Dear Seoul

The very first w-end in Seoul was just a few days after my arrival.

To my surprise, there was another teacher starting the very first day I was. So we meet at the director’s office. She is from Ohio in the States.  We got along very well from day 1 and since its the first time for her in SK, I offered to be her guide.

I took her to Seoul & visit some of the most popular areas & attractions in the cities.

First we went to Itaewon, which is THE meeting place for all foreigners in Seoul. Mostly because there are American franchise restaurants such as Subway, McD, BK, some comfort food (imported items that cost an eye when purchased here), larger size clothes & shoes        (I am probably twice the size of a normal Korean woman. I absolutely love my curves!).

So you will hear lots of English spoken in this area which is also home to several embassies & consulates.

For lunch, we went to this so called Mexican restaurant & I had a vegetarian burrito and the works. I think I should have gone inside the kitchen and given the cook a serious cooking lesson! He needed to put more zing to the food as it was quite bland for my palate. It left me wanting for more and could had a better meal for $20!

Anyway, after refueling we headed north towards the ♥ of the city, to MyeongDong, an incredible shopping area where 1 million people go there every single day.  No need to tell you that we were squeezed in the subway. Ah how I had forgotten how it can get pretty crowded on Saturdays or any day of the week for that matter! 😉

After following the crowd (and gasp for some fresh air), we headed to the N Seoul Tower which is atop Mt Namsan.

The lineup was not that long and it moved quickly. With our tickets in hand, we proceeded to the gate & waited for the funicular to the top. The tower is located at 480 m/1,574ft above sea level. I was quite dizzy once I got there & it was very chilly.  The view of the city, on that clear & sunny Saturday afternoon, was simply out of this world!

There is something interesting that we found. There are tons of love locks along the fences. 

Apparently, lovers of all ages go together & make a promise to stay together forever & ever. I have the right to remain silent lol! Anyways, what happens if the two separate? Do you have to go back up there again & break it? 😉 Just sayin’…

My legs were like noodles and I was freezing so we decided to come back down from Korean heaven and do what any woman loves to do….SHOPPING! There is no better place than Myeong Dong. Got myself a nice sweater cause its cold here even though there is no snow.  We got lost in the alleys & narrow streets and just amazed at the neon lights which illuminate the streets. Hurts your eyes a little bit but then you just get used to them 😉

Now it was getting late & we had to return home.  We got on the bus and for some reason we just kept talking bla bla and some more bla (those who know me know lol). Then we realized we totally missed our stop & we ended up at the bus terminal in the next town and in the middle of nowhere. It was past midnight & we almost panicked! Being in a foreign country, not speaking the language (and the locals didnt even understand a word). So I started to pray for a miracle honestly.

There we were standing by the roadside & waiting for a cab but to no avail. Then suddenly, the bus driver who told us to get off stopped in his car right in front of us. He said : ”No taxi?” and then I answered “No, they aren’t any in the area”, so he waved and told us to get into the car, he would drive us back to our area (luckily, I had my home address written on a piece of paper). So the ride back was silent since we couldnt really talk with him, the only thing that was going through my mind was a prayer to God. I cant remember being this frightened but yet I knew something good was going to happen. God works in mysterious & miraculous ways indeed!

I also hope someone wasn’t going to be mad at him for diverting from his usual route!

So 20-25 minutes later we were close to my neighborhood & I told him it was ok, he could drop us off and we would walk back home.  I gave him some money though he didnt wanted to but that is the very least I could do! I was totally grateful that he saved us, otherwise we would have had to sleep under the stars ha ha.

He left & we made it home safe & sound.  The very first thing I did was to kneel down & bow. THANK YOU LORD. You always come through for me no matter where I am and what crazy adventures I go on, he follows me 😉

Moral of the story? Angels, walking angels exist. I shall never be afraid cause help is always there when I need it. Next time I will just pay more attention and not miss the bus stop 😉

This could only happen to me! All those tough times have made me stronger than ever.

I love this country! This is just the beginning 😉

So there you have it, part 1 of my adventures.

Tomorrow I will tell you the other story about what happened in the subway 3 days ago! he he

Ok I must go but I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great day wherever you may be.

Lots of ♥ always,

K 😉