Everything You Need To Know About Parador Resort And Spa in Costa Rica

Located next to one of Costa Rica’s most famous National Parks, Manuel Antonio, Parador Resort and Spa is one of the country’s (and the world) highly acclaimed, award-winning and premier eco-luxury hotel in luxurious settings. It is simply friendly by nature and responsible by choice.

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During my visit I had the chance to sit down for an interview with the Resident Manager of Costa Rica’s Leading Hotel, Mr. Jorge Rodriguez, who gave an overview of the many offers, attractions, sustainability programs, customer service, achievements and so much more!

What are the main seasons in Costa Rica?

From May to October is the rainy season or green season, it is really humid. Normally it is sunny and very warm during the day and there heavy rains fall in the afternoon and into the evening.

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Sometimes there are tropical depressions Pacific Ocean which brings a lot of rain. The temperature varies between 30-32 degrees Celsius (80-82 degrees Fahrenheit).

The summer is the dry season which starts in December and lasts 5 months.

What type of tourist or traveler comes to the area?

The type in search of sun, sand, adventures and simply connect with Mother Nature. The majority of visitors come from Europe and they come in July and August since they have a month off.

Parador Resort and Spa is very happy to welcome families, solo travelers and no matter what sex or religion orientation, everyone is received with a warm smile.

The surrounding area is very diverse for adventurous souls, nature is right outside waiting to be explored.

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The distance to the hotel from Costa Rica’s capital, San José, is only 2 ½ hours by road. We offer a shuttle service to our guests. Our experienced drivers pick you up in a deluxe mini-van at the airport and transport you right to our premises.

Since there is no volcano in the surrounding areas, the following activities are offered to visitors:

  • Canopy or zip lining (as they do it in Guanacaste)
  • Horseback riding in the mountain or on the beach
  • Bike riding towards waterfalls
  • Hiking on specified trails at Manuel Antonio National Park, considered by Forbes magazine as 1 of the 10 most beautiful in the world.
  • Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, Park, nature, travel, photography, TS76
  • All Terrain Vehicle rides
  • Water sports such as: parasailing, jet-ski, catamaran, diving, surfing, snorkeling

All these activities are available and can be booked at Quepos Aventuras Tour Desk at the hotel.

Before selling any product or offering any activity, the staff makes sure that companies offer insurance and an inspection is made before signing any contract.

All copies and documentation is up to date and insurance payments made by companies are available for consultation.

Parador Resort and Spa is socially responsible.  It is a clean and transparent company.

Full insurance offers hospitalization and insurance for users who have received authorization. For instance, a fishing tour offers a loyalty contract with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is an insurance that guarantees that the customer will be entirely satisfied and offers a service based on excellence.

The difference in price is notable.  It is more beneficial to pay $75 for a Parasailing Tour which offers coverage and full protection rather than paying $50 without insurance, therefore risking it and providing their own protection.

Parador Resort and Spa has now been operating for 20 years. It is a hotel that puts an emphasis on providing the best service to its guests and a great number of them return year after year.

At the time of booking, many questions are asked including the reason for their visit: leisure, work, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday, couple getaway etc.

The reservation staff asks as many details as possible in order to offer them a personalized welcome and it helps them decorate the room or suite with flowers or have a champagne bottle on ice.

Asking about any food allergies or food intolerance for the chef and kitchen personnel is also very important, so that they are all aware and keeping in mind whenever you order food from any of the restaurants in the hotel. Their purpose is for you to enjoy our gourmet meals and feed your senses 🙂

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For mobility reduced persons, the hotel administration will find the most accessible room for the wheelchair. Persons with disabilities or visually impaired with guiding dogs are also welcome!

Sustainable Tourism

The main purpose is to preserve and protect the environment. Construction is made on rocks and reforestation takes place.

10 years ago, Parador Resort and Spa received the first Sustainability Certificate in Costa Rica from the Central Government.

It is one of the companies nominated for a Green Globe.

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It has received the CST (Certificate of Sustainable Tourism) from the government and the highest award granted is 5 leaves.


  • Energy efficient
  • Water consumption

Water is recycled and products used on the property are 100% biodegradable.

