Do you have a Bucketlist?


Have you seen the movie the Bucketlist with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?

If you have not, I highly recommend you do! I sure hope it will motivate you to go out and explore.

I have always made a habit of writing down exactly where I wanted to travel.
I believe this formula has been quite successful since I have been very fortunate. Life has been incredibly good to me.

In the past decade, I have visited 25 countries in 5 continents and there’s many more to come!

Its pretty much the law of attraction but written down on paper or stored electronically in this case.

I have a wallpaper that constantly reminds me of the places I want to visit and of course daydream (it doesn’t hurt one bit, right?)


Travel is really necessary for anyone because not only then will you be able to get to know more about yourself and others but truly appreciate who & what you have in your life.

It takes time, planning, dedication and yes some discipline. Just like any other goal in life, the more you focus on it, the faster you will reach it.

Don’t you think?

I invite you to take a look at My Buckelist and why not create your own?

Do not wait,  put it on the back-burner, find excuses or let fear win you over.

If I did it, so can you.

Trust me on that one. Go ahead, spill that bucket! 😉

Til next time,

Lots of love always,



8 thoughts on “Do you have a Bucketlist?

    • Thank you for your comment! Yeah that’s the fun part, adding more & more to it.
      Aren’t the best things in life free or almost? he he 😉

      I appreciate you taking the time to drop by. I’m now following you on Twitter.

      ♥ Your pics! Great eye for detail, I love beaches & any body of water.

      I agree with one of the comments, add Australia to your list. You will leave in tears cause you wont want to he he



    • It should be called a ”motivation list” too cause the more you have the more energy you should spend on it!

      Everything and every place is well worth it. Do as much as you can, don’t postpone it because it is one of the best investments you’ll ever make: an investment in yourself!

      How are you liking it in Madrid?

      Take care,



      • I totally forgot to answer your reply, I’m so sorry!
        You’re so right, it should be called a motivation list, because whenever I look at it I just want to do more and more fun things with my life.
        Sadly I have a loan I have to pay back atm, but I¡m trying to do as much as I can and next I might go to Valencia for holidays, or Canada! (which would be awesome ’cause I’ve never been overseas).
        I love Madrid, the sad part is that they don’t give me anything to do at my current work, but it’ll all work out in the end 🙂

        Take care, and good luck on your list, you can do it!


      • No worries dear. We all have many things to do in our daily lives. Been busy is a good sign!

        You can always do it! It just requires patience and discipline! I am Canadian actually and I am pretty sure you would just love it there 😉

        I still have to visit Madrid, my friend has been asking me to go but I will once I go back to the East (Im in Asia now) and head towards Europe.

        Hope all works out for you!

        Best of luck too,

        K 😉

    • Thank you for taking the time to write a few lines John!

      Wow your list is quite impressive! Totally doable & certainly not for the faint of heart right?

      I agree, sometimes we may have written down some goals, objectives, destinations or attraction but something exceptional, incredible comes our way that we must accept the challenge and turns out to be even more than we could possibly imagine! 😉

      Being open, spontaneous and adventurous certainly pays off! I know, I have done it 😉

      BTW I just saw your pics, they are incredible! That man in Varanasi has an unforgettable look. You captured his soul, his essence, it’s ethereal. Totally worthy of a National Geographic Magazine cover!

      Keep up the great work.

      Best regards,


      Btw are you on Twitter by any chance?

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