More adventures!

Hey everyone!

Im picking up where I left off last time.  Just wanted to share this funny story that happened, where else, but in the Seoul Subway over the w-end.

I went for a marathon walk all over the city and got to see the hot & happening university areas: Sinchon, Hongdae (Hongik University) and Ehwa women university. There are tons of stores, restaurants cafés but it comes to life at night when everyone goes there to party. I must admit thats where I used to hang out back in the days, when I first lived here!

I had plenty of energy so I kept walking all the way to Deoksugung Palace right across from City Hall, just in time for the changing guard ceremony.

It was very colorful & quite a sight as you can see. The guard to the left made me laugh so hard. It looks as if he was in pain or something! 😉

Everything went back to normal after that. There was a huge lineup, so we decided to move on and head towards Insadong street, one of the most interesting in the city.

You find several book, ceramic and souvenir shops as well as many traditional tea houses (where a ceremony is performed, quite an experience trust me. Next time I have a green tea, I’ll look at it differently!)

We certainly burned lots of calories after walking a few miles. So it was time to refuel. We wandered through the narrow alleys and looked for a place where they served dol sot bibimbap (vegetarian meal which includes rice, vegetables, kimchi & served in a hot stone pot).

It is so good that its actually my favorite meal at the moment. I cant really have anything since most traditional meals have meat in it. Ive been a vegetarian for the past 3 years, so I think it will be a big challenge in the year ahead.  Ive got to be careful with seafood & peanuts, it nearly killed me last time. I almost died because of a silly shrimp that made me turn blue & had to get a shot in order to breathe. The doctor said it was a close call. So you know now. That’s why I cherish life even more & I want to live to the max! 😉

Going back to the funny part of the story. We were full & exhausted as you can imagine, so we decided to come back home earlier *I’m still kind of traumatized about what happened the w-end before that, you read about it* Anyway, we went to the subway station and as we got in, there is this old man, who had a drink or two that started staring at me and then he was talking to me in Korean. Ive absolutely no clue what he was telling me but from his gestures he was either telling me I was big & beautiful or the opposite ha ha from the reactions I was seeing in other people’s faces, it must have been one or the other lol! I couldnt help but blush * laugh…then this cute guy had the courage to translate for me and he was saying that the old man was intrigued and wanted to know where I was from. The Philippines, China, or something else he he. I said: « I’m from Canada, do you know where it is?» and then my friend said she was from America. Then he kept repeating it over and over, so loud that I think the whole subway car heard it!

Well, he kept talking but then at some point we sat down & I asked  him nicely to lower his voice or to shhh (S the you know what ha ha, to be quiet cause I wanted to just close my eyes and rest) so he did. The funny thing is that he was actually helpful, he told us where to change trains (in spite of his condition). It was my patience test of the week really. Why did he pick me and not my friend? Gives you something to think about no?

Anyway so the poor man got off at his station, he waved & said goodbye in English! That was something 😉  Its just another experience & lesson for me don’t you think?

This is only week no 2 people ha ha, Imagine whats ahead 😉 he he

Ok, so I just wrote a mini-novel! Its just practice for the thesis I have to write later on & also for more travel articles. It needs some polishing before it gets printed or published online but I love it!

I must let you go now as Ive some lesson plans to do but I will be back later on. Ive things lined up for this w-end already, including a visit to my favorite Buddhist temple, Bongeunsa near Coex Mall.  Of course I will provide images!

So I hope you enjoy!

Have an excellent day wherever you may be. I look forward to read your comments & opinions.

Love always,

Me xo

Annyeong Haseyo!


2 thoughts on “More adventures!

  1. Lots of things happen on the subway 🙂 i have lived in seoul for about 30yrs so nothing is really special to me. However, it is good to know how everything looks like in a defferent point of view. ^^ by the way,fyi, ‘annyoeng haseyo’ is kinda greeting. ‘Annyeonghi gyeseyo’ means good bye 😉

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