Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

This week’s photo challenge asks us to capture the unexpected.

I immediately started looking through the photos I’ve stored on my mobile and found a few that I took during my visit to Helsinki, Finland last summer.

A few colleagues and I were returning from a workshop and decided to skip the bus on our way back to the city center.

We had been working all day long, so going for a long walk and breathe fresh air to clear our minds was just what we needed!

We decided to go for a stroll along Ruoholahti Canal. All of the sudden I stopped in my tracks when I saw this

Bridge, Ruoholahti, Ruoholahti Canal, Helsinki, Finland,  travel

The only word that I uttered was simply “wow”!  This was like going back in time or crossing to another dimension 🙂

I love how the elements all complement each other and I had to kneel down to get the right shot!

After coming back to my senses very quickly, we started to move forward and there was so much more to admire

View, Bridge, Ruoholahti, Ruoholahti Canal, Helsinki, Finland,  travel

Helsinki, Finland, Ruoholahti, bridge, walk, sight, neighborhood, travelNow the best part was finding this on the ground

petals on sidewalk, flower petals, Ruoholahti, Ruoholahti Canal, Helsinki, Finland,  travel

We heard some music at a distance and apparently someone was having a party. As we got closer we realized that there was a Hindu wedding celebration taking place and this is where the young married couple walked!

I guess it was a great and positive sign that I never expected. Pretty awesome don’t you think?

We were even invited to join in but we politely declined. I’m sure we would have had fun though. Rest assured, we’re not wedding crashers 😉

Now that I look back, it was such a fun and beautiful day. That really helped me get a better idea of how the locals live & appreciate more what life presents you no matter where you may find yourself in!

I certainly would have not found in any guidebook or map, so I want to thank Mikael for showing us the way.

Now it’s your turn,

Share a photo that means UNEXPECTED to you!

Til next time,

Kay 🙂