Experiencing halotherapy at Windsor Arms Hotel Spa in Toronto

It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior

 to making an important decision in your life.”

Paulo Coelho


Have I already told you that I am spa enthusiast? I just love spa-ing! I am attracted to them like a magnet and have developed a healthy addiction in the past few years and there’s absolutely no shame in admitting it (and I am sure you are not surprised by now right?)

Well, to be honest the last time I pampered myself was at the Szechenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest, Hungary last month and it was divine! I felt as if I renewed my heart, mind, body and soul in an afternoon of complete relaxation!

We all need to take great care of the most prized possession we have in our lives: our health and our sacred temple: our body. Therefore it is imperative to make time to look after it and indulge.

As we say in Spanish, “la salud primero” which translates to “first comes your health” which is absolutely true and of utmost importance don’t you think?

Now what exactly did I need to recover from a night out in the town, especially after a salsa cruise around Lake Ontario in Toronto? A trip to the spa of course! Not just a regular one but one of the most luxurious, renowned, private, and best spas in the city: The Windsor Arms Hotel Spa to be more precise.

Windsor Arms, Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Discover ON, travel, photographyLocated right in the heart of Bloor-Yorkville (the 5th Avenue of T.O), this highly acclaimed and five-star property offers guests and visitors its full spa services ranging from face, hands, feet, full body treatments à la carte to special packages for brides and grooms, couples and friends. Not only it allows you to completely disconnect from the outside (and frenzy) world but you truly focus on the most important person, you!

My appointment was scheduled in the afternoon and I simply could not wait to get there and enjoy the experience!

Since it is in a fabulous location, I got to the area about an hour earlier which allowed me to walk and yes, go window shopping because all the major brands have stores there and it does not hurt to look and dream right? Time just flies when you are having fun and before long it was time to head over to the spa.

Finding the Windsor Arms Hotel on St. Thomas Street is fairly easy. It is literally around the corner from Bloor Street.

I sure learned my lesson very well in Germany last time. NEVER ever judge a building from its exterior!

Windsor Arms, Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Discover ON, travel, photography

A friendly and smiling doorman welcomes you and as soon as you cross the doors, you are transported into a luxurious world.

The very first thing that took my breath away was the stunning and magnificent chandelier which is the masterpiece at the center of the lobby.

Windsor Arms, Hotel, Chandelier, architecture, decor, photography, TS76

Breathtaking isn’t it?

The Spa is located on the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel. Among the many amenities at guests and visitor’s disposal, you will find: a state of the art gym

Windsor Arms Hotel, Spa, Gym, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, fitness, TS76

a bromine salt swimming pool

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, bromine salt, swimming pool, toronto, ontario, Canada, TS76

and a traditional sauna.

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, sauna, toronto, ontario, canada, TS76

Now the special treatment I had booked is called Halotherapy inside the Healing Salt Cave®.

Toronto. Ontario, Windsor Arms, Hotel, Spa, Healing Salt Cave, Door, logo

What exactly does it do and what are the benefits?

First of all “Halo” is the Greek word for salt, therefore Halotherapy is a salt treatment and, with the help of speleotherapy, which is making use of a cave, that reproduces the microclimate found inside natural salt caves found in Eastern Europe.

People have enjoyed the therapeutic properties of salt crystals for many years and it has helped them treat a great variety of respiratory ailments and other conditions such as:



Blood circulation and pressure


Chronic fatigue

Cystic Fibrosis



Ear infections








Skin conditions

among many.


Most importantly, it has been proven to reduce or eliminate stress caused by our busy and hectic life and exterior events which put a lot of stress on our bodies.

I am pretty sure my family doctor would gladly agree and would be happy to hear/read what I did 🙂

Upon arrival, the receptionist welcomes you with a warm smile and from then on you are treated like royalty!

They guide you to the changing rooms

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, changing room, toronto, ontario, ca

then where you can select any lock you want and they give you clear explanations on how to create a four digit code.

It is important to note that a soft robe and rubber slippers are found inside them.

