Review of NETGEAR Trek N300 Travel Router & Range Extender

Disclosure: The following is an unbiased review. I was selected as a

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Opinions are always mine. I was not asked to write a favorable point of view

but to actually share my experience about the usability and performance of the product.

I LOVE trying out new products, especially related to technology & connectivity as well as productivity. That is why I was thrilled when I found out that I was chosen to test and write a Review of NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender.

Improve your productivity with Netgear N300 Travel Router and Range Extender. Here's an honest review.

You may or may not know this but in addition to being a travel writer, blogger and photographer, I am a freelance translator (my main occupation during the day! My language combination is mostly from English to French but I also translate from Spanish to English or French. ) and I often go to a café (instead of sitting at my home office, inside 4 walls and talking to the wall or myself 😉 to get some work done!

More often than not, coffee shops are usually quite crowded and connecting to an unsecured network is not exactly the most ideal situation but hey, you have to go what you’ve got to do right?

Now I am a professional and I NEVER miss deadlines (I promise + I’ve proof  and always deliver what I promise!) In fact, I have been doing this for the past 6 years and so far I’ve not had any complains, so that means I have done something right 🙂

When I learned that it is possible to share an internet connection in a public hot spot and adding a firewall to make it more secure, I said to myself: “I wish I knew about it earlier! That’s just what I need to work more efficiently without having to worry!”

What does the N300 Travel Router and Range Extender have to offer you may ask? Well actually a lot! This device allows you to do this and more:

  • Share one Internet Access with multiple devices (mobile, tablet, pc, laptop) at Home and on the Go
  • Boost public Wi-Fi signal for a stronger and more reliable connection thanks to a high-performance flip out antenna
  • No separate power adapter is required. It can be charged via USB cable with laptops
  • Access the NETGEAR Genie App Dashboard where you can monitor, control and repair your personal network in one place
  • Easy portability thanks to its practical palm size
  • Quickly Install and run it

The set up is quite easy. Let me show you exactly how I did it and step by step!

1- Take the content outside of the box.

NETGEAR, NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender, technology, connectivity

The content includes: a device and a USB cable.

2- Turn the antenna clockwise (turn it 90 degrees to get better reception).

3- Connect the USB cable to the device and then to the USB port of your PC or laptop or if you prefer, connect it to a power outlet.

4- Move the switch button from Off to Internet via wireless connection.

5- Look for wireless networks on your smart phone, PC or Laptop.

NETGEAR, NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender, technology, connectivity

Connect to a Wireless Network  (BTW, do you like my desktop?yes,  I’m organized and if you’re wondering what it says in the background it’s: Ask, Believe, Receive. See I read your mind 😉

6-  Look for the Device ID (it is clearly identified on the back).

NETGEAR, NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender, technology, connectivity

Select the NETGEAR Device identified by a number

7-  Once you have selected the NETGEAR device, this prompt will appear. It will ask you to enter the PIN or do as I did, enter the network key or password (again this info is found on the back of the device).

NETGEAR, NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender, technology, connectivity

Enter Network PIN

8- Next, open your browser and enter the following address: and press the ENTER key.

9- The NETGEAR Genie Application Dashboard will come up and will display all the available wireless networks. It is suggested to check the box where it says “Extend my current wireless router’s range” to find more networks.

NETGEAR, NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender, technology, connectivity

Available Networks and Extend my current wireless router’s range option

10- Select the network of your choice on the left, and then enter a name if you wish to save it for future use.

11- If you’re connecting to a public Wi-Fi, then just click on the Green Apply Button. It will take you to this page with the following message.

NETGEAR, NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender, technology, connectivity

Attention message

12- You will need to enter the passport of the Wi-Fi router (example at a café) or check & accept the terms and conditions as requested before connecting.

13- Once you’ve connected successfully, you will receive this message on your browser.

NETGEAR, NETGEAR N300 Travel Router and Range Extender, technology, connectivity


14-  Then all you need to do is surf the net as you normally do. Knowing that you have a firewall that protects you from any attacks is truly invaluable and puts your mind at ease!

15- Don’t forget to disconnect when you are done working or browsing. I always clear my history & cache at the end of a work session! Also properly disconnecting and turning the device off is recommended.


In all honestly, this took me less than 20 minutes to set up but I have something to confess. I guess it’s the teacher in me that makes me act this way but whenever I have a new product, I always go to Youtube to get a quick tutorial by people who used it before me and show me how it’s done in a few minutes 🙂

In this case I stumbled upon a great online teacher, Mr Geeks United (great name) who in less than 4 minutes shows you how easy setting up the N300 Travel Router and Range Extender truly is!

I found it very cool that I thought of sharing it with you (it’s the European version but it’s great anyway 🙂

Easy breezy, right? As you can see, not only it is a great and reliable product that I wish I had bought way earlier, back when I started working online but also during my travels!  I normally bring my laptop with me, because believe it or not it is my working tool and I DO work while I am away (I’ve even translated some urgent documents for some clients at an internet café! How’s that for being a pro?

Whether it is translating, editing photos, writing blog posts, answering emails (personal and business related), having Skype chats, updating or programming my Social Media updates, I really need to have a secure connection!

Now that I have this router, I believe it will be an indispensable travel companion (after my passport, laptop, and camera). It will definitely help me be more productive, perform better, feel safer and trust that everything that I do or work on will get done on time and sent where it needs to be 🙂

It’s your turn to tell me.


Have you ever used a NETGEAR product? If so which one?

If not, would you like to try it for home or for work?

How do you protect your systems?


I’m all eyes and ears and cannot wait to hear or read about it 🙂


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Until next time!

All the best,

Karla 🙂