Book Review: The Cilantro Diaries By Lorenzo Gomez III + Giveaway

Be loyal to the people who already helped you out and gave you an opportunity.

– The Cilantro Diaries

Be loyal to the people who already helped you out and gave you an opportunity. Great quote from Lorenzo Gomez III in The Cilantro Diaries. #bookreview #book #booklovers #amreading #reviews #bookblogger

Let me ask you something.

When was last time you read a book that hooked you from the get go, made you cheer on, laugh or cry of laughter, full of valuable lessons, words of encouragement and wisdom within its pages?

The Cilantro Diaries is one such book that I had the pleasure of reading and it was just a great surprise.

Love great success stories? This is one amazing memoir of someone who went from working at a supermarket and made it all the way to an executive position without having an MBA. Come read my Book Review of The Cilantro Diaries by Lorenzo Gomez III. #review #bookreview #book #bookblogger #booklovers #amreading #bookbost

Author Lorenzo Gomez III, started his career working diligently at a supermarket as a produce clerk. It was a family tradition; therefore he followed in steps of his siblings.

One day, his mother came home and told him that she had seen his photo as employee of the month which was hanging over the cilantro (hence where the title comes from).

As any typical mother, she sure was proud of her son but it was definitely a moment of embarrassment and a turning point for him.

Was it the ultimate dream of every employee? To be recognized by having their photo displayed over leafy greens? There had to be more, so much more to life than working at a produce section of the store!

In this memoir, Lorenzo Gomez III recounts in detail his humble family beginnings, profound influence and truth bombs from his father (pops), mother, siblings, extended family without forgetting the variety of friends he made at school, in the workplace and those who crossed his path at the right time and for many great reasons.

These persons came into Lorenzo’s life not only to improve it but to transform it entirely and also share their knowledge which certainly did not fall on deaf ears.

The Cilantro Diaries is like a friend who gives you plenty of sound advice in various areas of life; from being selective when it comes time to choosing the people we surround ourselves with, to being a team player, to being loyal to those who have helped us, to saving our earnings and make wise investments all the way to creating a board of advisors with people whom we completely trust and finally to always be willing to learn from experienced people such as mentors.

We must not be afraid to leave our comfort zone and go to a higher level without necessarily having a graduate degree.

What I found so fascinating about The Cilantro Diaries is the fact that the author was very fortunate to have met incredible human beings along his journey and at the right moment.

They saw the potential in him that he couldn’t see himself, gave him a boost of confidence that he really needed and helped him develop both skills and knowledge to move up in the companies where he worked to finally hold an executive position!

That’s quite a feat for someone who had very humble beginnings,

worked hard, and was so fortunate to always be surrounded by great, smart and wise individuals.

You need diversity on your board.

Everyone can’t have the same perspective as you.

You need diversity on your board. Everyone can’t have the same perspective as you. Another excellent quote from The Cilantro Diaries. It is important to have different types of persons whom you trust and can take sound advice from in order to make the best decisions. Read the #bookreview of The Cilantro Diaries by Lorenzo Gomez III. #bookblogger #books #booklovers #amreading #reading

As the author states in the book, everyone needs a personal board of advisors. They are the eyes, ears and voice of experience we consult and take advice from when we most need it.

They will help us make the right decision and will be there in the good times as well as in the difficult moments.

What I loved most about The Cilantro Diaries is the advice from the author when it comes time to graduating from a position that we’ve clearly outgrown as it no longer challenges or teaches us.

He says: “You’re only going to be happy when you’re captain of your own ship“.

You're only going to be happy when you're captain of your own ship. Great quote by Lorenzo Gomez III aimed towards all those who want to leave the position they no longer find joy in or feel stuck. Becoming an entrepreneur may seem scary but taking that risk and going for it is totally worth it! Read the review of The Cilantro Diaries written by Lorenzo Gomez III which is a fascinating story that will inspire and motivate you to go for more. #reading #greatread #bookclub #books #bookblogger #bookreview #quote #inspiration

He encourages us to become entrepreneurs and start our own companies.

Help people solve their problems and offer the best service always!

Again, speaking from personal experience, you cannot grow or move a level up if you stay where you are.

If you’re unhappy or no longer feel pure joy or motivation in the morning, it’s clearly time to move on!

Life is too short to stay in the same place, same position, surrounded by persons who do not bring in value or are not contributing in a positive way.

Aspire to go further and higher. Push your envelope and take risks! What you want is to improve and become a better version of yourself and in return, help those who need it. May it be through words or actions or seeing you as a success story! It’s all possible and you can set an example if you put your heart and mind to it.

In summary, The Cilantro Diaries is like a mentor and a highly valued member of your board of advisors who wants the best for your life by giving you sound advice and prevents you from making costly mistakes along the journey of life.

Always be willing to learn, read as much as you can, serve with a big smile, go forward and upwards!


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The Cilantro Diaries is an amazing memoir of Lorenzo Gomez III who started as a supermarket clerk, went to Europe to acquire more experience, learn valuable skills and ended up holding an executive position. The best part of the story? He did it without having a graduate degree. Come find out how he did and who helped him go high in this #Review. #bookreview #book #bookblogger #booklovers #amreading #bookboost #books #reading
Looking for some inspiration regarding your life, work, relationships and more? Read The Cilantro Diaries, a fascinating memoir from author Lorenzo Gomez III and his incredible journey from the floor of a supermarket to an office fit for a CEO. He did it all with the help of a great board of advisors. Come read and get inspired! #books #bookreview #book #inspiration #entrepreneur #advice #reading #amreading

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