Things to see when travelling to Jordan

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Are you planning your next big holiday for when lockdown restrictions ease or are lifted? Perhaps you’re thinking of a road trip through the old continent to take in some of Europe’s finest cities. Or maybe you’ve got your sights set on the wide variety of offers in the USA or Canada.

While all of them have proven popular tourist destinations for decades, you might decide that it’s time to broaden your horizons in more ways than one.

Data from the World Tourism Organisation reveals that the number of arrivals in the Middle East has increased dramatically over recent years, and few countries in that part of the world can match the history and natural beauty of Jordan.

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Whether you’re planning a trip to explore by yourself or opting for an escorted tour to Jordan, here are just a handful of Things To Do While Travelling To Jordan. 

The Citadel

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Sitting atop Jabal Al Qala’a, the highest hill in the capital of Amman, is the stunning Citadel. Two enormous pillars represent the remains of the Roman Temple of Hercules, while its summit at around 850 metres above sea level offers stunning 360-degree views of the city below. 

Occupied since the Bronze Age, a visit to the Citadel enables you to soak up centuries of history.

Roman Amphitheatre

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It’s thought that this stunning structure was built as far back as 2AD and it has since been restored to become one of Amman’s most popular tourism spots. It makes for spectacular photo opportunities at sunrise and sunset and it even plays host to concerts at certain times of the year.

Discover the beauty of Jordan when you plan your next adventure. Whether you get to see just one or all of these attractions, you’re sure to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Wadi Araba Desert

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This vast expanse, straddling the border between Jordan and Israel, offers activities aplenty for those with a keen sense of adventure. Travellers can take a jeep tour or a camel ride and marvel at the ancient rock formations or simply revel in the blissful quiet of this remarkable corner of the world.


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Also known as ‘the Rose City’, Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a labyrinth of caves, tombs and temples. It was carved from pink sandstone 2,000 years ago and it’s little wonder that it attracts so many visitors every year. 

Even now, archaeologists are discovering more parts of this stunning city, and you’ll find the three-hour drive from Amman is well worth it.

The Dead Sea

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Technically more of a lake than a sea, the Dead Sea lies on the western border of Jordan, with Israel situated on the other side. 

It’s thought to be around 10 times saltier than the ocean, which is why plants and animals struggle to thrive there – hence its name. 

It does, however, offer some beautiful coastline and its density means visitors can float effortlessly in its waters.

So there you have some of the Things To Do When Travelling To Jordan.

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