A journey to Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Wherever the ocean meets the sky, there will be memories of you and I.

When I look up at that sky so blue, all I see are visions of you.

Wherever the ocean meets the sky, there will be memories of you and I. When I look up at that sky so blue, all I see are visions of you. What a lovely and true quote, poem or special dedication don't you think? :)

I have been doing some spring cleaning both at home and online. I was browsing through some old emails that I had completely forgotten they were still there.

I found one that literally moved me to tears. It was written by someone very special to me and whom I lost a decade a go to an illness that I will never know or understand (Cancer). He left us far too soon at a young age (30).

Cristiano was simply one of a kind. He brought light, love, joy and laughter into my life. We were separated by an ocean but yet so close in soul and spirit.

Easter Sunday this year coincided with his anniversary. He was in my mind the entire day. I know deep in my heart that he is in a better place and perhaps looking after me & my adventures.

He was also one amazing writer, story-teller and his own travel tales were simply unbelievable.

I decided to share one of his last essays with you as a way of honoring his memory. His emails were literally a foot long and just made go through a roller-coaster of emotions!

This is quite an emotional release and I guess I can close a cycle and move on. Though I know in my heart, mind and soul he will always remain…

Enjoy reading A Journey to Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Go on A Journey to Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland through the eyes of a talented, born storyteller. Enjoy!


I had promised you to tell you all about my Scottish trip….well I didn’t forget…..in fact…here you are!

I had only a thing in my mind…the island of Skye. So I went out, hired a car and left. The right hand drive is quite a challenge but when all’s said and done, it is easy!

I was entering in the real Scotland as I passed the first Stirling with his castle; this is the place where Robert Wallace (Mel Gibson in Brave Heart) was put to death. A high tower, the Wallace monument was built in his memory (that is a whole other story).

The more you rush trough the North, the more nature wins its struggle against human colonization. Imagine green hills surrounded by lakes and rivers. It seems as if one goes back to the past. Seeing something like that is so unique.

I passed Loch Lomond. Loch means lake in Scottish. It is so still that the image of the things that are around is reflected just like a mirror. It’s an incredible optical effect! There are huge wooded areas with firs and beeches around this dark lake.

Along the road there’s Ben Nevis too! It’s the highest mountain of the UK standing at 1344 meters above sea level. They call it mountain when it’s rather a high hill. After reaching Fort William, I left every sign of civilization. From this point on I had crossed roads which became narrower and narrower. Roads with one line and small areas where you stop to allow the car coming from the opposite direction to pass.

I crossed villages that seem to have been forgotten. There were only three houses, a pub and the post office. Every turn reserved a surprise.

Had I had more time, I would have stopped continuously but it was late and I had to reach my B&B in Dornie.

I left Loch Lochy and Loch Garry behind me. It was incredible seeing these huge free spaces where the time seems to come to a stop.

Between the straits that slip through the sweet hills, the few farms and your sight is lost above the horizon.

Finally, after five hours of restless driving I reached my final destination,

Eilean Donan Castle.

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland, Castles, Europe, Lakes, travel, photography

Eilean Donan Castle

It’s the most famous castle of Scotland which was built on a spot of land in the middle of the fjord and it’s linked to the land by a stone bridge. It is simply breathtaking!

Luckily, my settlement for the night was right in front of the castle! I could open the window of my room and stare at it. The ultimate dream come true.

The next morning I took the ferry to the island and in front of me was this…ocean, sky and sea gulls, then the island of Skye….Sky in Gaelic means clouds and ye stands for island, the misty island where the rocks are missing and there’s a fine and white sand. It’s one of the best places I have ever seen!

The island itself is impressive. I wandered in every spot of the island and spent an unforgettable day.

Wish you were here with me. I miss you.



P.S: I hope you visit Scotland one day and see what I’ve seen.


That was quite moving and descriptive that made you feel as if you went along for the ride right? 🙂

Even years later I still get goosebumps when I read it over and over again.

I’m so glad to have been part of the adventure and now shared it with you.

Now tell me something…


Have you been to Scotland?

If so, which cities or places have you visited?

Would you go to Eilean Donan Castle after reading this description? 


Let us know.

Until next time, hasta la proxima!

Kay 🙂


9 thoughts on “A journey to Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

  1. Wow! I can almost hear galloping horses when I look at this picture. It really transports you back to medieval times! I’m glad that your friend got to see Scotland while he was here. I would love to go on a road trip through Scotland with my husband some day. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re so welcome.

      I’m happy you enjoyed it.

      You’re so right, you can close your eyes and you can imagine the horses exploring this beautiful part of the country!

      I’ve always loved historical movies and yes Cris was right, it makes you think of Braveheart.

      I truly hope you make visit with your husband. Quite romantic settings 😉

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

      Tashi Delek, All the best!


      P.S: I would have loved being there with him too. He was not just my friend but a soulmate that I lost 😦 that’s why this meant so much to me!

      Life goes on and I learned to be strong and succeed above anything!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your friend! And you are so right – he did have a way with words. I could feel the excitement building as he came near to the castle. Thank you for sharing something so personal – it was beautiful to read.

    • He was so much more than my best friend, he was a great love!

      Indeed he was a talented writer. His emails made me cry of laughter and shed tears as well.

      Reading each of his adventures literally transported me there by closing my eyes.

      The best story had to be written for both of us but unfortunately Cancer took him away from me, his family and friends.

      This is quite possibly the most personal (I kept it so private for years) post I’ve ever shared but I think it was time to celebrate his 10th anniversary.

      At this time every year I kind of feel sad that he is not among us anymore but I know that his memory lives on.

      I learned to be a warrior thanks to him! grrrr girl power 😉

      He is my inspiration and hope that my adventures entertain or make people react he he

      I appreciate your kind words. xo

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