The quality of the water is subject to inspection by the Water Public Minister. An engineer comes to the hotel, takes samples from the swimming pool, spa and sends it to the lab to conduct various tests or exams.

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If approved, the Green Flag for water quality is granted.

The Blue Ecological Flag is granted according to different factors and degrees.

  • Cleaning the beach
  • Sources of hydrogen
  • Actions to protect the environment
  • Climate change
  • 2 plants and every month results are shown

Garden cleansing /plant irrigation

100% of our cleaning products are biodegradable and without phosphate.

Companies who manufacture these products have the duty of providing a certificate. In addition, they must also include a technical data sheet and products must be analyzed in a chemical company.

There is a strict quality control in order to maintain and use biodegradable products. The quality standard used in the hotel is also taken into account.

For instance, if bed sheets or towels are no longer of the highest quality, they are donated to the community or the Red Cross. This allows the items to be used and given to people in need.

What accolades / awards has the hotel received and from whom?

A few years ago the World Travel Awards (which are the equivalent of the Oscars) were held for the first time. Travel agencies with IATA licenses cast their votes for their favorite companies or destinations.

National Geographic, organizer of the ceremony, was in charge of finding and deciding, among 1500 participants, who was the worldwide leader.

They narrowed down to 25 finalists and the winner would be recognized as the most prestigious company in the world.

From there only 4 finalists made it to the final and all were invited to attend a gala where the winner would be revealed.

Among the finalists were:

  • A cruise line from Alaska which protects polar bears
  • The Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas for protecting flora and marine fauna
  • A renowned cruise line for its production onboard the ship
  • Hotel Parador Resort and Spa which offers 19 sustainability programs

The very first Adrian Award for sustainability at a worldwide level went to…Parador Resort & Spa!

What an unexpected yet great surprise that was 🙂

All sustainable programs are in the DNA of all collaborators, are observed and respected on a daily basis. Everyone is committed to preserve and protect the environment. There is an average of 180 collaborators who are originally from the Quepos area and they help many families.

What opportunities are offered to the community?

Social Prospects

The hotel offers direct and indirect work opportunities. The more clients or guests there are, the more products are needed thus offering more work to product providers.

Parador Resort and Spa is the largest and most in demand hotel in the Central Pacific region, Puntarenas and Dominical.

The main purpose and objective is to satisfy its clients. If they wish to have gluten-free breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is absolutely possible. It must be mentioned during reservation and the chef, along with his assistants, will prepare them with pleasure.

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A green house is found on the property where 8 to 10 types of micro-greens are cultivated and therefore offering gourmet meals from the farm to the table. This means that products are 100% organic and grow during 10 weeks.

What kind of affiliations does the hotel have with the social sector?

We are proud supporters of Escuela Anita where children of migrant workers attend. They walk great distances in order to get their education.

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We encourage all our clients/guests to participate in the Pack for a Purpose program which lists the requests or needs of each school. Items such as general supplies, reference materials or other donations are much appreciated and guests can hand them personally to the children. It is a once in a lifetime experience!

Information is added every day to the website and we’ve seen an increase of curiosity or interest in the program. We highly recommend you visit it to learn more about it.

There are plenty of adventures for everyone, from the young to the young at heart!

Please remember that hotel Parador Resort & Spa offers you comfort, safety and high quality service. Come visit us in Costa Rica and live an unforgettable experience!

For more inspiration follow #ParadorPuraVida

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on their social media accounts:

Web: www.hotelparador.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HotelParador

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParadorQuepos

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/paradorresort/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/hotelparador

Stay tuned for my epic review of the hotel which promises!

My honest opinion and lots of great photos will be included (and I will sure break my all-time record of 40 in a single blog post), so don’t miss it!  

Hasta la próxima y Pura Vida!

Todo lo mejor, all the best,

K 🙂

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  1. I was lucky to expend 10 days at this Paradise, no words can describe the sensations and feelings that we can experiment from the rising the day to the sunset following the night with a permanent contact with mother Earth…after this excellent days it was hard to return to California loosing the contact with the jungle, its animals, and the comfort that offer this five stars hotel in the middle of nowhere….

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