Blogger Spotlight On: Aaron Cruz from The Adventures of elATLboy

A very warm welcome to the new corner on the blog

Spotlight On!

We will be presenting you fab world travelers and bloggers from our community.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our first guest Aaron from The Adventures of elATLboy whom I met at the TBEX conference in Toronto, Ontario last June. Let’s learn more about him!

Aaron Cruz, elatlboy, travel, New Zealand, NZ

Q1. Could you please tell us more about yourself?

I’m a web developer by day and a traveler by night, weekend, early morning and at every other minute I can find.

I’m a lover of independent coffee shops and the java within, the Denver Broncos American football team, road trips, city skylines and hanging out along large bodies of water. On a more random note, I am also good with numbers and have been called a human calculator 🙂

Q2. When did you start travelling?

I’ve been traveling more than the average person my whole life. The road trip was a staple growing up as we’d go as far from home as the car would allow throughout the US and Canada.

As a kid I’d have the old school maps and atlas in my hands, always smiling seeing highway and welcome-to signs. We went back and forth between Michigan and California a lot as well, so I fell in love with plane and airport time too.

Q3. What are your favorite countries and cities?

elatlboy, Aaron Cruz, New Zealand, NZ

My favorite country is New Zealand. Beauty at every turn and the continuous change in landscape from prairie to rainforest and mountains to countryside makes me keep the camera out at all times! Meat pies, V energy drinks and iced chocolates got a hold me there too.

As far as cities go my name, elATLboy, says it all. In the ATL (Atlanta) you will find lots of old southern gems, along with unique neighborhoods, attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, rolling green hills and an underrated food scene.

My favorite city to travel to outside of the home base is San Francisco. The different cultures, languages spoke, weather patterns, terrain along with a thriving coffee scene keeps me going back often.

Q4. What has traveling taught you?

That no two places are alike, even within the same state, province or country. That’s why I am always up to going somewhere new whether it’s a short drive or long plane ride away. You’ll meet new people and are bound to experience something new and different.

Q5. Did you meet someone on the road that gave you excellent advice about life?

I wouldn’t say one individual person. Wherever I am at it usually involves time at local coffee shops and pubs so over time I’ve gotten lots of tips from various people whether it be about life, travel or just following your heart. I’ve had some good conversations, meeting people from all over the world, hanging out at the airport too.

Q6. What do you blog about?

I’m known at the elATLboy, The Hispanic Atlanta Boy, so the ATL is featured as well as other places I frequent: Detroit, San Francisco, Chicago and New Zealand.

I’ll write about being out on the open road and the food and tips I pick up along the way. I’m becoming more known as the coffee guy, so posts, pictures and other content dedicated to the java deliciousness will be frequent. There always seems to be a coffee cup in my hand!

Aaron Cruz, elatlboy, cruise, Alaska

Q7. Do you have an interesting story to share that happened during your travels?

I went to San Francisco many years ago with a friend. We didn’t realize beforehand the extent of our differences when it came to travel. He was a night owl, wanting to explore the social and night scene. I am an early riser looking to take advantage of every ounce of daylight possible. We wound up going our separate ways for a while during the trip, but also took the time to see travel from each other’s perspective. It was a good learning experience!

Q8. What advice would you give to persons who have never been abroad?

It’s ok to be nervous about your first trip to another country. At first it will seem like a scary proposition.

My first experience was going to Cancun, Mexico and I was a wreck beforehand.  As with a lot of other things once you are there and in the moment, you’ll wonder why you were even nervous to begin with. Mexico was a blast!

To help though I’d say do some research beforehand and ask for lots of tips on how to travel abroad in general and to where you are going. Become familiar with key phrases and customs that are different from your own.

Q9. Do you have any exciting plans for 2014?

I am getting married in the Spring, so the honeymoon is the focal point for next year’s travels! We are looking to go to several destinations outside of the US. Random road trips and coffee shop hopping will have their place as well as time exploring Michigan, Georgia and everywhere in-between.

I’m always excited for unknown too. Who knows what other opportunities will present themselves.

Q10. What is your favorite travel quote?

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Every trip whether near or far, solo or with friends/family, gives you more experiences and great memories that makes it so worth every penny.

How can we contact or follow you online?

My blog is The Adventures of elATLboy. You can find me active on TwitterInstagram, Google+ and Facebook. I use FourSquare as well to highlight places and leave tips.

Thank you so much Aaron for taking the time to answer our questions and for your great advice!

We wish you the very best and Happy Travels!

Until next time,


P.S: Would you like to be featured too & share your travel tales? contact me 😉


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