Destination of the Month: Parador Resort & Spa in Quepos, Costa Rica

I have a confession to make. I’ve been keeping a secret from you for a little while. I’ve been biting my tongue and really had to hold myself back for as long as I could but now I can let it all out and spill the beans 🙂  I am beyond excited, thrilled, and enthusiastic to finally be able to share the great news with all of you!

By the time you read this I will already be in one of my absolute favorite countries on earth, COSTA RICA!

Aerial view, Biesanz Beach, Parador Resort &Spa, Costa Rica, Tiquicia, Central America, Centro America, travel, photography

Aerial View of Parador Resort & Spa, Biesanz Beach and the Pacific. Photo Credit:

Yes you read that right, the Rich Coast, Tiquicia baby yes! Pura Vida 🙂

Words cannot even begin to describe how much excitement and gratitude there is in my heart right now and it is about to burst with joy!

To be honest, it’s been quite some time since I was last there and I was WAY overdue for another visit.

I am so grateful and really fortunate to go and stay at the prestigious, luxurious, eco-conscious and award-winning hotel Parador Resort & Spa

Located on the Pacific Coast and the hotel is about 3 hours away from the Costa Rican Capital, San José.

Map, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, Tiquicia, Central America, Go Visit Costa Rica

Map of Manuel Antonio. Photo Credit:

Perched high above Punta Quepos, the hotel was built around 12 acres of tropical and protected rainforest, rich and varied wildlife and is next to one of the country’s most incredible national parks, Manuel Antonio.

So what will I be doing there you may ask?

I will be relaxing on the beach and work on my tan…NOT!

Well I might do that every chance I get. But before that happens, I’ll be participating in a wide variety of activities in and around the hotel and area.

For starters, I will learn why Parador Resort & Spa is Friendly by Nature and Responsible by Choice.

What truly makes the Resort an eco destination? It actively promotes sustainable tourism, living in harmony with nature and has received many national and international accolades in return.

Aerial view, Parador Resort &Spa, Costa Rica, Tiquicia, Central America, Centro America, travel, photography

Aerial view of the Resort, protected area and the Pacific Ocean. Photo credit:

Next up, I’ll allow myself to get pampered and recharge my batteries. In order to rejuvenate and relax, I will get a hot stone treatment and mud wrap at Pacifica Spa. Now that promises to be quite an experience 🙂

Massage, Parador Resort & Spa, Costa Rica

Rest & Relaxation, massage at Pacifica Spa. Photo Credit:

Since I am an educator (and always learning) and I want to find out more and see how the Costa Rican Education System works. That is why I will visit a local school as part of the Pack for a purpose program. Education is truly a passion for me and the more I know, the better teacher I can be and share my knowledge and also improve my teaching skills. It’ll certainly be a very valuable and unforgettable lesson!

As you already know by now, I can’t stand still for too long. My adventurous spirit (and antsy feet) will probably want to go explore the area, observe the flora and wildlife as well as connect with nature. That is why I will go to neighboring Manuel Antonio National Park which is only a short distance from the hotel.

Manuel Antonio, National Park, Costa Rica

Entrance to Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. Photo Credit:

As I just mentioned, I love adventures and that makes skip a beat. That is why I simply cannot wait to go on a Canopy Tour. Can you imagine what that will be like? How’s that for connecting with Mother Nature in all her glory and splendor? It will be a thrilling ride for sure!

Moreover, there will be a Night Tour and that, I must admit, makes me a little scared. Life and wildlife moves to a complete rhythm once the sun goes down. It’s like another world comes alive and we must learn to accept, respect and admire living creatures in THEIR habitat. As any good guest, we must observe the rules and appreciate what surrounds us right? 🙂

You know what I’ve learned so far? Whatever I fear the most never happens and the only thing left to do is simply go ahead and do it anyway! There is no better feeling than having faced what you were afraid of and conquer it. That is one of life’s best rewards for taking a risk. It is totally worthwhile in the end don’t you think?

There is something I am very much looking forward to and that is seeing one of the best things in life (and Mother Nature’s finest shows): sunrises and sunsets like such as these.

Amazing, Sunset, Parador Resort & Spa, Costa Rica, nature, atardecer, photography

Phenomenal and fiery sunset over the Pacific. Photo Credit:

Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy a few of them during my stay. It’s like a wonderful canvas of colors and a spectacular movie ending if you ask me! Ah did I even mention that I plan on having a drink in my hand to celebrate that? Yes, yes I will!

There will be also several meetings with important persons at the Hotel who will teach me a lot and I can’t wait to learn more, so much more!

I intend on enjoying every single moment to the maximum and take time to fill myself up with positive energy, come back stronger than ever, prepare for the next chapter in my life and definitely be ready for anything life brings.

Now do YOU want to tag along and go with me on my adventures? It’s very simple. Follow the hashtag #ParadorPuraVida on my Social Media accounts 🙂

I will be reporting live when I get the chance to be connected to Wi-Fi and will sure be sharing lots of photos and stories of the day and trust me there will be plenty of them!

I hope that you will be inspired, motivated, educated and I’ll do my best to keep you entertained 🙂

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

Before I go I would like to invite you to also follow my awesome hosts Parador Resort & Spa on Social Media:








I would like to express my sincere gratitude for welcoming me with open arms and for allowing me to live this amazing experience!

We’ll be talking very soon.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the week wherever you may be!

Hasta Luego y Pura Vida mi gente 🙂

Lots of love always,

Karla xo