Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

A few days ago I received a lovely message on my Facebook Fan page inbox and I was surprised to learn that I had been nominated by Chasing Casey for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award!

Award, Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award, Blogger Award, travel, photography

What exactly does it mean?

This particular award was originally created for female bloggers to network and learn about one another within the blogging world.

As you know, as you start it is important for you to get to know your peers in the community and what better way than to engage in smart and meaningful conversations. That’s how you develop genuine relationships that may lead to real friendships in real life. I know, I’ve met some of the most incredible individuals in person and it all started with a Hello, my name is…. 🙂

Fast forward a few years later and we’re still in contact and so happy to see that we have all grown and learned so much from each other and we can now give advice to those who ask and provide valuable, educating and inspiring information to all!

Now in order to accept this award, one must follow these five rules:

  1. Mention the blogger that has nominated you
  2. Answer the 5 questions
  3. Make up 5 new questions
  4. Nominate five new bloggers
  5. Put the Sisterhood Award logo on your blog

Here are the answers to Casey’s questions:

Why did you become a blogger?

I was living and working in South Korea for the second time, thus I decided to document all my adventures and experiences for my family and friends back home in Canada and that’s how I created my blog.

Karla, Incheon, South Korea, travel, photography, TS76

At first it was like an online diary, where I wrote everything that was happening, my life as an expat but little by little I noticed that some people started to follow me. I remember the first person was Eira from England and then more people from different parts of the world!

I thought it was great that they found my writing funny, entertaining and it make them laugh a bit by learning what life is like in the land of the not so calm.

Then by the third month I had more subscribers, then I started to realize that it was an important and very useful platform to showcase my writing but particularly my photography.

I try to keep it light or short but if it was me I would write posts that are over 3000 words, trust me when I say that when my muse finds me, she does have lots to say!

I celebrated the 4th anniversary of the blog in March this year and couldn’t be more grateful. I say this again, I am humbled that people in over 150 countries are inspired and entertained by what I publish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and they are the main reason why I keep going, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Knowing that I reach many lives in all four corners of the world, through the written word, is just incredible but also a big responsibility!

I’ve yet to share more personal posts (like struggles, difficult moments or victories and happy moments) as well as hilarious stories but that will come in due time! For the moment I am very happy to share my stories of my travels around the planet, food photos, tech finds, books I read, albums I listen to, movies I loved and so much more. I hope you like what you read 🙂

It’s important to mention how incredibly grateful I am too that, because of the blog, I have had amazing opportunities come to me and it only takes one person to believe in you and give you a chance to prove that you’re a professional and can deliver more than expected! For that i bow in gratitude.

Out of all the places around the world you’ve been to, what’s your favorite?

If I could narrow down my selections to a handful of places that have really won my heart then I definitely have to put Trastevere, Roma at the very top. I could go on and on about how I fell for that part of the eternal city the very first time I visited it but it’s where my heart is.

Karla, Roma, Italia, Italy, travel, photography, TS76

After visiting the Vatican, I headed over there and got lost on purpose. Even if I had never seen it before, I had that feeling of déjà vu and déjà vécu (already lived), I even stared at a house and kind of felt like I knew that place.

Leaving was so hard but I know I’ll return…soon!

For the remaining cities I love, I invite you to check out my Top 5 favorite cities

If you were to settle down, which country would it be in?

Read what I wrote above 🙂

I would also like to live in either one of these:

Australia (Anywhere in Queensland)

WhiteHaven Beach, Queensland, Australia, travel, photography, TS76

Canada (which is home but I would live again in Toronto where all the action is)

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, travel, photography, architecture, DiscoverON, exploreCanada

Costa Rica (Central Valley)

Central Valley, Valle Central, Costa Rica, Centro America, Central America, travel, photography, TS76

Germany (Munich)

Hungary (Budapest, loved my first visit back in June this year and found my dream home on Andrassy Avenue).

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary, Europe, travel, photography, TS76

Spain (Barcelona de mi vida!)

Plaza del Mar, Barcelona, Catalunya, España, Spain, Europe, travel, photography, TS76

South Korea (Seoul is one of my soul mates)

 Karla, Seoul, South Korea, travel, photography, TS76

What’s the best food you’ve tried on your travels?

I am without a doubt a certified foodie and LOVE trying local foods (even if it’s street food!)

I can’t really decide on just one specific meal or dish but I do love international dishes and here are 10 of them Yum!

Recommend a vacation spot?

To be completely honest with you, if I had to recommend places for your holidays or vacation, I’d just tell you to leave your comfort zone, go to where your heart calls (where it’s safe of course) and just immerse yourself in the local culture, talk to the locals and don’t let the language barrier stop you but do learn a few words in their language, like hello and thank you and you will see how they appreciate the effort.

Don’t be like all the tourists that go to the places they’d normally go to at home (fast food chains get the food they’d normally eat, drinks etc). Be a good guest no matter where you go, we’re all ambassadors of our countries. Leave with good memories!

What’s the best part of blogging for you?

Being able to write whatever I want, when I want and as much as I can. Also I need to have my readers in mind. Will it be helpful, entertaining, educating or informative? That is very important if you want to keep growing because that’s the main purpose or goal. There are millions of blogs out there, so give your readers great reasons to keep coming back for more and always thank them for their support. Ask them questions or offer your help. It will be greatly appreciated.

