10 Kick Ass Female Pioneers

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We all need some inspiration in order to achieve our goals. As a blogger I look up to so many amazing, exceptional, talented, bright & fearless women travelers and I am quite grateful to consider them as friends.

Throughout history there have been remarkable breakthroughs thanks to some very adventurous ladies who did not let fear or people’s opinions stop them from crossing the oceans and conquering the world!

Let me show you 10 kick ass female pioneers

Looking for some inspiration? Learn more about the following 10 Kick Ass Female Pioneers that followed their passion, faced their fears and left their mark in the history books. These amazing women and explorers are pioneers in the travel world and are a great source of pride and joy!

whose adventures rewrote what it means to be an explorer! They dreamed big, believed big and achieved incredible feats!

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Source: Momondo

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Women’s day should not be celebrated on a specific day but every day!

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