Photo of the day: Burano, Italy

If you are ever in Venice, Italy, get on a vaporetto (41 or 42) and head over to the beautiful island of Burano.

You will find lace shops, art galleries and some of the most colorful houses you will ever see!

Getting lost through the alleys, canals and paths is just what the doctor orders 😉

Not convinced? Check this out.

Rainbow of colors in Burano

Who wouldn’t love to just sit here and ponder? I sure did & loved the peace and serenity 🙂

I wonder what living there must be like…don’t you?


L♥ve always,

Kay xo


5 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Burano, Italy

  1. Would love to just sit there and think, with a coffee in-hand. I saw quite a few people in Florida recently that use the water as their main form of transportation. That would definitely be a change of pace. 🙂 Venice, just from watching movies, have thought to myself they’re in a historical place and traveling around that way wow.

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