See The Best of Australia

Australia is breathtakingly beautiful and I can’t wait to visit again.

– Joe Nichols

Australia is breathtakingly beautiful. I can't wait to visit again. Travel quote by Joe Nichols.


Australia is without a doubt one of the world’s most stunning and largest countries blessed with abundant natural resources, diverse ecosystems and magnificent landscapes that have captured the heart and soul of inhabitants as well as visitors for centuries.

Satellite map of Australia.

The distance to reach this vast continent from North America, United Kingdom and Europe may be great but the reward that awaits any traveler is even greater. It is truly worth every single mile flown!

Have I ever shared with you my sincere and deep love for Australia?

All my life I dreamed of going to OZ, thanks in part to the famous Crocodile Dundee movies (remember that?), to the unforgettable Steve Irwin (his passion for animals of his homeland was contagious) and mostly because of my best friend, who lived in Brisbane, and he had been telling me all about the wonders of the Land Down Under for years, I just knew that I had to go.

I took a Gap Year in order to gain more experience and also earn to make that dream come true. It actually did and that in itself was one of the greatest achievements of my life! Talk about being disciplined, focused and never losing sight of my goal.

After getting my tourist visa, I got ready for my long trip (26+ hours) but being an enthusiastic traveler, the further away, the more I would have to talk and write about.

Even the Dalai Lama knows of the benefits of traveling, one of his best travel quotes (which I love) is the following): “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”. What beautiful and true words of wisdom everyone should follow.

Traveling half-way around the world, enjoying the service, in-flight entertainment and food aboard one of the world’s best airlines certainly makes the long trip very enjoyable! I was more determined than ever to See The Best of Australia.

Australia is quite a fascinating, enigmatic and vast country and continent which deserves to be explored at least once in a lifetime. Come see the Best of Australia!

I arrived in Sydney at dawn and as soon as I landed I felt at home. Have you ever felt that way about a place you had never been to before?

After going through customs, I headed straight to the train station in order to reach the heart of the city.

I set out to explore Sydney for a couple of days and immediately understood why everyone falls under its spell when you stand before this

Breathtaking skyline of Sydney, Australia.

Or the most recognized symbol or landmark is the impressive Sydney Opera House

An architecture marvel and world landmark, the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House, two icons of the the city of Sydney, Australia

Or do as Locals and visitors do. They flock to the many beaches

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia is a great place to rest and relax.

Which are close to the city to get some vitamin D (sun rays) and vitamin Sea and also to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

Traveling west, you get a real feel of the real Australia, a visit to the splendid Blue Mountains is a must and stand in awe before this panorama.

Spectacular Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.


Moving on wards, my main hub for a month was Brisbane, Queensland.

Skyline of Brisbane, Australia.

This dynamic, thriving city enjoys a tropical climate and sunny skies year round.

What truly surprised me about Brisbane is that the atmosphere is very relaxed and people are genuinely happy.

And who wouldn’t be when the sun shines, when there’s a beach right in the heart on Southbank Parklands, for retail therapy sessions, they occur at Queen Street Mall in the Central Business District (CBD) and to admire its architecture, there are many historic buildings along with modern structures.

To really take all the beauty of the city in, there’s no better place than the top of Mt Coot-Tha. The view from up there is indeed breathtaking.

I must admit that I felt right at home, making daily trips across the Brisbane River

Bridge over the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia.

every day and as I am a restless person, I used to go and explore different parts of the city such as Fortitude Valley and Paddington among others.

I also used to take day trips to the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise truly is what the name of the city states, trust me), which is only an hour away, because I just love the ocean or any body of water! Having lunch al fresco in front of the ocean? Yes please 🙂

Now, there are not only there are great cities and attractions on Australia’s East Coast, there is also one of the wonders of the world that everyone must absolutely see at least once in their lifetime and that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

This wonder of nature is impressive and one can’t help but wonder how they formed and have withstood the test of time.

We also know that due to climate change, they are in danger of disappearing, so that does raise some concerns. We must do our part to protect the environment and leave a legacy to future generations!

Now I have something to admit and be completely honest with you. I believe that a month clearly is not enough to visit Australia. It deserves more, so much more than that!

There are many other cities and attractions around the country that also deserve to be visited such as:


Alice Springs

Alice Springs, Australia


Uluru or Ayers Rock

Uluru, Ayers Rock is the largest monolith on earth and is located in Northern Territory, Australia.

the world’s largest red-colored monolith visible from space.


The Ghan

The Ghan departing from Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Photo Credit: Bahnfrend CC BY-SA 4.0

Go on an epic and luxurious journey aboard the legendary Ghan and cross the outback in style and comfort.



Skyline of Melbourne, Australia.

Admire the 12 Apostles by the Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles rock formations along Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.



Vineyards in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Wine lovers, visit vineyards in the lavish Barossa Valley


Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island in South Australia is the perfect destination for nature lovers.

Take a walk on the wild side and explore admire the beauty of nature.



Skyline of Perth in Western Australia.

The fourth largest city in the country and capital of Western Australia facing the Indian Ocean.

Obviously, you can discover Australia solo, backpacking or treating yourself to a tour. Browsing the internet and, depending where you live, you might want to check your options. For those living in the UK I have come across these tours of Australia that I wouldn’t mind trying.

As I previously shared with you, I firmly believe that an all-inclusive package offers much more value than if you take the painstaking task of planning everything separately.

If you combine airfare, train, transfer, hotel, meals, drinks, multiple entry fees and other expenses, if bought individually may go sky-high. Instead let someone with experience help you that are a worry less! Let the experts to the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Frankly, I have absolute trust in dedicated specialists who genuinely love what they do and the results speak for themselves.

Would you be surprised if I confessed to you that I still consult the family’s travel agent (who gets really good deals) and they take care of the details for me (like asking for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa and the ever important travel insurance)?

I may be old school and still do some things the old-fashioned way but I absolutely LOVE talking to a real person over the phone and confirm details electronically. That is excellent customer service that no website will offer or deliver after you get a generic Thank You note at the end of a transaction.

My ultimate goal is to enjoy every step of the trip, from getting to the airport and wait in the lounge, to boarding the plane and find my seat, to enjoy my long-haul flight, make the most of my time at destination, enjoy the history, culture and attractions at a leisurely pace and create lots of memories that will remain engraved in my mind, heart and soul. That’s priceless!

I’ll say this in all honesty: Australia will forever change you. If not please read the quote at the beginning or this one which makes me smile because it’s so true!

Australia is about as far as you can get. I like that. Travel quote by Andre Benjamin.


So there you have The Best of Australia. I hope you enjoyed this tour around the country!

The Land Down Under may be far away but it is worth every sacrifice, determination and well worth flying every single mile. Feed your wanderlust and see the best of Australia. #travel #bucketlist #Australia #travelblog #landdownunder #travelphotography


Now I’m turning it over to you!

Tell us…


Have you ever been to Australia?

or would you like to?

Where would you go?



Share it with us in the comments.

Until next time, G’day!

All the best, todo lo mejor



Thoughts? Comments? They are appreciated ;)

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