10+1 Interesting facts You should know before moving to Cyprus

Life is an island. People come out of the sea, cross the island, and return to the sea.

But this short life is long and beautiful. In getting to know nature man exalts the wonder and beauty of life.

– Martiros Saryan


Are you dreaming or actually thinking of moving to the gorgeous island of Cyprus? This vibrant land is mostly known for its numerous and amazing sandy beaches with crystal clear waters,

nature, outdoors, Seaside, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Chescapo0

mediterranean, sea, rocks, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Arunacat

its delicious halloumi cheese and for the warm weather throughout the year.

Kyrenia Fort, fort, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Cerenstar

However, if you are in thoughts of moving or even traveling for holidays to the island you might want to know some extra facts.

So, here are 10+1 interesting facts you should know before moving to Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus? The sunny, charming, island in the Mediterranean? Read these 10+1 interesting facts before you do!


  • Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is divided into two nations by the ‘Green Line’. The self acclaimed Republic of North Cyprus which contains approximately 141,000 Turkish Cypriots and the South which contains the remaining Greek Cypriot population of nearly 1 million.
  • Southern Cyprus joined the European Union on May 1st, 2004.
  • The major industries of Cyprus are tourism,

dried fruits, market, Cyprus, food, sweets, travel, photographyPhoto credit: musicmanuk1

fruit and vegetables

purple, grapes, vineyard, wine, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Jill111

wine, clothing, shoes and cement.

  • The standard value added tax is 19%.
  • The corporate tax in Cyprus is considered relatively low, just 12.5%.
  • The traffic drives on the left hand side of the road.
  • The crime rate is very low compared to the rest of Europe.

Talahi tree, tree, rock, sea, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Debora171

  • There are more than 57 beaches with the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety on Cyprus.

ancient ruins, sea, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Shilmar

  • There are two airports – Larnaca and Paphos.

Larnaca, international airport, airport, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Paposhotelbeach

  • There are 4 golf courses on the island.

Golf, golf course, Sea, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Kpgolfpro

  • There is an international opera festival every July which is held in various locations.

umbrellas, shopping center, market, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit: Lesya-Green

Cyprus is in a strategic location in the Mediterranean, easily accessible from anywhere in Europe and the Middle East.

Jetty, Sea, Cyprus, travel, photographyPhoto credit:Jordy1980

The sunny island is a great holiday destination all year round!

Germasoyeia Dam, Cyprus, travel, photography, nature, outdoorsPhoto credit: CarolinaP

Have you been to Cyprus

or would you love to go?


Tell us all about it in the comment section.

Many happy travels!

K 🙂


3 thoughts on “10+1 Interesting facts You should know before moving to Cyprus

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  2. Amazing! Cyprus seems to be really gorgeous place! I really would love to move there for some time! I am looking for a nice warm island where I can go and live for a while and enjoy the wonderful nature while writing my book. Cyprus seems to be really great place to do that. It is also very interesting because it is a bilingual country and it is really close to the Middle east! Thanks for the lovely post! s

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