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, bath robe, toronto, ontario, ca

I decided to change into a bathing suit which I brought with me, since I was going to benefit the most by being more at ease.

After getting ready, I was given a pair of special slippers to walk on and protect the salt then leaded to the Healing Salt Cave

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, toronto, ontario, Canada, TS76

The treatment room equipped with soft, ambient lighting.

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, toronto, ontario, Canada, TS76

Relaxing, instrumental music is played in the background and there is a water fountain on the wall which allows you to simply disconnect, inhale the crystal salts, relax, rejuvenate and heal.

I sat on one of the comfy lounge chairs which can be reclined and a soft blanket is at your disposal, in case it gets chilly.

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, toronto, ontario, Canada, TS76

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, toronto, ontario, Canada, TS76

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, toronto, ontario, Canada, TS76

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, salt crystals, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TS76

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, Salt blocks, wall,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TS76

The 45 minute session starts as soon as the door is closed and the air starts to circulate inside the room.

Now I have something to confess. I mentioned earlier that I had gone window shopping and that made me hungry, so I went and had lunch which included coffee (because, believe it or not, that it was a chilly Thursday in Toronto, right in the middle of the summer!). Being a coffee aficionada, I just could not say no.

My heart was beating quite fast and once I sat down, I could almost hear it. Yes it’s the buzz you get after drinking liquid gold. Therefore I could not close my eyes for the first 10 minutes or so. However, as I concentrated on my breathing, I did close them (it is advised so since the salt can make your eyes itchy) and my heartbeat slowed down and quite frankly, I was gone to another plane! Is it actually possible to empty your mind and stop the 1001 racing thoughts? Absolutely!

I will share another secret with you. Actually not many people know this but I have been an asthma sufferer for many years, therefore I had been dependent on the pump to help me with my airways whenever I was too stressed or need medication to hit the bloodstream. However, I decided to look for natural alternatives and treatments and so far it has worked pretty well! That is why I have become a spa enthusiast because I know first-hand what good it does to the body, mind, soul and yes spirit 🙂 Again your health is your wealth. Indulging yourself or receiving any treatment on your body is the best investment you can ever make!

Sadly, all good things come to an end. I heard a knock on the door and I came out of my dream-like state. The spa manager, the beautiful Kelly, asked if everything was ok and announced that it was time to wake up as the session was coming to an end. Did I want it to leave? Not at all.  One thing I knew for sure, that I have to do it all over again and soon!

This halotherapy allowed my lungs to detox, cleanse and even my skin to clear! Did I look the same way as I went in? Did I look sad? Exhausted? Drained? You be the judge…

Karla, Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, Healing Salt Cave, salt crystals, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TS76

I was only thirsty and felt my throat very dry. Fortunately, there is a water fountain in the hallway and drank a glass.

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, resting area, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TS76

I then proceeded to change and wait for the second part of my spa experience that was waiting, Afternoon Tea at a gorgeous table with a fab view.

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, resting area, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TS76

Windsor Arms Hotel, spa, terrace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TS76

Just wait until you see what it is in the next instalment!

Hope you enjoyed Experiencing Halotherapy at Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, Canada

Ever heard of Halotherapy? Ever been inside a halotherapy room? Come read all about halotherapy benefits and my experience in this blog post. Enjoy reading Experiencing Halotherapy at Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, Canada. #wellness #health #halotherapy #salttherapy #healthandwellness #healthips #wellnesstips #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger


Many thanks to Windsor Arms Hotel Spa for welcoming me and for treating me like a queen for an afternoon. It sure was one of the best birthday presents I could receive 🙂

They are located at:

18 St. Thomas Street

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5S 3E7


For reservations, contact:




Follow them on their social media accounts


Website: http://windsorarmshotel.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/windsorarms

Facebook: http://facebook.com/windsorarms

Instagram: http://instagram.com/windsorarms

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/windsorarms


Now over to you!

Tell us…


Do you like going to the spa?

If so where?

What is the best or your favorite treatment?


Do share!

Until next time.

Tashi Delek, All the best!

K 🙂



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