Postcards for Nana Del

Where you travel to, I would love to receive a beautiful postcard.

Wherever you travel to, I would love to receive a beautiful postcard. Such a beautiful quote don't you think? If you ever travel, send someone you care about a postcard from where you'll be :)

Ah Postcards, remember those? If you do and still buy them when you travel, locally or globally, raise your hand and say I.

I sure hope I am not the only one who actually makes a mental note and sometimes hunt them down whenever I am in a different city.

I have already confessed to you that I LOVE them and have even participated in sending some to students in the USA and encourage them to travel the world through postcards.

Now just recently I was going through my Facebook Feed, and saw a post from a member of the Women Who Travel group which literally brought me to tears.

The message is the following (*posted with permission from the author & granddaughter, Shannen Galavin)

 Hopefully this is okay to post here but I could really use some help from my fellow travelers.

To keep it short, like all of you, I love to travel. One of the few things in this world I love more than travelling is my nana. I have a very special bond with her and growing up in a single mother household, she has been my other parent.

We have always lived next door to her, eaten dinner with her every night and taken her everywhere we go.

A few weeks ago, my nanny was diagnosed with cancer which can not be cured. I am devastated beyond belief, and as I write this, I am feeling mentally and emotionally drained.

My biggest regret is that my nanny has never traveled internationally. She has never left Australia. There were so many places she would have loved to have gone, but unfortunately it won’t be possible.

It is her birthday soon and I want to surprise her with something special – a box full of postcards from around the world.

I want her to be able to see a little bit of the world from the comfort of her chair or even something to distract her while she undergoes treatment.

If there is anyone who might be able to spare a postcard, I would be eternally grateful. I just want to put a smile on her face in what is proving to be a very sad time for my family.

This is the closest she’ll ever get to travelling, but I know she would be delighted to be able to see different countries and hold something like a postcard in her hand.

We are located in Australia. I feel bad for asking, but I would appreciate it more than I can say. Pictures of me and my beautiful nanny for attention.

Postcards for Nana Del - FB Women Who Travel Post

Postcards for Nana Del - Nana and Baby Shannen

Postcards for Nana Del-Nana and Shannen

EDIT – I’m so grateful for all the beautiful offers – I’m honestly so thankful and this makes me feel really positive.

For those asking, her name is Del!

The address is –

PO Box 816
Bribie Island
Australia – ZIP 4507


Now one small yet important detail does not appear in the body of the text but in the comment section.

It happens that Nana Del’s birthday is on November 25th and you know that I am a HUGE believer in signs and coincidences.

My own Nana Olivia (who was my model, hero, my supporter) was also born on that day. That truly struck a chord (it pulled some heartstrings let me tell you) and perhaps it was a confirmation that she is watching over me from the happy place she is right now. To be completely honest with you, I’d give anything to see her or talk to her again!

Ok now back to Nana Del. It is extremely sad that her time is now limited and how unfortunate that she did not get the chance to explore lands other than her own.

By the way Australia is an entire continent and it takes years to explore it all. I’ve only seen a fraction!

Thus to make Nana Del happy and bring a smile to her face, it is such a great idea to send her a postcard from various countries from all the four corners of the planet! This is a small gesture but together we can make it extra special and unforgettable for her to know how connected we are.

Now I have plenty of extra postcards from my trips (I have no shame in admitting that i am a postcard and map hoarder ha ha I already mentioned that or not? 😉

Postcard Collection from around the world

Postcard Collection from around the globe

and I sure will be sending her a care package and will try to sum up the attractions of the city and a bit of history.

After all, words can inspire and transport you to faraway lands right?

Now I know, and very grateful to see, that this blog is read in over 185 countries worldwide (185 times THANK YOU, MERCI, GRACIAS!).

I thought about asking you if you possibly can, could you send Postcards to Nana Del?

Postcards for Nana Del. Have some extra postcards from your travels abroad? Send one to this very special Nana in Australia. Come read more about her story!

Let’s all come together and bring her a little bit of joy in spite of her situation. Let’s show her some love and care 🙂

If you do send her a postcard, let us know and thank you so much in advance. If you can’t no worries, thank you for reading and please pass this on or share this post, I’d appreciate it.

Now I’m turning it over to you.

I would like to know…


When and where was last time you bought a real postcard?


Tell us all about it in the comment section.

Until next time. Hasta la proxima!

Tashi Delek, All the best, todo lo mejor

K 🙂