Seven reasons why people love Cyprus

Let the waves hit your feet


The sand be your seat


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Sun rules

In Cyprus, winter is rather … sunny! From January to February, the average sunshine time is estimated to 5. 5 hours per day.

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For those among you that do not find that so amazing, consider the following fact: in Aphrodite’s island, a usual summer day will provide the fortunate residents with at least 11, 5 hours of bright sunshine!

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Therefore, if cloudy weather and rain depresses you, just forget all about them in Cyprus. Buy lots of sun cream, be sure to buy a nice pair of sunglasses and book your tickets to Cyprus.

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Never-ending golden beaches

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Last year, 57 different Cypriot beaches were “tagged” with Blue Flag awards based on strict environmental management criteria and bathing water quality, coastal planning and protection, safety and service number and quality to bathers, despite the fact that most of them are near large and vibrant cities.

All of the island’s beaches will surely offer you an inimitable and joyous experience, but we cannot resist the temptation of mentioning some of our favorites:

  • Famous Coral Bay beach in Paphos;

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  • Pissouri beach in the Limassol district;
  • Renowned Mckenzie beach in Larnaca and, last but not least
  • Konnos beach in the Ayia Napa

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Unique amalgam of tradition and nature

Cyprus is actually a precious and unique collection of numerous charming villages

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and cities nicely located in an exceptional surrounding environment.

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Just a stroll through the stone paths and streets during a chilly summer evening will make you understand why Cyprus is often described as a unique amalgam of tradition and nature.

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Frequently, depending on the village’s size, visitors will discover wonderful traditional shops filled with local products, delicacies and as much information as they need concerning the island.

Low Taxes

Cyprus is also a very attractive destination for business due to the low tax rate of 12.5%. If you would like to find more information on how you can establish your company in Cyprus, visit the website of Global Serve Consultants.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Cyprus is one of the Mediterranean’s metropolis regarding cuisine and healthy diet. We would need innumerable articles like this just to describe the wide variety of Cypriot dishes and desserts visitors and tourist enjoy in Cyprus!

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Whether you are an obsessive meat-eater or a dedicated vegetarian, you will surely find in Cyprus lots of tasty recipes and a satisfied palate.

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You are more than welcome

Cypriots are renowned for their hospitality and for good reason too. Hospitality is their national value and all locals will welcome you with a smile and a warm handshake, before offering you and your family some coffee or a local traditional dainty.

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Convenient location

Its strategic location allows easy access from and travel to Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

If island life calls your heart, mind and soul, you now know where to go!

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