Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This week’s photo challenge is about Everyday Life.

Last week I was waiting to meet someone in Old Montreal and sat down on a bench.

This musician started to play the guitar and I could not believe what I was hearing: “Tears in Heaven” from Eric Clapton.

Just that day I had been thinking about my dear friend who passed away and it was his song.

I was meant to be there at that precise moment to listen to it. He sent me a sign to let me know that he’s ok wherever he is.

Feelings of sadness and joy came over me. As the song goes: “I must be strong….and carry on….” I know that I must go on in spite of the pain. I never got to say good-bye to him  just as Eric did when he lost his son.

That was an unforgettable moment and I wanted to share this with you.

Some people are there in our everyday lives but we’re so busy running around that we barely notice. It’s only until you stop and listen that you realize that they have an important message for you. I’m glad I did.

What does EVERYDAY LIFE mean to you? Share it with us!

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