Travel Guide to Fez, Morocco

If you like your holidays to be made up of historical significance as well as fantastic weather than a trip to the ancient Moroccan city of Fez will be high on must visit list.

Leather, leather tanning, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

Leather tanning in Fez. Photo credit: Yolanda

view, aerial view, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

View of Fez Photo credit: Zimaal

Founded in 789, Fez is the country’s medieval capital and it is simply impossible not to be impressed by the range of architecture on view.

The walled Fes el Bali region is one of the greatest medinas in the world and has significant importance in the Islamic world. Famous for being home to the oldest university on the planet, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is believed to be the world’s largest urban region that is free from vehicles.

Protect yourself before travelling

While Morocco is generally a safe country, the need for good travel insurance is imperative. As with any other part of the world, accidents can happen and insurance helps travellers to cover the cost of medical care.

It also protects them in the event of their luggage being lost or stolen, and compensates them if their journeys are delayed or cancelled.

Here is your Travel Guide to Fez, Morocco

Going or planning on going to Fez in Morocco? Here is a handy travel guide for your visit! Come take a look :)


Main sights

Fez has become a major destination for tourists in the past decades due to significant overseas investment breathing new life into the city’s attractions and facilities.

But most of its best sites remain those that have been left untouched for hundreds of years. The Bou Inania Madrasa is one of the most popular places to visit.

Bou Inania Madrasa, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

Courtyard. Photo credit: Bjorn Christian Torrissen

Built by Marinid ruler Abu Inan Faris between 1351 and 1356, this is a stunning religious college with wooden walls that have been beautifully carved with patterns and calligraphy. Its courtyard hosts a regular market and is home to a functioning mosque, one of the few in Fez that is open to non-Muslims.

The aforementioned Fes el Bali medina is another must visit. Inside its walls, visitors will find a way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries. There are many streets lined with stalls and you really never know what you are going to find around the next corner.

If you like sports then the city has two football clubs plying their trade in the top-tier of the Moroccan league. Both MAS Fez and Wydad Fez play their home games at the modern 45,000 capacity Complexe Sportif de Fes stadium.

Eating out

Getting a real taste of Morocco is all about taking to the markets. The one close to the gates of Bab Boujeloud

Gate, Bab Bou Jeloud, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

Entrance to Medina Photo credit: Bjorn Christian Torrissen

is arguably the most popular and it has stalls selling both hot and cold dishes at a prices that do not break the bank.

Moroccan food, foodie, foodporn, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

Eggplant turnover, tomato rice, lentils, saffron rice Photo credit: Alpha

As for drinking, the hotels tend to have bars where you can enjoy a tipple and there some street bars, but Fez is a very Islamic place so drinking in public is outlawed.


If you’re looking to buy some souvenirs to bring back home, there is an array of options.

From the various souks and markets, you will find anything under the sun, from colorful and fragrant spices

spices, épices, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

Spices in bulk Photo credit: High Contrast

to ceramics

Mosaic, ceramic, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

Mosaic Photo credit: ThomasKajokas

to shoes and sandals,

shoes, colorful shoes, Fez,Morocco, Maroc, travel, photography

Shoes galore in Fez. Photo credit: Beelredacteur

to jewelry and gold, textiles, leather bags, rugs and so much more.

A trip to Fez, Morocco is an adventure of a lifetime. Do not miss the chance to visit!

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