Frifotos: Trees

“A tree you pass by every day is just a tree. If you are to closely examine what a tree has and the life a tree has, even the smallest thing can withstand a curiosity, and you can examine whole worlds.”  

William Shatner

I really love this week’s Frifotos theme which is about trees.

Besides being beneficial and vital to the environment, they create such a beautiful background any time of the year.

They are quite a sight & we must protect them!

I browsed through my photo archives and found the following images of trees around the world.

Let’s call them International Trees 🙂


Bamboo, trees, El Salvador, Parque Saburo Hirao

Bamboo trees in San Salvador, El Salvador

snow, trees, winter, toronto, ontario, canada

Snow covered trees, Toronto, Ontario

tree, la paz waterfalls, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Tree branch at La Paz Waterfalls, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Trees, Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC, NY

Trees near Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York City

Maple Leaf Tree, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, fall, fall foliage

Maple Leaf Tree, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

magnolia tree, tree, Seoul, South Korea

Magnolia Tree in Seoul, South Korea

Did one particular image caught your attention?

Let me know.

Until next time!

Love always,

Kay 🙂


6 thoughts on “Frifotos: Trees

  1. I LOVE trees! Getting a puppy in October means I have spent lots of time outside that I normally wouldn’t during winter. I have really been noticing the beauty of the trees. I actually like the tree picture from winter in Toronto. That is what I am seeing a lot of as well. I think trees covered in snow are gorgeous. Here is a post of some of those pictures when I went to visit family over the holiday. I think you have already seen it, but I’ll put it on for anyone else.

    • Thank you so much Sonja.

      Yes there is something magical about them especially during the winter when they endure all the elements and they still withstand the test of time 😉

      The photo of Toronto was taken near my apartment building, I had to cross the park to get to the entrance.

      I saw your beautiful pics too, yes I remember that was the day when you were going back home but ended up being stuck on the highway because of an accident right?

      Well those captures are incredible.

      Thank you so much for sharing the link.

      Keep those photos coming. What do we call someone obsessed with them? a Photoholic? 😉

      Well ok I’m calling myself that from now on. Feel free to join the club 😉

  2. I just found out about FriFotos and I love the theme as well (I posted a couple photos myself on twitter).
    The last one is my favorite from yours, the Magnolia tree 🙂

    • Thank you so much!

      I’m glad you found out about FriFotos!

      There’s a new theme every week 😉

      That Magnolia Tree was spectacular! I found it by pure luck 😉

      I went to see the gorgeous Cherry Blossom Trees near the National Assembly in Seoul then went off the path to adjacent streets (so glad I did!) then saw this!

      Being adventurous pays off 😉

      TYVM for your visit!

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