Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

Nicholas Sparks

I really love this week’s photo challenge: Love ♥ amour ♥ amor.

It is the most beautiful and magical feeling any human being can experience while alive.

We all have our own interpretation but we can certainly agree that is simply the best thing there is 😉

I was looking at photos from my year of teaching in South Korea and found some that reminded me how much love I received from my kids (students).

It certainly made me feel good knowing that my work was appreciated and did not fall on deaf ears!

One year made a world of a difference in their lives. We, teachers, earned the respect and admiration from the little ones and also their parents.

Graduation day was the best reward for all the time and effort invested.

Mission accomplished!

Grad presents, flower bouquets

Thank you card & flower bouquets from students

Little reminders such as these really go straight to the heart! It was all worthwhile 🙂

Sometimes, love comes in unexpected forms or places.

ArtBox store, South Korea, gift shop

One of the coolest stores in South Korea

artbox bag, love, shopping bag,

Great love messages on this cool bag from Artbox
“You are the rainbow in my life and I l♥ve you so much”

What is your opinion on the subject?

Share a picture which means LOVE to you!

Kay 🙂