10 signs that I’ve been in Korea for a while

There have been quite a few changes to my daily habits since my arrival almost a year ago.

They’ll probably be hard to break or even forget once I return to North American soil next month. I am also aware that I may experience reverse culture shock.

In the mean time, want to laugh a little bit?

Read on.

Here are the 10 signs that I’ve been in Korea for a while 😉

10-I eat ramen or noodles and consider it as a meal.

9- I carry my mobile on my hand at all times, I feel handicapped without it.

8-Forget all the messengers or chat programs, Kakaotalk is THE way of communicating.

7-I know the most important Korean holidays by heart (and look forward to each and every one of them).

6-I say annyeong haseyo to about every person I meet. (I don’t take it personally if they don’t respond).

5- I bow instead of shaking hands. (It’s automatic by now)

4-I say ”yoboseyo” (hello) when answering the phone. (My family & loved ones must say wth?)

3-I say ne (yes) or annyeo (no) or juseyo (please) without hesitation.

2- A meal without rice isn’t a meal.

And the #1 sign is….

I can’t go on a day without Kimchi! I’m addicted to it 🙂

I could go on & on, there are so many things that I got used to it but the list would be endless.

This tells you that I’ve been immersed in a new culture and have embraced many differences that set the Koreans apart from the rest of the world!

I have even been told that I’ve started to look like a Korean by some old ladies in the Seoul subway! That almost made me cry of laughter. Don’t they see all my Latin American curves or they are blind? 😉

In any case I am a chameleon and I love it!

So there you have it.

I hope you enjoyed the list and laughed a bit.

Til next time,

L♥ve always