Retail Therapy

The popular expression “shop till you drop” certainly applies to shopping in and around Osaka. Among the many districts, the most popular are Namba and Shinsaibashi.

In Namba you will find department stores, shops, underground arcades and also shopping centers

Shopping Center, Osaka, Japan, retail, retail therapyThere is something for everyone and for every budget, the choices are endless.

As for the most photographed and distinct district, which comes alive at night thanks to its bright neon lights, Dotombori

Dotombori, neon signs, Osaka, Japan, travel, photography, architecture

Dotombori, neon signs, Osaka, Japan, travel, photography, architectureis a large commercial area where you’ll find coffee shops, a great variety of restaurants, bars,  eclectic shops, game arcades, clothing stores; a true feast for the eyes.

If shopping leaves you exhausted why not

Rest and Relax

Do as locals and enjoy hot springs (Onsen), sauna, beauty and health treatments at Spa World. Get your vitality back and why not treat yourself to a massage or enjoy the benefits of water therapy? It will do a world of good.

After recharging your batteries, there are still quite a few things to do but feel exploring the surrounding areas?

Entertain your senses

The area of Osaka Bay is home to many attractions that are totally worth traveling for. The Ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel, Osaka Bay, Osaka, Japan, travel, photographyallows spectacular views of the bay from the top any time of day or night.

Feel thrills and be enthralled at Universal Studios Japan which is the first movie theme park outside of the United States.

Baseball fans can catch a game or attend a concert at the impressive and one of a kind Kyocera Dome Osaka.


Want to go beyond Osaka? Then

Go on an adventure

While in Osaka, there is an opportunity to travel to nearby cities like Kobe (which is only about 30 minutes away by train) or Kyoto (approximately 45 minutes away).

No trip to Japan would ever be complete without including a stop to the ever-evolving, magnetic and unforgettable Osaka.

City skyline at night, Osaka, Japan, travel, photographyIt’s a city where history meets modernity, where locals go the extra mile, offer visitors unparalleled hospitality and their genuine kindness will remain in your memory long after you’re gone.

Find out why Japan is called the land of endless discoveries🙂

Now I’m turning it over to you!


Have you been to Japan or do you know someone who has?

What was your or their experience?

If you haven’t, would you love to go?


Tell us all about it in the comment section.

Until next time.

Aregato and Sayonara!

All the best


July through Instagrams

Hello, Hola everyone!

How’s your Summer so far? Can you believe August is well underway? That means that there’s only a few weeks, days left of the most beautiful season of them all?😦

Life is flying by and we must enjoy every moment. That’s precisely what I’ve been doing recently, hence that is why I’ve been away from the blog! Well, actually I was pretty focused on working on translating a couple of sites (into English) and other pretty interesting projects (like Fall Shows in NYC) among others. For that I am very grateful🙂

Worry not, there’s so much that I’ve to share with you (juicy stories and topics that I am quite passionate about which are coming soon) that it’ll surprise you…well at least I hope so🙂

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite images taken last month. Oh, did I even mention how amazing the weather has been? Sunny, very warm and just spectacular. How is it where you are?

Enjoy the following images!

Travellersoul76, July through Instagrams, Instagram

Hope you enjoyed them.

I’ll be back soon! Until then enjoy the month of August.

Tashi Delek, All the best, Todo lo mejor.


P.S: Don’t forget to include your Instagram account or address in the comments, so that we can follow you!


Best of the Web: July 2016 edition

It is no secret that nowadays we have to deal with information overload and we don’t even know where to start.

Fortunately there are some individuals that stand out and write exceptional blog posts and for the first edition of

Best of the Web July 2016 edition, blog, blogger, blogging, social media, TS76

Best Of The Web: July 2016 edition.

I would like to share with you some of the most interesting that I have found while browsing on the web and here there are in no particular order.

Digital Detox: How to Unplug and why you should

Talent Culture, digital detox, blog, blog post

This excellent article explains why unplugging from the digital world is actually something that we must do in order not only to keep our sanity, but to allow ourselves to rest and recover!

As a matter of fact, I have been doing that…well kind of. Last year I took a week off from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and company.

Just this past month I have taken an entire month from blogging (that is why I have been MIA or missing in action) and it feels so good (although I must admit that I do read the comments and get notifications of the activity on site.

More unbelievable as it may seem, I’ve been getting more visits and page views than when I do blog! Isn’t that something?

I decided not too stress so much about having to post from 1 to 3 posts per week and truly focus on writing quality content rather than quantity and I’ve to say thank you for checking in on me and returning to see what I’m up to.

Don’t worry, I’ve plenty to write about and share with you but there is life that must be enjoyed, especially the beautiful season that just started!

Have you ever or would you unplug completely?


