Recharging batteries at Le Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal

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Scandinave Spa, Old Montreal, Logo

Located right in the heart of Old Montreal, Le Scandinave Spa is an urban oasis of tranquility and serenity where all your worries and pain are washed away.

That sunny, yet chilly morning, I walked through the cobblestone  streets in Vieux-Montréal. It made me feel as if I had stepped back in time!

Passing by City Hall or Hôtel de Ville

City Hall, Hôtel de ville, Montreal, Quebec, architecture

and going across to Place Jacques Cartier

Place Jacques Cartier, Old Montreal, Quebec

that was being decorated for the holidays, I finally reached Rue De La Commune which is the main artery in the old part of town. I turned to the left and walked a couple of more blocks and found the spa.

Le Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, Quebec

As soon as you open the door, eucalyptus essential oil diffused in the air reaches your nostrils and envelops you.

Scandinave Spa, Old Montreal, reception

Scandinave Spa, Old Montreal, reception. refreshments, snacks

At the reception desk was the friendly Véronique who greeted me and asked my name and looked me up in the system. After finding my information, she proceeded to give me some clear instructions as how everything worked and how to make use of the facilities.

After signing a form that explains the golden rules inside the spa, I received a thick terry robe along with two towels and a pair of rubber slippers. A magnetic bracelet is also given and that is for the assigned locker.

The only thing left to do is to change into your swimsuit, shower before heading to the sauna or whirlpools and prepare for the experience!

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, locker

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, spa, terry robe

To fully benefit from Scandinavian Baths, which requires you to alternate between hot and cold every 20 minutes or so, it is recommended to start in the eucalyptus steam bath followed by a cold shower and rest to bring back bodily functions to normal or repeat the cycle but this time starting with a dip or happily immersing and relaxing in the hot pool where a waterfall is the centerpiece.

I actually did the above and believe me when I say that my airways were feeling it inside the steam bath. It sure cleared my lungs! I loved how drops fell from the ceiling because they helped me focus and did not bother me one bit.

After a little while, it was getting really hot, thus I knew it was time to cool off, so I stepped out and headed straight to the shower which is nearby.

Scandinave Spa, Old Montreal, steam bath, cold shower, spa

As soon as I was under the rain shower head, icy water came down and I wanted to scream! I was literally frozen but after the initial shock, it all passed and the flow stopped fortunately. It helps close pores and brings you back to life!

A drink is necessary to rehydrate and luckily, there are two stands: one is a water dispenser but it’s not just regular water. It is an infusion of parsley, lemon and cucumber which is quite refreshing and so good! The other is where jasmine tea is served. If you know me by now, I LOVE tea! It is a warm hug in a cup 🙂

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, tea, jasmine tea, teacup

I poured the delicious liquid in a lovely tea-cup and walked towards the relaxation area where I found a bean bag and sat down.

I was sipping my cup slowly since it was really hot but felt so comforting while listening to the soothing instrumental music and we can hear the waterfall in the background.

I finished the cup , laid down, closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. Sure enough I fell asleep shortly after and was only awaked about half an hour later by other guests who had received a massage or treatment or arrived for their appointment.

Having rested enough, I decided to go for round two and this time I headed to the pool and let the water soothe, heal and work its magic!

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, spa, pool, waterfall

Once I swam up to it and stood beneath the torrent, it fully cleaned, revitalized, re-energized and rejuvenated me and also eased any tension I may have carried on my shoulders and back.

Let’s just say that it realigned my chakras which are the energy centers in our bodies and gave them a much-needed boost!

It was my luck that there was no one else around (love it as I am not particularly fond or a fan of crowds) so I swam a couple of laps before getting out and rest once more.

The iced tub is right next to the pool but I couldn’t make it past my knees, so I stepped back.

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, spa, cold tub, thermotherapy

However I told myself that it’s not everyday that we get to do this, so I mustered up my courage and plunged in! It was super cold that I couldn’t feel my nose or toes anymore! My heart was pounding and I started to shiver, which was a clear sign that I actually kicked the fear and did it anyway 🙂

Right there and then I knew that my mission for the day had been accomplished, so I went back to get some more tea and sat on one of the chairs next to the Finnish sauna.

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, spa, sitting area

Truth be told, I was also very hungry and could hear my stomach rumble. I opted for an apple which are also offered as a healthy snack

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, spa, snack, apples, fruits

and it would help me last until lunch! Detox mode was on 🙂

Once that was done, it was time to go back to the lockers, freshen up, change and leave.  What I loved is seeing these shelves with beauty products and extra towels. Very thoughtful and useful I must say.

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, spa, beauty products

Scandinave spa, Old Montreal, spa, towels

Trust me when I say that I was completely relaxed and felt renewed.

If you are ever in town and need to release stress, I highly recommend you visit Le Scandinave Spa.

Need to recharge batteries? Head to Le Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal, hydro therapy at its best.

It may be small and intimate but it sure does a world of good. Your body will say thank you, merci, gracias 🙂

Many thanks to the spa and staff for allowing me to spend a couple of divine hours and also for making guests feel welcome and at ease!

Follow them on social media or visit their website for more information:




Le Scandinave Spa Vieux- Montréal

71 Rue de la Commune Est

Montreal, QC

Phone: 1-514-288-2009

Until my next spa adventure!

Tashi Delek, All the best.

K 🙂


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