Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

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Iglesia de Panchimalco, is an architectural gem.

As one of the oldest churches in El Salvador, it has withstood earthquakes, invasions, wars and still stands tall today. What an amazing feat don’t you think?

I love this angle as you can admire the beauty of the structure. However, if you look closer to your left, you can see a mountain with a peculiar shape.

Do you have a photo which invites the viewer to look beyond?

Share a picture which means BEYOND to you!

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

    • Thank you so much Ardun!

      Are you planning on going to El Salvador?

      I’ve been to E.S, Guatemala, Costa Rica & Panama.

      Still missing Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua to complete my puzzle 😉

      I appreciate your visit!

      • Oh that is fabulous!

        I’m so happy to hear that. One of the things that i like is the energy of the place…it’s great 😉

        I know you’ve travel a great distance but it’s so rewarding and what a privilege it is to discover new lands right? 😉

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