Coffee from around the world

Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee.


Café, kaffee, kahvi, cà phê or whichever way you say it, in any language, the drink is loved the world over!

Just recently we celebrated International Coffee Day and even though any day is a good day, a warm cup of liquid gold comforts us and also gives us a much-needed energy boost right?

I certainly am a coffee fan and so much so that I even went on an adventure in El Salvador and Costa Rica where I actually visited Doka Estate Coffee Plantation in order to learn about the entire process, from the seed to the cup.

I was quite surprised to learn that it takes about four years to grow a coffee plant, then it is transferred to a field and that’s where it all happens!

From picking ripe grains, to drying them out in the sun to the cleaning and roasting process to tasting the final product, what a long journey it is.  This made me appreciate even more every single cup that I now drink and also all the work it takes in order for me to enjoy every morning 🙂

As you know as a photographer and café aficionada, I take the time to take a picture of the different types of coffee I drink, whether it is locally or from around the world! It makes me smile whenever I look back at them.

So allow me to share with you over 50 images of Coffee from around the world!

Love coffee? Come and see images of the golden liquid loved the world over and get your caffeine fix :)

found in my archives and my apologies in advance if it makes you thirsty.



Union Coffee with Chocolate Mousse Cake

Tom n Toms Coffee Shop in Seoul, South Korea

Tim Horton's coffee and cinnamon bun

Starbucks coffee shop in Insadong, Seoul, South Korea

Starbucks caramel frappuccino

Second Cup Café Paradiso and almond croissant

Second Cup Flat White Coffee

Schokoccino at Café Landtmann in Vienna, Austria

McDonald's McCafé coffee

Mccafé in Seoul, South Korea

Las Duenas coffee from Costa Rica

Irish coffee


Iced Latte at Dark Horse in Toronto, Ontario

House blend coffee and pain au chocolat

Green tea latte, caramel macchiato and cakes

Second Cup coffee, Flat White

Espresso and Cappuccino

Costa Rican coffee in Seoul, South Korea

Costa Rican coffee, Café de Costa Rica, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

Costa Rican coffee, Café Costaricense

Caffè Vergnano coffee shop, Seoul, South Korea


coffee menu, coffee shop, Seoul, South Korea Coffee lover, coffee varieties

Coffee in a can

coffee from around the world

Coffee and Tea House in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

Coffee break at Tim Horton's

CNN Café in Seoul, South Korea
Caramel macchiato from Starbucks

Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato

Caramel macchiato and brownie

Caramel macchiato

Caramel frappuccino from Starbucks

Cappuccino at Viva Café in San Salvador, El Salvador
Cappuccino at La Graine Brûlée

Cappuccino in Kingston, Ontario

Cappuccino at Juliette et Chocolat, Montreal

Cappuccino and hot chocolate

Cappuccino at Espresso Bison

Cappuccino in a clear mug

Cappuccino, art in a cup

Cappuccino with almond milk at Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar

Cafe Serio in Seoul, South Korea

Organic, mountain grown coffee with quezadilla in El Salvador

Café Maro in Seoul, South Korea

Caffé Pascucci in Seoul, South Korea

Café Nostalgia in Seoul, South Korea
Café Classico in Seoul, South Korea

Café chorreado in Costa Rica
BeansBins Coffee in Seoul, South Korea

Angels-in-us in Seoul, South Korea

Angels-in-us coffee and sweet bread in Seoul, South Korea


So did you like these images of Coffee from Around the World?

I sure hope you did!


Now it’s your turn.

Tell us…



Are you a coffee lover too?

What is (are) your favorite type(s)?

Do you have special memories about coffee?



Do share it with us in the comments section! Better yet SHOW us or send us a link to your photos, you know we love them!

Until next time, hasta la próxima.

Tashi Delek, all the best, todo lo mejor.

K 🙂


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