The Best Cities in Ontario, Canada to Settle Down In

Ontario is often regarded as one of Canada’s best places to live. Ontario has a thriving cultural scene, gorgeous national parks

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and hiking trails to explore, as well as stunning coastlines and places to see, including the world-famous Niagara Falls.

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Free public healthcare and education are two other amazing perks given to all Canadian citizens, making it an ideal location for young professionals and families to relocate.


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There are a variety of wonderful neighborhoods to select from, all with easy public transportation connections to the rest of the city and within a 10-minute walk from downtown Toronto with stunning views of Lake Ontario. 

Midtown Toronto, comprising Yonge and Eglinton, is also a fantastic place to live. This part of town has seen a lot of growth recently, and it now has everything a resident might desire in terms of grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, and medical offices. 

The price of Real Estate in Toronto continues to rise, despite the fact that supply is at an all-time low.

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With Hamilton on one side and Toronto on the other, Oakville is perched on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. 

The gorgeous harbors, lively artistic scene, thriving shopping districts, and outstanding restaurants are all highlights of this charming town.

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Based on affordability, economics, culture, and safety of each town, as well as services, schools, and access to healthcare, Oakville is regarded as one of the finest places to live in Canada. The community is noted for its calm family living and numerous gorgeous residences.


In the heart of southwestern Ontario, Paris is a lovely, calm town. For good cause, it’s been dubbed “the prettiest town in Canada.” 

Paris is built partly on a steep hill, providing spectacular views of the Grand River greenspace, which runs through the heart of the city.

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Historic houses, tiny stores, lovely restaurants, cobblestone walks, and numerous paths attract locals and visitors alike, making it a fantastic city to call home. 

Paris has plenty of century mansions that are conveniently located near the river, and new neighborhoods are continually being built along the city’s outskirts. 

There are terrific adult living communities not far outside of Paris for individuals looking for something local and a little different. 

The retirement facilities in Paris provide world-class care and living in a small town setting, where prices are less expensive than in some of the province’s larger cities.

If you’re considering settling down in Ontario, Canada, then these locations deserve consideration. 

Pick up a real estate or housing guide to find homes for sale. You’re sure to find an ideal spot to call home. 

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