If the mountain doesn’t come to you, U go to it! ;)

There is a mountain close to where I live and it was been calling my name from the moment I arrived!

I obviously couldn’t make it all the way to the top in the middle of the winter so I decided to wait until the weather improved.

Fast forward 4 months 🙂 I finally gathered up the courage *and all those yoga lessons & workouts at the gym definitely prepared me for it* and headed over to Mount Shimhaksan.

But I forgot to tell you that any hiker needs a super meal to face the journey, so I went over to one of my favorite restaurants & ordered one of the only veggie meals I can actually have here: Bibimbap. I’m seriously hooked on this and it’s delicious! It consists of rice mixed with vegetables & an egg in a hot stone pot *comes with red hot pepper paste. Yum!) Side dishes & soup are served first. Take a look at this:

Then the main dish:

Think I was happy & full? You got that right!

So I walked all the way to the base of the mountain & had an important decision to make, decide which trail to follow:

I did what I’ve always done, just go with the flow. Go off the beaten path if necessary but its alright, I just followed the trail and admired the beauty around me.

I also found a stairway to (Korean) heaven too 😉

Boy were my legs feeling it! I was very glad that I had worked out the previous day. Those runs on the treadmill were definitely necessary!

The reward after all the hard work? These spectacular views (Including North Korea on the horizon!)

This was even better than what I thought it would be. It just left me breathless! Words cannot describe the feeling.  It was incredible. I was very proud of myself for having made it to the top. What a great challenge it was!

I already have another mountain in sight but I will train for it before I go there! Stay tuned for more details 😉

Ok sweeties, hope you enjoyed reading & seeing this adventure.

Will come back with another story & trust me there is so much to tell!

Til next time,

Love always, Me xoxo ♥ ☺