On The Road Reading Moments

 “Books are my friends, my companions.

They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.”

Christopher Paolini


I certainly agree with the author of Eragon. I’ve bought lots and lots of books through the years and still think it’s one of the best investments a person can ever make.

Call me old school if you will but these days, where technology allows you to read hundreds of eBooks on a single electronic device, I still prefer a good old book that I can touch and smell 🙂

I always bring a couple to read during my travels. It transports me to another world through its pages.

Sometimes a book is written and changes your views, beliefs and life…forever.  Such is the case of “The Alchemist’’ by the one and only Paulo Coehlo.

Santiago, a young shepherd living in Southern Spain, has this recurring dream of finding a treasure in Egypt.  He sells his sheep and goes on a quite a journey of self-discovery and finding true love in the desert. It is such a heart-warming story, beautifully narrated and teaches us important lessons.

Last time I read it was when we took off from Miami International Airport on the way back home to Canada.

Book, The Alchemist

A masterpiece!

Aerial view, Miami

Leaving Miami

I was so grateful and happy for the wonderful 3 weeks spent in El Salvador. Hard work and discipline did pay off.

I had the opportunity to travel all over the country with my parents, whom I had not seen in a year because I lived and worked on the other side of the planet in South Korea.

Allowing them to discover parts of their own homeland was incredible, touching even.

As the most famous line of the book goes:

“When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

It certainly couldn’t be truer, don’t you agree?

Now I would like to invite you to share their special reading moment on the road:

All the best,

Kay 🙂


6 thoughts on “On The Road Reading Moments

  1. Karla, I read The Alchemist too! (though I admit so long ago I don’t remember it much…) I am with you on the physical books. Though I have and love my Kindle Fire, there are books that I prefer to hold and read. I can’t explain the duality but it is! 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by Raul! Well I’ve a Kindle now & buy many titles but nothing beats an actual book!

      Paulo Coehlo is just amazing. That book changed me 😉

      I invite you to write your favorite travel reading moment & please share with us 😉

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