Holidays in Florida for the adventurous at heart

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View of Charlotte Harbor

If you are considering spending your next holidays in the sun, then make sure to go off the beaten path and explore Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands, a unique, unspoiled and protected eco-tourism destination.

Located half-way between Sarasota and Naples, along the Gulf coast in Southwest Florida, the area is perfect for adventure and nature lovers. You will feel right at home from the moment you set foot.

Amidst beautiful coastal communities, island barriers, discover the real Florida and experience great southern hospitality!


So what is there to see and do?


The Sunshine State has so much to offer and there is an array of activities to choose from!


Soak up the sun

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Englewood Beach Photo credit:

If you are looking to rest, relax and recharge your batteries, you can definitely do so.

Imagine swimming in warm turquoise waters, walking on soft white sand,  uncrowded beaches, combing for colorful shells, soaking up the sun under a radiant blue sky, swaying palms and feel a gentle breeze caressing your face.  Add a cold tropical drink or cocktail and you have the perfect day at the beach! Don’t forget to watch the sunset disappear over the horizon at the end of the day. Your doctor would certainly approve of this in a heartbeat 🙂


Paddle away

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Connect with Nature, go kayaking!


Nature was very generous. In fact, there are close to 200 miles of Blueway Trails in the area which were mapped for Kayak or Canoe lovers.

Each of the 53 trails has been rated for their access, difficulty and for the beautiful scenery. Thanks to expert guides, one can see a variety of birds, animals in their natural habitat.

Sea Kayaking? It sure is possible for those who are bold, fearless and possess the skills.

Stand up paddling? Absolutely, if you’re up for a challenge and try something new!

Not only is paddling a great exercise to tone your arms and legs but it also requires balance at all times. It is a collaboration and coordination between your mind, heart and soul. Connecting with Mother Nature, truly listening and moving to her rhythm is an experience you will never forget!


Adventure on two wheels

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Cycling in Boca Grande

Cross beautiful Gasparilla Island from north to south thanks to the 6.5 miles/ 10 km long Boca Grande Bike Path while admiring the flora, sounds of nature, stunning waterfront homes, charming and historical downtown.

End your trip by reaching the very tip of the island where the Boca Grande lighthouse (which dates back to 1890) still stands until this day.

There is no greater satisfaction than completing a mission and in this case your workout for the day is done!


Small town living

Gilchrist Park, Punta Gorda, SwFL, Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands, Florida, travel, photography

Sunset at Gilchrist Park Photo credit: Jerry Jones

Finalist in the Most beautiful Small Towns in America by Rand McNally in 2013, Punta Gorda is the art and cultural center of Charlotte County. It is also a vibrant, dynamic and historical waterfront community.

What makes it so charming upon visiting, is the laid-back, old-town feeling with its antique street lamps, colorful homes and towering palm trees.

There is a place where everyone gets together for a drink or a meal with a view and that is at Fishermen’s Village. It is a mall, resort and marina where boats of all sizes dock or set out to explore the harbor, rivers or the Gulf!


Waterfront dining

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Diner is served!

When it comes to dining, there is no shortage of options in and around Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands.

From fine dining, to cafés, to popular & corporate restaurants, you will never go hungry.

The specialty of the area is fresh seafood of course. Many restaurants will offer their catch of the day and some even cook it just the way you like it.

On the other hand there are shacks like the Peace River Seafood who offers all you can eat crabs which are to be shared between a group of friends and/or family members.

It is such a fun experience and the servers will even show you how to break a crab open with your hands and a small wooden hammer on the table covered with paper. Talk about going old school. As they say, simple does it right? It’s good old comfort food.

As you can see, leaving the crowds behind, getting off the beaten path and  spending your holidays in Florida is definitely worth traveling for!

You will love it so much that you will want to return and explore some more. Trust me on that one.

Now over to you.

Tell me,


Have you been to Florida?

If so where did you go?

If you haven’t, would you go to the place I recommend?

I can’t wait to read from you!


Until next time and happy travels 🙂


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