If I had 48 hours in Las Vegas I would

Everyone should have a Las Vegas in their life.


America’s playground and sin city. There sure is no other city on earth like it and its appeal draws millions of visitors from around the world every year.

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I was recently asked by Vegas.com (who happen to follow me on Twitter) to share my itinerary if I had 48 hours to spend in the city and it had me thinking.

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Now I’ve never been there but I have seen it numerous times in movies such as Rush Hour, Miss Congeniality Part 2 and TV shows such as CSI: Las Vegas among many.

I was asked to answer the following: If I had 48 hours in Las Vegas I would…

America's playground, Sin City. What would you do if you had 48 hours at your disposal in Las Vegas? Here's what I would do.

Well, first of all I would pick a theme and there is no shortage as you can do just about anything your heart pleases (and budget too).

A dreamy weekend escape would be to get pampered and go on a foodie, drink, shopping trip. After all what I do on a daily basis does create some stress on both my mind and body.


Day 1:


How would I arrive?

After flying in early, I would definitely love to get to the heart of the action in a stretch long black limousine (feel like a VIP).

Where would I stay?

I would stay the best hotels in Vegas which is the MGM Grand, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the establishment.

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What to do after settling in

Honestly, I have a strategy whenever I travel. I take out a map and find out what the furthest point or attractions in the city is and go there before hitting the town.

In this case I know that there is the desert and canyons or Hoover Dam

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which is not too far away, so I would go on an excursion for a few hours, It is great to learn about the history of the area and appreciate Mother Nature’s finest creations.

Where to eat

That road trip would definitely make me hungry, so for lunch I would go to one of the city’s most buzzing restaurants and indulge in a delicious meal accompanied by a nice frozen drink as I know it is very hot outside!

Spa? Yes please

Because the purpose of the weekend trip is to relax and recharge batteries, what better way to disconnect than going to the spa and get a great facial and massage to soothe aching and tired muscles!

As you know I am a spa fan, thus I would head to Canyon Ranch Spa Club which is ranked No 1 on Trip Advisor and also the largest in the city. Oh, did I even mention that there are two cafés on site? Coffee after a spa treatment? But of course 🙂

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There is also Spa Bellagio and The Spa at Encore Resort which offer a one-of-a-kind experience and they both sound like an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the Vegas Strip!


Rest and Relax

In order to fully recover and prepare for the busy night ahead, I would return to my hotel room (with a view of course) and sleep for a few hours.


Get glamorous and go out about town

Who doesn’t like to dress up, get glamorous and sparkle from the inside out?

I would dress up nicely, get ready to go out to dinner at another of the most popular restaurants (remember that I am a certified foodie) and treat myself. After all, it’s not every day that you are in one the busiest, exciting and phenomenal cities in the world!

Why not have an aperitif on a terrace overlooking the city before going to dinner? At Top of the world!

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A fine dining experience is a must for anyone visiting Las Vegas, it is a feast for the senses and a moment that you will never forget.

After feeding your body, it’s time to feed the soul and for that I would go to a musical concert or show and there are so many great ones to choose from!

I would have to choose between two musical powerhouses: Mariah Carey or Celine Dion, both are just sensational and it would make my heart sing…literally!

There is also the ever amazing Cirque du Soleil who dazzles with their performances and the ability of their super talented acrobats.

The hardest thing to do is to choose only one due to time constraints but in any case it will be unforgettable!


Party like there’s no tomorrow

How do you end the day? By going to a night club and dance the night away of course!

I don’t know if I ever told you but I am a techno music fan and just LOVE euro techno which magically transports me into another dimension, I get to shake what my mama gave me and dance until my feet hurt.

It’s really as if you’re in a trance and it’s a great exercise plus you burn those calories consumed during meal times.

I have done a bit of research and would probably try 2 or 3 clubs such as:

Voodoo Rooftoop Nightclub

Foundation Room

GhostBar Nightclub


Pulling the plug

I would come back to rest my weary body but happy soul on the comfortable bed in my room at the MGM grand.


Day 2:


Life starts after coffee

I am a coffee addict and my life sure starts after a cup of the golden liquid. Thus I would get fuel for the day (a.k.a breakfast) at one of the best coffee shops I’ve heard of which is Illy Espresso.

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Getting that caffeine shot to wake up and getting an energy boost is going to bring me back to life and help me be active and alert for the day ahead.

Retail therapy

Let’s be honest here, I am a woman and I love to shop. Not only window shopping but actually shop!

We must treat ourselves every now and then, so why not go buy useful and necessary things to make us look and feel good as well as happy?

Gondolas, The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada, shopping

I would head to the Venetian Mall and walk around to find some of the stores that I would go to and browse and get myself some fabulous pieces of clothing and shoes.

Try your luck

After leaving my shopping bags back in my room, I would get ready to hit the casinos! That’s what everyone goes to the city, to roll the dice, flip the cards or insert coins into the machines to try your luck! You never know what you could get right? 🙂

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To be honest with you, I’m a modest player. I am not a gambler but I do love to play Black Jack and that I learned from my old man who used to play it in his younger years along with Poker. Once I start, I do know where to draw the line or stop. I have won small amounts but it’s the excitement, unknown probabilities that make your heart pound!

I do love watching other high rollers play and watch closely and try find out what their game strategy is for later.


Last dinner

For the last meal of the day (and the trip), I would go to one of the hotel’s restaurants and try their specialties.

I am a conscious traveler and don’t like to be too far before I have to check out and leave for the airport.

I would explore the hotel and take notes or evidence (pictures) for a future visit!


Bidding farewell

Now it may seem incredible that all of this can be done but that’s just what I would do in 48 hours during the weekend but of course I am flexible and can play it by ear if need be.

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?


Now over to you!

Tell us,


Have you been to Las Vegas?

If you have, what did you like/dislike?

If you haven’t, what would you do if you had 48 hours?


I would love to read all about it, so please speak your mind!

Until next time.

Tashi Delek, All the best


K 🙂


P.S: Honestly, no arms were twisted to write this post. I was simply asked by email to share my two cents and dream big. I really do hope to make it down to Nevada and make this a reality! BTW, I do and gladly accept invitations 🙂