Frifotos: Trees

“A tree you pass by every day is just a tree. If you are to closely examine what a tree has and the life a tree has, even the smallest thing can withstand a curiosity, and you can examine whole worlds.”  

William Shatner

I really love this week’s Frifotos theme which is about trees.

Besides being beneficial and vital to the environment, they create such a beautiful background any time of the year.

They are quite a sight & we must protect them!

I browsed through my photo archives and found the following images of trees around the world.

Let’s call them International Trees 🙂


Bamboo, trees, El Salvador, Parque Saburo Hirao

Bamboo trees in San Salvador, El Salvador

snow, trees, winter, toronto, ontario, canada

Snow covered trees, Toronto, Ontario

tree, la paz waterfalls, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Tree branch at La Paz Waterfalls, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Trees, Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC, NY

Trees near Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York City

Maple Leaf Tree, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, fall, fall foliage

Maple Leaf Tree, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

magnolia tree, tree, Seoul, South Korea

Magnolia Tree in Seoul, South Korea

Did one particular image caught your attention?

Let me know.

Until next time!

Love always,

Kay 🙂