My 16 favorite travel instagram accounts

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs.

Susan Sontag


I have a confession to make. I am beyond obsessed with Instagram. In fact, it is my absolute favorite social media network (after Twitter of course) at the moment and for many great reasons.

Besides being so much fun and unpredictable (I honestly never program or think what images will be captured or uploaded), it is a great visual platform that allows you to travel all over the world instantly!

Now I also must admit that the double-tapping is now a second nature and I love scrolling through my timeline and see what some of my favorite people (and also friends) are up to 🙂

There are quite a lot of great accounts that I actually look forward to and catch up with on a daily basis. Hence, that is why I decided to share with you my 16 Favorite Travel Instagram Accounts.

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Here they are in no specific order.


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Aaron is not only a good friend of mine, he is the coffee baron! His IG feed is filled with gorgeous captures taken on the road in Michigan, in different countries around the world.

His fab captures of his coffee cups are legendary. It seriously leaves you thirsty and makes you want to go grab a cup at the nearest café! 


Nomadic Boys

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Nomadic Boys, travel, photography, blogger

Stefan and Sébastien are my favorite gay travel couple. They are always having fun during their adventures all over the globe and make me even cry of laughter.

Their gorgeous captures in different scenarios, especially photos of food, make me want to be there and tag along.


Justin plus Lauren

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Justin Plus Lauren, travel, photography, blogger

Justin and Lauren, one of the nicest and cool vegetarian couples from Toronto, Canada, share with us their global and local adventures! Their natural storytelling skills are really convincing and make me daydream.

Moreover the passion they feel for healthy eating motivate me to do the same…or try to. They also show us that one can have a full-time position yet make the most out of vacation time!


My Tan Feet

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, My Tan Feet, travel, photography, blogger

Samantha and Yeison are a dynamic duo based in Costa Rica. Their adventures in Tiquicia has taken them to different corners of the country, capturing along the way dreamy and almost surreal images of its natural beauty.

They show us all what Pura Vida or the pure life truly is all about. Those sunsets are unforgettable, don’t miss them!


Chronicles of a Travel Addict

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Chronicles of a Travel Addict, travel, photography, blogger

Cristina Luisa is a true adventurous soul hailing from the U.S West coast. Having traveled in South America in Europe, she is a gifted writer who details her experiences, observations and points of view.

Her IG account is filled with her recent and spontaneous trips, among which are Iceland and Belgium. Oh I completely forgot to mention that she is also a vegan traveler and shows us healthy and delicious food captures from her findings on the road!


Waegook Tom

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Waegook Tom, travel, photography, blogger

Tom is such a great individual that I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago. We both are EFL teachers but he went onward to Taiwan to pursue his professional career.

He is so much fun and one can perceive that on his timeline. From the restaurants he visits, to the airport lounges and different attractions at a destination, it is a very cool trip indeed.


A Passion and a Passport

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Jessica Kay, travel, photography, blogger

Jessica has such a bubbly personality and you can’t help but like her and want to tag along her many colorful trips!

It may be in the continental USA or in the Greek islands or dreamy islands in the South Pacific. You’ll want to book a ticket ASAP trust me 🙂


Camino My Way

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Camino My Way, travel, photography, blogger

Randall is a great inspiration! As unbelievable as it may seem, he walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain in only a few short weeks but what he lived along the way is simply admirable.

What I enjoy about his IG account is that he captures nature at its pure state and the result is spectacular! If you’re looking for some free color therapy, then this one’s for you!


Andi Perullo

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Andi Perullo, travel, photography, blogger

Andi has been one of my favorite female travel bloggers since day one. What I truly like and admire is the fact that WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

She is genuinely kind, friendly, never lets you feel like you’re not important. On the contrary, she is down to earth, helpful! Now that she is a wife and mom, her happiness makes you happy (at least for me).

Through the past five years, she has gone to dreamy and exotic locations, stayed in chic hotels but always made you part of the trip with her stunning photography and great storytelling!

I am, was and always be a faithful follower and friend who wants nothing but the best for her & family 🙂


A Lady in London

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, A Lady in London, travel, photography, blogger

Julie is an American expat who is currently living in London, UK and she showcases the very best (and quite colorful) areas of the British capital on her Instagram account.

What I love about her is the variety and really stunning images she captures that we sometimes may overlook or it takes someone with skills or an eye for details to highlight them!

She is one of the most followed travel Instagramers and once you take a look you’ll understand why!


Engineer on the road

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Engineer on the road, travel, photography, blogger

Joshua is a sweet soul. I had the privilege of meeting him during a travel bloggers conference and you just want to hug him 🙂

As his name states, he is an engineer who travels to different parts of the world due to his occupation.

Not only he shares with us what he does for a living, he truly demonstrates that there is beauty anywhere you may go and also the people you encounter make a real difference and learn a great deal from them.

Currently on a sabbatical in Africa, he makes you daydream and it’s fun to follow his cool adventures!



Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Land Lopers, travel, photography, blogger

Matt is the ultimate luxury travel instagramer. He gets to visit some of the wildest yet most exciting destinations on earth and he shares those places we only get to dream about.

From going on a safari in Africa, to cruising down the most famous rivers in Europe to exploring in style the Land Down Under, he could as well be a great travel TV show host!

In this case you can see those unforgettable journeys on Instagram.


Food Travelist

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Food Travelist, travel, blogger

As their name states, these globetrotting foodies get to do some of my favorite things in life, which is to travel and eat. Did someone say culinary travel? Well be prepared because this IG feed might make you both hungry and thirsty!

Each meal is not just a regular meal, it’s a special occasion that deserves to be immortalized and shared with the world! May it be local or international; anything that makes us drool is fine with me, how about you?


In flight Feed

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Inflight Feed, travel, photography, blogger

Nikos has been working in the airline industry for the past 15 years and knows a great deal about food served in-flight.  So much that he just launched a Kickstarter to help film a documentary about airplane food? If you are interested, check it out.

Do you know anyone who has a cooler job than traveling all over the world testing food served on board in economy, premium economy or business class? He does!

His Instagram feed should come with a warning. Attention: Photos may cause some serious hunger or thirst, view at your own risk!

I must admit that ever since I started following him, I make it a habit to order my meals before flying and also capture them (naturally) after they are served so that I can share it with him and my fellow foodies via #inflightfeed.


Travel Channel

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Travel Channel, travel, photography, blogger

This account really does not need an introduction or summary. It is THE reference when it comes to travel and adventure.

It is one of the most trusted and experienced companies in the travel industry. The photography is beyond anything that we have ever seen. As they say, photos speak a thousand words right? See for yourself!


Explore Canada

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Explore Canada, travel, photography, blogger

Last but not least, I decided to include one of my favorite Tourism Board’s accounts because not only do I love it but I think that they share all the beauty and nature of my country, that is the Canadian Tourism Commission.

From the great cosmopolitan cities to the majestic lakes and mountains to unknown parts, it is completely worth following.

So there you have my 16 Favorite Travel Instagram Accounts.


I was about to forget one…my own!

On my Instagram feed I show you life, one capture at a time and also include images of nature, architecture, food and drinks of course and the occasional motivational quote of the day! So follow my adventures 🙂

Instagram, travel instagram accounts, Karla, Travellersoul76, travel, photography, blogger

I am sure there are many more that I need to know of, including yours!



Tell us, what are your favorite Instagram Accounts?

What is yours?



Share your profile and include the URL in the comments!

Until next time, happy travels and take lots of pics.

Tashi Delek, All the best.

K 🙂