Encouraging students to travel the world through postcards

I have a confession to make. Call me old school if you will, but I have been collecting postcards since early childhood (and still do until this day). It’s a little souvenir that I bring back from all the different places I’ve visited throughout the years.

I also LOVE receiving some from my friends in faraway lands. It allows me to travel all over the world instantly!

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Now a few days ago I received a very interesting email that surprised me but really caught my immediate attention.

It came from a nonprofit organization called Atlantic Impact in Michigan. Their mission is to empower youth to believe that they can do anything in this world.

As you may already know, low-income youth are limited in their mindset and potential because of their lack of opportunities to have experiences outside their neighborhood. Their surroundings or environment do not fully support or allow them to dream bigger, reach higher goals. That’s where Atlantic Impact comes in!

They asked me if I wanted get involved, so I jumped on the opportunity and told them I’d love to!

I can totally relate because I have a similar story of overcoming many obstacles since I come from a humble background.

Fortunately, my parents (especially my father) found the strength, courage and iron will to fight and go after his dream, which was offering his family a better future in a different country (We are originally from El Salvador). So he did almost the impossible, traveled throughout Central America and once in Mexico, he applied for Canadian residence (He later became a citizen) which allowed him to bring us to the city we are currently living in!

That adventurous spirit and will to improve each one of our lives is something I truly admire and am quite grateful for.

Both of my parents have always told and encouraged us to go after what we truly want in life. They also taught my siblings and me some great values. It has allowed me to be goal-oriented, disciplined and hard-working.

The path to success has not been easy but with determination and perseverance, I have been able to see my dreams come to pass and traveled all over the world thanks to a positive mindset and continuous encouragement from great people. They truly have made all the difference 🙂

Atlantic Impact’s goal is for every high school student in their district to receive a postcard. Since they don’t get the global awareness from friends and family, this is a way for them to be exposed to another part of the world, whether it is a state next door or the country next door or on the other side of the planet!

The postcard can be of our town or city and the message could simply be a few things about the picture, which may be a few interesting things about the place where we live and inspire them to go out and see new place. It’s always exciting to receive a piece of snail mail, right? 🙂

This is what I started doing:

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There are no specific names or recipients since they are planning to go around to different classrooms, but ideas for addressing people would be something like “Dear Detroit student” or a simple “Hi!” would work too!

If you are interested and would like to participate as well, you can get together a group to write postcards (group size doesn’t matter!) and send them in one envelope to:


Atlantic Impact

C/o Samantha Kelley

22174 Clover Ln.

Novi, MI 48375


They will take as many postcards as possible and make sure a student receives any postcard that is sent to them. Receiving hundreds of postcards would be great and the first batch of will be passed out this fall.

For more info you can check: http://atlanticimpact.org/postcards/

Now to help spread the word around the world, the organization just launched a challenge that will support youth to travel internationally to broaden their horizons and change their life…forever.

They are offering 2 bloggers an international trip, flight and accommodation included, to join their youth in Barbados this coming summer! These bloggers will get to go abroad for a cause and can treat it as an overseas volunteer opportunity!

If you want more information just head over to http://atlanticimpact.org/bloggerchallenge/

I hope you can send a postcard to a student or more. I am finishing mine and will send them pretty soon!

In the meantime I am inviting you to follow Atlantic Impact on these Social Media channels:





Now over to you!

Tell me,


Do you still buy and write postcards?

When was last time you received one & where was it from?


I can’t wait to read all about it!

Until next time,

All the best

Karla 🙂