Five ways to be a more confident blogger

How to become a more confident blogger

Blogging is not just a hobby; it is a passion and its hard work on a daily basis for many of us.

Writing for a group of close friends and family is one thing, but for a broad audience it is completely different!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I do think about the choice of words or topic I write about and wonder if it will be well-received or will it cause a strong reaction or if there will be people who will criticize what we do.

No matter what reasons, Mark Schaefer gives us 5 ways to be more confident in his blog post.

It does take time, practice and just go with the flow. We have to go forward and adapt to any situation that presents itself right?


How to become a morning person

 How to become a morning person

I will be the first to admit, I really am not a morning person. I have always been a night owl and find that my creativity is activated in the wee hours; it has always been like that since my university days!

I know there are so many benefits of waking up before the sun rises or start the day earlier in order to achieve more things. It truly takes a strong willpower and one has to make it a habit, that’s just what Michael advises in his motivating post.

Starting is just the beginning but keeping the momentum is a challenge but it is feasible!

Are you an early bird or night owl?


The 20 best travel books of all time

travel, travel books, The 20 Best Travel Books of all Time

This great post by Telegraph Travel gives us a list of 20 of the best travel books of all time.

To be completely honest, I very surprised with the selection of titles. I only recognized two of them:

On the Road by Jack Kerouac


The Beach by Alex Garland

However the others are totally unknown but since I am an avid book reader, I sure will add them to my books to read shelf.

What is (are) your favorite travel book(s)?


The airlines making stopovers sweeter

Travel, Airline stopovers in Iceland

Imagine this. Say you are on the way to Europe and decide to stop in Iceland and tour the country with a member of the staff of the national airline.

That is exactly what the Stopover Buddies by Iceland air program offers, how cool is that?

Who knows, you might get lucky and a pilot could be your guide. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

If you are departing from Amsterdam, you can sign up to Layover with a local by KLM who will match the traveler with a local who will then be your host and take you around the country.

This is just a fabulous idea and it allows travelers to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Would you sign up to one of the programs?


Exposure won’t pay for my next flight

Journalist On the Run, Exposure won't pay for my next flight

In her honest blog post, Janet explains why companies, PR reps or social marketers reaching out to us bloggers and looking to promote their prestigious clients or product is not going to pay for our necessities, even less a flight.

It is important for everyone to know that blogging is not a hobby; it involves a lot of research, photo editing, and writing, editing which is time-consuming and is a labor of love.

We have worked many hours, days, nights, weekends in order to grow our readership and followers on social media and that’s precisely what they want to tap into and pass on the “good word” for free while they get paid thousands and companies have no problem trusting them with advertising budgets or strategies.

It was hit home and I too understand the frustration and disrespect some individual have demonstrated time and time again.

My absolute favorite email or request was by this Public Relations Company located in London who wanted me to give free publicity for their highly prestigious airline from the Middle East (the one that offers an apartment in the sky) while offering a simple thank you as payment.

I emailed the lady back explaining that I do not work for free and that if she wanted me to give free promotion to the company, well there had to be a financial compensation in return. I never heard back and I am sure she tried with others who jumped on the occasion (those who take just about anything that is free).

Sadly some people are happy to accept anything that is offered or settle for way less than they deserve. This makes it harder for us to be respected or be considered as people companies can trust or believe in.

I have seen my share bit in the 5 years I have been blogging and worked with some of the best travel companies in the world and they have seen what kind of work I produce, therefore I under promise and over deliver and I’m actually proud of that. I will not lower my standards or compromise my work ethics for any reason and neither should any respectable blogger.

What has been your experience with PR or marketers?

Would you promote a company or product for free?


 Giving Credit where credit is due. Why is it so important to give credit to the artist.

DIY Photography, photography, Giving Credit where credit is due

This excellent post again highlights or reinforces us, photographers, believe is the golden rule: GIVE CREDIT to the creator of the image!

So much is involved behind the camera that some people truly should learn as much as I can and stop stealing photos, making it theirs or simply not give proper credit.  It really is a no brainer!

After learning a lesson in watermarking, I respect other colleague’s original, creative and colorful work even more. I also put an emphasis on the importance of linking back or letting the artist know that their creations are incredible and value their worth, thus I happily share it but follow the rules!

I personally appreciate when someone contacts me and kindly asks for my permission in order to use one of my images say for a project or poster or site as long as they mention my name or link back to my blog or clearly state that the image belongs to me. That’s the right way to do it and as long as it’s not commercial, I’ll say yes 99% of the time!

When in doubt, just ask! It’s much better than stealing or editing an image or don’t measure the consequences that using a photo that belongs to someone and that has rights over it.

What do you think about photography rights?

Have you ever had an experience when you found one or many of your images used by other people without your consent?


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Tashi Delek, All the best.