Seoul adventure

Hello everyone! How are you?

Hope all is well 😉

Yes I know I’m a little late & need to catch up. I have plenty of juicy stories and great pictures to go along!  Are you ready?

Lets start with my adventure in Seoul yesterday.

It was the first time in about 2 months I had time for myself, so I decided to go out & explore corners of the city I hadn’t seen.

Ive to mention that the days off were quite a relief and necessary as I had a difficult week at work but all is in the past now.

I got on the bus and to my surprise it was a woman. God bless her! She must have nerves on steel to drive along with all these crazy drivers 😉 The ride into the city was smooth and got there in one piece.

I squeezed myself in the subway. Try to imagine thousands of Seoulites move from one place to another on a busy Saturday morning!

First stop: Jongno 3(sam) ga. I was really following my instinct, Im very glad I did.

I went out and finally saw the sun peaking through the clouds. I thought we were going to have some more rain…

I came across this street:

Something was just begging me to follow and I did 😉

I saw the first petals on a cherry blossom tree. Cant wait to see them in full bloom, hopefully next week-end!

I kept walking and one store after the other was a surprise including this very cool café:

How cool is that? Makes you want to go inside and see what else they have right? 😉

Then the store next store was just what I had been looking for:

a typical Korean Liquor store! Ha ha Before you go on and think Im nuts, let me tell you something.  I have been looking for a store in my area that sells some really good wine (I love red wine btw) but there isnt any. So I tried some local wine last week but was really disappointed.

I went in and asked the salesperson if they had some Chianti, Shiraz *Jacob’s creek* from Australia or some South African. Unfortunately they didn’t have any but I did see some Spanish, Argentinian, Californian red & white wine ($60 – 70 per bottle) and of course some hard liquor (Tequila, José Cuervo, JD and friends!).

But the best of it all? I found my favorite bottle of bubbly:

Moët & Chandon! Oh la la! No don’t adjust the monitor 😉 The image is blurry as I took a picture really fast and Its just about what you see when you’re drinking it he he. So now I know where to go next time I need a bottle!

I left and was so hungry so I decided to look for a good place to eat. I came across this Indian Restaurant

I ordered some Samosas to start. They were delicious!

Then proceeded with the main meal: Indian Veggie Plate! Look at this:

I was really hungry so I ate it all 🙂 Love the presentation, couldnt help but take a picture.

Then to finish things off, and I was already full, I was served a heart-warming Chai tea. Absolutely delicious, fresh and mm so good! I even enjoyed reading my guide while drinking it.  It was incredible!

You think thats where my little story ends? Think again 😉 That was only a pit stop, a time to refuel!

I walked down to Cheonggyeochon Stream, it was such a beautiful sunny afternoon that I just loved getting my dose of natural vitamin D and just admire the view:

I walked to the heart of the city, Myeong Dong but it was so crowded, that I just went right through it and ended up in Namdaemun Market. You will find just about anything here (wholesale or by the unit). It is a real feast for the eyes.

Still not convinced? Check this out:

Some knockoff bags

Hair pins, cosmetic bags

Wrapping paper

Colorful sales person *He was hilarious!*

and the icing on the cake: A mile of camera shops! I was in photography heaven 😉

I found the LowePro store (every photographer’s best friend!).

I felt like a kid on Christmas day. Now I know where to go to buy my future camera (Canon of course), bag & accessories!

Now that’s where my little exploration ended. My legs & feet couldnt take me any further. I covered a great distance so it was time to head back home.

How’s that for a day EH? 😉 Im so looking forward to next week.  Cant wait to see what surprises are in store for me.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Now Ive still have to tell you about last week’s hiking story but will do it later.

Its time to say au revoir and hope to hear from you soon!

Much love always, xoxo ♥ ☺

K 😉