What to expect in Rome, Italy in Autumn and Winter

“Rome holds my psyche in balance.

Whenever I’m there, it’s like a holiday!”

Gianbattista Valli


As you are very well aware, Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and the world for many great reasons.

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During the summer high season, it can be filled to the brim with tourists. While these travelers get to enjoy generally warm and sunny weather, they have to share it with the crowds descending to the eternal city in June, July, and August.

Visiting Roma in the autumn and winter seasons, however, provides quite a different experience.

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Here is What to expect when visiting Rome, Italy in autumn or winter.

The Eternal City is always fascinating. Although the busiest seasons are Spring and Summer, it is a great idea to visit in the autumn or winter when the crowds are gone. Check out what to expect when visiting Rome, Italy.

Smaller Crowds

Rome is an international destination with tourists visiting the Colosseum

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and St. Peter’s Basilica

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every day of the year. However, the numbers fall greatly during the fall and winter, mostly because children are in school and families can’t visit at this time.

This makes winter or autumn an ideal time to visit if you prefer peace and relative quiet when visiting the city’s many attractions such as churches, museums,

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Galleries and even find some attractions that would be normally very crowded.

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You may also spend less time waiting in queues. Check out Rome’s official tourist website for more information about attractions and fees.

Expect Colder and Rainier Weather

It goes without saying that Rome will be colder in the winter, but it also tends to be wetter. During December, January, and February the average temperature in Rome is around 9 degrees Celsius.

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Pack for the weather with boots and scarves, and be sure to bring an umbrella or raincoat.

Expect the Holidays to Be Busy

While Christmas in Rome is truly lovely, with lights on display

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and beautiful nativity scenes throughout the city, it is very busy over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

If you are planning a visit to Rome during this two-week period, it is best to make restaurant and hotel reservations far in advance.

Expect Lower Rates

Hotels in Rome typically have off-season rates from November to March (excluding the Christmas holidays). This can make a vacation significantly less expensive during this time.

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While restaurant prices and entrance fees will remain the same, you may find that you can visit even the most popular restaurants without a reservation during the off-season.

Expect to See a Different Side of the Italian capital

In winter and fall is when the city is truly “Roman.” Package tourists are rare, visitor numbers are down, and the city returns itself to the locals who call Rome home.

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This is a great time for visitors seeking a more authentic experience and more opportunities to interact with Italians 🙂

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