5 great websites for free images

A photo is worth a thousand words


It certainly couldn’t be truer. Sometimes words cannot fully express what the image represents, transmits or it is open to interpretation, depending on who is looking at it!

We are highly visual creatures and in the times we are living in it is imperative to research, select and provide readers and followers photographs and lots of them. We’re literally always on the lookout for fresh ideas, takes, points of views, subjects, places, trends and just capture them to later share them through different mediums.

Fortunately there are many (and wonderful) websites where high quality public domain & royalty-free photos are available and can be downloaded to then be used in blog posts or for your social media updates.

Now some pictures do not need to be credited or must be accompanied by a link back to its creator or photographer. Well, you probably know that for me it is incredibly important to recognize the photographer (I am one too!) and give them proper credit by adding two simple terms: Photo Credit (name) below each image. It’s a way of showing respect for their work and just the right thing to do.

However I would never take an image that displays a watermark for legal reasons. Contacting the creator of the image is a far better option and ask for their permission to publish it or use it but including a link to their site. The golden rule prevails and it’s just the right thing to do, right?

I’ve already shared with you My Top 5 Websites for free photos which I use on a regular basis (I’ll be completely honest, I think that PixaBay rocks, that’s my No 1 go to site and make edits on PicMonkey).

But since I am always learning and researching, I found more sites where you can obtain original, gorgeous, colorful and creative captures which I’ll share with you now.

In no particular order, here are 5 great websites for free images

Looking for royalty-free, high quality and free photos? Check out these 5 great websites for free images! It's a win ;)



Albumarium, photography, free photos

They site claims that it is the best place to find beautiful images by using a keyword or browse its albums.

Albumarium offers 24 categories, ranging from nature to electronic devices, the choice is yours.

What’s interesting is that they also feature the most popular images or the most downloaded.

You can use the share or adapt any image according to Creative Commons 2.0 licence and that is a no-brainer, just standard procedure.

Lake, mountains, view, travel, photography



Gratisography, photography, free photos

On Gratisography, you will find high-resolution images for personal and commercial projects.

Among the 7 categories you can choose photos from, you’ll find high quality, creative images that are easy to save thanks to its download button.

Easy breezy!

New pictures are available every week, so it’s a great idea to come back and see what they are 😉

Manhattan Bridge, Bridge, travel, photography, architecture

Photo credit: James McNally



Pexels, photography, free photos

Pexels offers 50 new high-quality stock photos every single day. How awesome is that?

Search for free photos or browse among the popular searches.

Once you have found the photo you like, the process is super easy. Just select a photo, choose the file size and click on download et voilà!

The only thing left is to edit the size of your image and do a little bit of editing but the photos are gorgeous just as they are published.

Monaco, Europe, streets of Monaco, travel, photography



StockPic, photography, free photos

StockPic is where free stock photos for commercial or personal use are found.

Two of the great things about the site are the Latest 100 list and its 16 categories, which is are a true feast for the eyes!

You can also sign up to receive 10 new premium photos twice a month.

No credit is required but it’s sometimes the photographer requests it and it’s a good and fair thing to do.

I loved this one of breakfast.

That one almost made me drool, If I could, I’d lick the screen! How about you?



MorgueFile, photography, free photos

MorgueFile is a site where you will find a great variety of images taken by creatives for creatives.

There are over 350 000 free high quality photos to choose from!

Browse through the different options offered or simply scroll down on the homepage. The gorgeous, original photography is pure eye candy.

Once you’ve selected the photo you wish to download, click on the down arrow. By the way, I would suggest to read completely the terms and agree to them.

It is vital to be fully aware of what you are required or asked to do. We are all busy bees and simply click without taking the time to learn about some important details but trust me, the more you know, the better it is!

Village, Road, travel, photography

Photo credit: Koan

Again, because I respect the work of the photographer, I make sure to give proper credit and it’s simply the right thing to do 🙂

So there you have 5 more great websites for free photos.

I hope they are helpful and that you’ll refer to them whenever you are in search of the right visuals for your blog or site or any other creative project you will work on!

Now I’m turning it over to you!


What is your favorite website for free photos?

Are there any other sites I should look into?

Share it with us in the comments!


Until next time.

Tashi delek, all the best, todo lo mejor!

K 🙂


20 thoughts on “5 great websites for free images

    • We all love free images indeed!

      I think it’s also great to see a photographer’s creativity and excellent work they share with all of us!

      There’s no shortage of photography!

      I appreciate you pinning the post 🙂

  1. Thank you for these links! I have the darnedest time finding photos. I also use Flickr at times; some of the creative commons ones have no restrictions. I’ll be tweeting and pinning this post!

    • Happy to know it helps!

      I have tons of my own photos but i often check these fab sites to get inspired and use select images for my posts + social media updates and always give proper credit!

      Now we’ve very cool reference sites to visit time and time again 🙂

    • You’re so welcome!

      That’s great that you receive fresh, original and high quality photos.

      I just discovered and signed up to Picjumbo.com which is just awesome.

      I can select which image i like best and download it right from the email they send.

      This is just fab! Thanks for sharing yours. Will definitely check them out 😉

  2. Thanks for this free info on free stock photos. Adding quality images to blogs and websites improves long term SEO and site retention rates.

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