Where to next?

I’m currently in Montreal, where I am taking care of a few things before my next move abroad but I’ll be making a stop in New York City to see some Broadway Shows, go on a foodie, drink and coffee tour and make my way to Boston.

I need to go back to Toronto (see a few good friends) before but the old continent and the Middle East are on the travel radar and Asia as well.

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from San Salvador, El Salvador.

Playa El Majahual, La Libertad, El Salvador, Central America, Centro America, playa, beach, sunset, travel, photography, TS76

I moved to Canada when I was 7 years old and grew up learning 3 languages all at once!

Since graduating from the university, I have lived in 6 countries! I’m definitely a traveller and expat at heart and not afraid of exploring the globe 🙂

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream right now is to be able to work while traveling all over the world and also keep on writing, become a published author and I also want to have a family within the next few years!

Do you have any advice for not only females but anyone wanting to pursue travel blogging?

Have a clear goal or objective. Why do you want to blog and ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice many things (like time with your friends, family, loved ones) and invest a LOT of time into blogging? This is not just a hobby; it’s a passion, a work of love and, possibly in the future, your source of employment.

Don’t chase numbers at first. Yes we’re all after big follower count but trust me it takes time to earn them, unless you pay people to follow you or visit your site (I know a lot of big bloggers who buy traffic to their site and massive amount of followers on their social media accounts but that is a big no no. NEVER buy followers or traffic, earn it honestly). There is an audience out there that wants exactly what you have to offer. Just focus on producing high quality content right from the get go. Try different styles of writing, proofread it before publishing, put some humor into your posts, people will love you and remember you for it 🙂


Time to pass it forward!

I nominate the following colleagues and friends:

Savannah Grace: @sihpromatum

Cristina: @travelchronicle

Theresa: @cruisewriter


Here are my 5 questions:

  • Tell us a bit about your blog and when did you start it?
  • Tell us an unforgettable moment that happened while you were traveling. Include photo if you can
  • What are the most incredible places you’ve visited on earth? (Yes it might be hard but pick 5 🙂
  • What connections have you made thanks to social media?
  • What advice would you give to fellow female bloggers regardless of their niche or specialty?

I’m looking forward to reading your answers and please pass on the torch to other women!

Until next time!

Tashi Delek, All the best.

Karla 🙂


12 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

    • Thank you so much!

      Yes, i sure have experienced quite a bit and now that i look back in retrospect, I am very grateful it happened the way it did. I am wiser and stronger now.

      I hope that everything that I set my mind to come to pass.

      I appreciate your support 🙂

  1. Hello, I really love your tip, ‘don’t buy traffic and followers”, I guess if we want to succeed , first of all we need to be honest. Not only towards others, but also with ourselves. Even when you are writing , you need to be sincere, and people can actually felt it and enjoy your writing in the end.

    • Well readers are smart and intuitive. They will know if you’re being honest to them.

      The most important thing is for you to write with passion because even though they are words, there is an energy that goes into it.

      Numbers may be important in the long run but it’s the quality of the content that you put out that will make people come back to the site, time and time again.

      Ah, I forgot to say that it is super important to take time to reply and say THANK YOU to each and every single message (just like this one).

      Some of the followers I admire have set automatic messages which makes me feel like I don’t matter and frankly its cold and impersonal.

      Going the extra mile is what one needs to do.

      I appreciate the time you took in visiting and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

    • Ah thank you!

      Well I never have time to be bored and live my life to the max and take advantage of every opportunity that I get!

      I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food but in the past years I’ve been careful because of food allergies. In any case i try as much as I can and have interesting stories afterwards.

      I hope you get to explore the world around you too.

      Gracias por visitarme 🙂

  2. You are so inspiring! And I really want to follow in your traveling footsteps. I really think that traveling is such a great way to grow and learn about yourself. I love how you all nominate each other and keep the movement going! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you!

      Glad you find my many (mis) adventures inspiring 🙂

      Yes, I too think that traveling has the capacity to transform you and help you become the best version of you 🙂

      In return, you can share your fun stories or experiences to others who need that extra kick or dose of inspiration to go out there and explore. You only live once right? So make the best of it!

      Thanks for stopping by and keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the award- you deserve it!- and also thank you for the nomination! 🙂 I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you (I didn’t know you lived in S. Korea twice and spoke three languages- what is the third?). You have been an inspiration to me since I got into this blogging world and I’m so eager to find out where your next move will be!

    • Thank you!

      You too deserve it because you have no fear in going out there and explore this beautiful world of ours 🙂 You sure are inspiring and many of our female counterparts look up to us and if we can help through our many adventures then all is good 😉

      The 3rd language I know is French. Well saying 3 languages is not the whole truth.

      I speak and write 6 languages as I write these lines: Spanish-English-French-German-Italian and Korean.

      I am learning Portuguese and Japanese but not many people know that,,,they do now 😉

      I am honored to be of inspiration to you, we all learn everyday and if I do that, then I know i’m on the right track 😉

      Life prepares you very well and only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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