Mexican food in Seoul

Hey everyone!

I’ve been away for a little while, busy with school & travelling around the country but I’m back for more. Let me tell you about my recent adventures.

Right now I am seriously missing some comfort food from home. You know its been 6 months since I left Canada and I really am feeling it 😦  I had been searching for the best Mexican restaurants in Seoul for the past weeks and months. I believe my search started before and after May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.  To my disappointment, many so-called “Mexican Restaurants” in one of the biggest cities in Asia do not live up to my standards!

I should definitely go inside the kitchen and teach whoever is cooking how a real Latin American meal is prepared.  BTW, can someone send a chef from Mexico? I know there are many & excellent ones! While we’re at it, why not send a caseload of Tequila to make me forget some of these culinary attempts. Let me tell you about the 3 restaurants I’ve tried so far. (FYI I tried veggie burritos at all locations, yes It’s my favorite)

Tacos Chidos 

Nestled in Hongdae, the party place for young Koreans, Tacos Chidos means great tacos. The place looks pretty cool from outside, colorful & inviting.

Take a look.

I had vegetarian burrito and a lime margarita.

It was not exactly what was I was expecting, especially due to the small portions they serve. I think a nice salad would have made it better.  So do you think I liked it? I actually did. It wasn’t exactly the best meal I’ve had but it was ok.  An extra shot of tequila in my margarita was necessary.

My rating? 3 Jalapeño peppers

Dos Tacos 

I did a little research online and I found this chain of restaurants. I went to the one located in Gangnam.

It was really easy to find, right next to the Kyobo bookstore.  The outdoor signage welcomes you:

Main building

This is the main entrance:

I loved the lovely colors & specially the mural!

We ordered nachos to start & my 2nd favorite Mexican beer (after Corona of course 😉 XX (Dos Equis)

Now comes the main meal. A veggie burrito. Nothing prepared me for so much goodness 😉

It was huge! Wow, fresh ingredients & served quickly. Oh my, I don’t remember when was last time I actually tasted so many veggies & just enjoy every single bite. I was in heaven 😉

Want to see a happy traveller? 😉

Yeah, it was well worth all the travelling & effort 😉  Needless to say that it got my seal of approval.

My rating? 4  Jalapeño peppers

Last on the list and what a coincidence, it is also the one I won’t ever go back to!


I heard & read that it serves the best tacos in town, so I had to go there and see for myself.  It is conveniently located near Jonggak station in Seoul.

As you go in, you see everything that the restaurant has to offer:

I opted for a tortilla soup & a veggie burrito.

I have to say that the tortilla soup was not what its supposed to be like.  Didn’t finish it. As for the burrito, well I can say that they should not serve it cold, that cut my appetite right there and then. It was also too spicy for my palate. I can normally handle spicy but this one was fiery! I was really disappointed. I really didn’t like it 😦

Conclusion, it was the worst food I’ve had.

Do I even dare to rate? Let me be generous, I’ll give it  1  Jalapeño pepper.

So there you have it, the latest culinary experiences.

I am sure some people have been bold, more adventurous than I am and certainly have better recommendations or suggestions. I would really like to hear about it!

Oh by the way, I happily accept canned or non perishable Latin American food from home lol! I will be here for another 6 months & I have to make the best of what I have or get.

I hope you had a laugh or two or read some of my opinions. I do appreciate the time you took in reading 😉

Til next time!

Karlita the adventurer xoxo ❤