The ruins of Tazumal: A visit to the Mayan world

I have always been fascinated with archaeology since I was very young. I dream about temples and sacred sites (Abu Symbel, The Pyramids in Egypt, The Parthenon in Greece, Chichén Itzá in Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru among many).

Since I was going to visit El Salvador, I was determined to visit one particular site (On the Archaeology Route) that had escaped me in the past years: The Ruins of Tazumal.

Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Archeology, Central America, Mayas

Aerial view

As you can see in the following map, they are part of a wide area that the Mayan Civilization occupied:

Archeology Map, Mayas in Central America, Map

Main archaeology sites in MesoAmerica (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua)

The Ruins of Tazumal are located in the beautiful historic town of Chalchuapa, Santa Ana (Northwestern El Salvador).

Colorful façade, Chalchuapa, El Salvador, Central America

Painting, Traditional village, El Salvador, Chalchuapa

Painting of a Traditional Village

Masks, Mayan Masks, El Tazumal

Clay Masks sold at souvenir stores

El Tazumal offers a glimpse into the daily life of the Mayan society that once lived there.

El Tazumal, El Salvador, Entrance

Entrance to the site

El Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Entrance


The “father” of Salvadoran archaeology  Stanley H. Boggs, discovered The Ruins of Tazumal in the 1940’s.

Since then, it has become the best preserved and one the most visited sites in the country.

Artifacts, clay pots, Mayan artifacts, El Tazumal

Artifacts found on site are displayed inside the museum.

Artifacts, Mayan Artifacts, El Tazumal

Mask, wheel & other findings

The major attraction is the 23 meter high pyramid which is just impressive.

Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Archeology, Central America, Mayas

Main pyramid

Walking on the grounds is quite an amazing experience!

Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Archeology, Central America, Mayas

Japanese archaeologists digging the ground

Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Archeology, Central America, Mayas

View of the grounds

El Tazumal, El Salvador, Stairs

Main Pyramid up close

Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Archeology, Central America, Mayas

Rocks, Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Archeology, Central America, Mayas

Rock by rock

I couldn’t help but wonder…What was it like living back then?

El Tazumal, Steps, Maya sacred site, El Salvador

Admiring the site from the stands

What did they witness? A ritual, a ceremony, a game?

Tazumal, El Salvador, Chalchuapa, Archeology, Central America, Mayas

Grand stands

That was such a great trip back in time while learning so much about the history of my country!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of The Ruins of Tazumal: A visit To The Mayan World

The Mayan Civilization was one of the greatest and oldest to ever live in the Americas. They built some amazing temples that were left behind when they disappeared. The Ruins of Tazumal in El Salvador an impressive reminder of their society. #travel #ElSalvador #ruinsoftazumal #TazumalElSalvador #ElTazumal #pyramids #archaeology #bucketlist #travelblog


Have you visited a spiritual & sacred site? If so, which one?

If not, would you like to and where is it located?

Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Felices viajes, happy travels!



Kay 🙂


17 thoughts on “The ruins of Tazumal: A visit to the Mayan world

  1. I LOVE history as well and am always pondering those same questions you have. I just close my eyes and try to imagine them all there, going about their every day lives. While traveling through Europe, I visited 2 of the prison’s where the Apostle Paul was imprisoned. It was very special to me to walk in the same paths as people from the Bible!

    • Wow! Im happy you understand exactly what it feels like. Thank you. Yes, i totally agree with you. Just closing our eyes & we go right back in time. It’s incredible!

      You know what’s most surprising? It’s the energy that you feel on site. How can I be nostalgic for a world I never knew but yet amazed by all they accomplished? Hum.

      I’d ♥ to read more about your visit to that site you mention. Where is it? If you write, I’ll be the 1 st to read 😉

      I’m an old soul living in a young body he he. Totally believe i lived in ancient times…no wonder why I ♥ history 😉

  2. Me encantaron las fotos!!!! Que lindo poder visitar lugares tan llenos de historia. Cuando fui me sentia como una india maya caminando por los templos! Ojala que las proximas generaciones las cuiden, respeten y admiren.

    • Gracias Claudia!

      Verdad que es toda una experiencia?

      Si uno se transporta a ese mundo al estar alli!

      La energia que se siente, wow, increible.

      Como tu bien lo dices, es muy importante conocer nuestra historia y pasarla a otras generaciones! Ojala la valoren y se sientan orgullosos.

      Me alegra saber que hay tanta belleza y riqueza en la tierra Cuscatleca.

      Next adventure? Los parques nacionales ha ha

      Yes, I’ve no cure 😉

      Gracias por visitar!

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